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Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey: Costs and benefits

Wanna have the cheapest hair transplant, but don't know where to go? It seems that we have found the best option for you—all-inclusive packages in Turkey. Bookimed has picked 10 clinics that offer the cheapest hair transplant in Turkey

Fahad Mawlood
Fahad Mawlood
Updated 30.12.2020
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Turkey: health tourism in 2020

The first things you think of when you hear about Turkey are probably the sea, coffee, Turkish airlines, and…medical tourism! Exactly! The inbound medical tourists flow increased to 1M patients in 2019 — with a rise of 370% for the last 4 years

Fahad Mawlood
Fahad Mawlood
Updated 29.09.2020
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Beard transplant in Turkey

A bushy and manly beard is at the pick of its popularity nowadays. Thousands of men dream of growing such a beard, but unfortunately, not everyone can get it due individual features of the body. Luckily,

Updated 10.09.2019
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