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Asklepios Nord is the largest multidisciplinary hospital in Hamburg. It is included in the biggest medical network in Germany — Asklepios Kliniken.

Pediatrics, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery are the main specialties at Asklepios Nord.

Asklepios Nord is regularly ranked among TOP hospitals in Germany for dentistry, ophthalmology, proctology.

72,000 patients receive treatment in the hospital annually.

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Brain tumor removal
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Radiotherapy for cervical cancer
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Rectal resection
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ReLEx SMILE eye surgery
Removal of colon cancer
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Consultation with a neurosurgeon
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Consultation with an ophthalmologist
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Brain MRI
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Consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon
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Consultation with a neurologist
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5 patient reviews
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Jul 19, 2019
The patient was treated of myocarditis
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Met well, and the coordinators, and the doctor liked! Received a good consultation. Thanks to the Bookimed team for your work! Встретили хорошо, и координаторы, и доктор понравились! Получила хорошую консультацию. спасибо команде Bookimed за Вашу работу!

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Nov 27, 2018
The patient was treated of gastritis
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Everything is fine, everyone is happy! THANK YOU! More like the price included the translation of all the conclusions! Thanks again Все нормально,всем доволен!СПАСИБО! Ещё вроде в стоимость входил перевод всех заключений! Ещё раз Спасибо

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Nov 22, 2018
The patient was treated of ulcerative colitis
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I am very glad that the doctors came to this clinic, they really helped me, the examination was carried out at the highest level! Thank you very much! Я очень рад что обратился в данную клинику врачи очень помогли мне, обследование проходилось на высшем уровне! Спасибо большое!

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    User Dec 1, 2018

    Как можно свами связаться?

Jun 22, 2019
The patient was treated of myocarditis
star star star star star_border

Mar 7, 2019
The patient was treated of craniostenosis
star star star star star_border

Hospital accreditations of quality

International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

CERTKOM certificate for qualified pain therapy
CERTKOM certificate for qualified pain therapy

CERTKOM certificate for qualified pain therapy

The German Society for Qualified Pain Therapy (CERTKOM) develops scientific standards and conception to certify medical institutions specialized in pain and palliative care therapies.

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking
TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

Focus news edition determines the leading clinics and emergency hospitals in Germany. Only the best medical centers that have been assessed by experts can be included in the Top 10. The ranking captures 18 specialties: cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumors, radiotherapy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, depression.

About the hospital

Date of content creation: 17.08.2018 · Last update: 12.04.2019 info

location_on Germany, Hamburg

Asklepios Nord was established in 1945. It consists of 22 departments and 6 specialized centers.

The hospital is located 5 km far from Hamburg Airport.

Advantages of Asklepios Nord

  • Asklepios Nord is a leading neurosurgery center in Hamburg. Intraoperative MRI, that is available only in a few German hospitals, is used here. With this technique, the success of brain surgeries has increased up to 100%.
  • High-quality treatment approved by 19 certificates and awards.
  • The hospital is located in 10-15 minutes by car from the airport.

Asklepios Nord in figures

  • 28 departments
  • 1,800 beds
  • 3,000 members of staff
  • 18,000 surgeries annually
  • 6 certified centers

Awards and achievements

Certkom certificate

CERTKOM — treatment without pain

Asklepios Nord is the only hospital in Hamburg that is certified by CERTKOM. Doctors choose an individual treatment option of anesthesia for painless treatment.

Among Top German hospitals by Focus

Among Top German hospitals by Focus

Asklepios Nord is listed among top hospitals in Germany for the high-quality treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies, dental and eye diseases, Alzheimer's disease.

ISO certificate

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate

ISO is an obligatory certification for all hospitals in the Asklepios Network. The independent commission regularly controls the hospitals' activity to check whether diagnostic and treatment procedures comply with international standards. The commission controls the quality of equipment, drugs, and internal coordination.

Neurosurgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in diagnostics and surgical treatment of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Neurosurgeons at Asklepios Nord treat such diseases as:

  • benign and malignant brain tumors
  • benign and malignant neoplasms in the spine or spinal cord
  • vessel diseases — aneurysms, angiomas, cavernomas
  • circulation disturbance of the liquid in the brain (hydrocephalus)
  • narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis)
  • herniated discs.

Doctors apply minimally invasive, microsurgical and endoscopic options for surgery.

Minimally invasive interventions are performed through small openings from 0.5 to 6 cm in size (depending on the operated area). As a result, the tissues are minimally damaged, and a patient recovers faster than after open surgery.

Microsurgical operations are carried out under control of special microscopes — there are 2 devices at Asklepios Nord. Due to the multiple zooming of the affected zone, doctors operate precisely and do not damage neighboring healthy tissues.

Endoscopic intervention is an operation using an optical device (an endoscope) which transmits a highly precise image to the monitor. Endoscopic operations on the brain are performed through the nose and mouth, without openings in the skull.

Computed navigation and intraoperative MRI

To increase the success of the neurosurgical interventions, doctors use:

  • system of the computed navigation which allows operation with up 1 mm accuracy
  • intraoperative MRI — a method of visualised control. Doctors see the edge of a tumor on the screen and can remove it completely without affecting healthy tissues. It reduces the risk of tumor relapse.

A patient before surgery

A patient before surgery

Gastroenterology Department at Asklepios Nord

Patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas undergo treatment in the department. Doctors specialize in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the intestine — Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Minimally invasive surgery of the GI — operations through punctures up 1-3 cm and natural openings

Doctors perform less traumatic operations using an endoscope or laparoscope.

Surgeries on the pelvic are performed laparoscopically — through several pictures up to 3 cm using an optic device. After a laparoscopy, hardly noticeable scars remain, and recovery goes faster than after open operation.

ЗDoctors treat the intestinal diseases applying the endoscopic technique. The procedure is carried out through the anus with a fine needle and small camera. Due to the absence of incisions, a patient gets well faster, and feels better during the postoperative period compared to traditional or laparoscopic operation.

Doctors perform minimally invasive surgeries to treat such diseases:

  • benign and malignant tumors of the colon and rectum
  • chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine
  • rectal prolapse
  • inguinal hernias
  • пgallbladder stones.

Pediatric Department and Children's Surgery

The Children's Department is certified by the World Healthcare Organization and UNICEF as "friendly to children".

Doctors treat premature children, infants, and teens up to 18 years old.


The Neuro-Pediatrics Department treat children with epilepsy, brain and spinal cord tumors, Spina Bifida, hydrocephalus, multiple sclerosis.

A team of neurosurgeons, pediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric surgeons, neuroradiologists, orthopedists, and urologists treats little patients.

Pediatric surgery

To treat children, doctors choose safe surgical and anesthetic options to avoid pain and side effects. If possible, doctors conduct sparing surgeries through small incisions up to 1-3 cm in size and natural openings (mouth, nose, anus).

Doctors also treat kids with defects of the abdominal wall, lung diseases, hernias, fistulas.

A patient in the pediatric traumatology

A patient in the pediatric traumatology

Ophthalmology Department at Asklepios Nord

The Ophthalmology Department at Asklepios Nord — the largest one in the Northern Germany.

Doctors specialize in the treatment of:

  • cataract
  • retinal detachment
  • glaucoma
  • eye inflammatory
  • retinal diseases
  • strabismus
  • eye and eyelid tumors.

Services for international patients

  • Personal coordinator
  • language assistance for an additional fee
  • an airport-hotel-airport transfer for additional fee
  • accommodation in 1- or 2-bed hospital room
  • meals.
  • Service for patientsв

Additional service
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport
Visa assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
Requirements for admission
Payment methods

Credit cards
Bank account

Documents language

The hospital is ready to study medical records in the following languages:


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Tangstedter Landstraße 400, 22417 Hamburg
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