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Health tourism in Turkey

The first things you remember when you hear about Turkey is probably sea, Turkish coffee, Turkish airlines, and…medical tourism! Exactly! The inbound medical tourists flow shows a rise of 38% for the last 4 years

Fahad Mawlood
Fahad Mawlood
Updated 26.11.2019
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Beard transplant in Turkey

A bushy and manly beard is at the pick of its popularity nowadays. Thousands of men dream of growing such a beard, but unfortunately, not everyone can get it due individual features of the body. Luckily,

Updated 10.09.2019
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How much is a hair transplant in Turkey? — Compare the prices

In this article, you can compare the hair transplant prices in Turkey provided by Bookimed partner clinics. We have picked 5 medical facilities that offer the best prices for hair transplant in Turkey

Fahad Mawlood
Fahad Mawlood
Updated 07.08.2019
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Brazilian butt lift in Turkey

Enlarged and juicy buttocks is one of the hottest trends nowadays in plastic surgery set by Kim Kardashian. Millions of women dream about the same butt shape, but due to natural body structure, it seems impossible

Fahad Mawlood
Fahad Mawlood
Updated 11.07.2019
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