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About Budapest Dental Solutions

Budapest Dental Solutions is a single-specialty dental clinic based in Budapest, Hungary. A medical team specializes in dental implants, All-on-4 treatment concept, veneers, root canal treatment.

The clinic provides a guarantee for these procedures.

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The cost is individual for each treatment program. To get a cost estimate and treatment program right for you, submit a request. It’s free and doesn’t oblige you to have a medical trip.

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Prices for diagnosis and treatment

Dental Treatment
Consultation with a dentist
$1 - $33
CT of the mandible
$56 - $112
Panoramic X-ray
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All-on-4 Dental Implants
$6281 - $13236
Prosthesis of a tooth
Price on request
3М ESPE, ORMCO, DENTSPLY metal braces (USA, Germany), 1 jaw
Price on request
Aesthetic temporary prosthesis
Price on request
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Beyond Whitening
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Bone Graft
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What patients say about the hospital
Jan 26, 2020
Reviewed on Google

I have visited Budapest Dental Solutions and my experience has been very pleasant. I am scared of dentist and the thought of going to a clinic for treatment, but with the help of Mr Calm Dr Ferentzi Balazs I felt at ease. The treatment from the patient managers has been excellent as I was informed every step of the way and if I've had any concerns they were the first who was there to make sure everything is fine. They go beyond their remit to make sure that you are satisfied, I am really grateful as it helped a lot. I have recieved my first ever crowns and I have to say they feel like normal teeth and had no issues with it at all, my local dentist was also very pleased with the work and could not fault it in any way. Thank you to everyone at Budapest Dental Solutions. I will sing about your services to my friends, family and everyone I meet.

Nov 10, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Great dental work. Love this place.

Oct 7, 2019
Reviewed on Google

I had quite a delightful experience with both the booking and treatment itself, I highly recommend this service. I got the quote following I sent my X-ray so I knew the costs beforehand, no surprises. They'd provided a good overall service and made a nice and painless job. Thanks!

Feb 10, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Réactifs, respectueux des engagements, sérieux dans les traitements effectués et soins prodigués. Bon accueil et très bon contact. Prévoyez bien tout en amont (mails, panorex, photos..), avec un billet d'avion intéressant et un bon AirbnB, vous ne regretterez pas votre semaine à Budapest. Langue anglaise à maîtriser un minimum.

Dec 12, 2018
Reviewed on Google

First time I went was in 2015, For a minor thing, it went great. then, as I had to travel to budapest often, I asked my father to come over and get a first appointment to see how much would it be to have his denture completely redone. The difference in price wasnt too much as compared to where my father was living, however there was a stark difference in quality. Much better quality here and top notch doctors. My father liked specially dr. Ferentzi Balazs, thanks for everything if you are reading this. And also thanks Gabor for all the time you spent and the many emails we exchange explaining what needed to be done. Indeed there was a lot of work to be done, it took many appointments, and many visits to budapest. Overall It was around 1 year and half, because of work commmintments in our part. My father needed many implants, bone replacements, sinus lift , etc. everything was done with great quality, and aesthetics. Now one year and a few months after the treatment was completed, my father is still happy, and feels normal with the denture. This review comes a bit late but we wanted to allow some time to be sure that everything would settle down ok.

Feb 12, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Thank you for a verey good treatement. It was a realy good experiense for all our family. We will highly recomend you to other dental travelers, and all of our friends. Kindly regards Per

Jan 30, 2018
Reviewed on Google

I contacted a number of dental practioners in Budapest and after explaining my needs to them by email (a mixture of straightforward crowns and veneers, and more complicated aesthetic correction of tooth line) I decided that Gabor seemed to be the best at communicating and understanding my needs, so I went with BDS. I was picked up at the airport (and returned the following week for a 6am flight!) and the next day, Monday, was taken to the clinic to meet my dentist Dr Ferentzi. I was nervous as I've had bad experiences with dentists both in London and abroad not really listening to what I wanted to achieve and just trying to persuade me to have expensive work that I don't want. Dr Ferentzi could not have been more professional and friendly - he really listened to what I wanted and we discussed for an hour what was possible. I felt completely reassured that I had made the right choice, he's just a really nice guy, no arrogance. He then spent hours preparing the teeth and also suggested much needed replacement fillings which he could do on the Thursday. He spent nearly two hours doing the Thursday fillings, making sure I was properly anethetised and so on - I got the feeling that although they are a very busy practice they really do give you all the time you need to get it right. There is no 'quick fix' or botch up'. On the Friday he fitted the veneers and crowns, it took two long sessions, we were eventually finished by 8pm. Overall I would rate the service I received from Gabor and the team, the value for money and above all the excellent quality of care by Dr Ferentzi as a 5 star experience and would definitely recommend BDS to friends and family. I will definitely go back to them if I have any other needs.

Dec 10, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Fast, friendly and efficient. The team were very professional and thorough but without wasting any time or money. I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment, I experienced no pain or discomfort and would be happy to recommend Budapest Dental Solutions to a friend.

Nov 20, 2017
Reviewed on Google

THE MOST SHOCKING EXPERIENCE OF MY MOTHERS LIFE. BDS IS A SCAM!!!!!!My mother needs substantial and specific work on her teeth and we explained this to BDS . We first talked to Peter who organised it initially, but he then puts us into contact with his colleague Gabor, which is when everything started to go horribly wrong. Gabor emailed us an "update" 2 days before her trip. The "update" was to change all the appointments to different days, which my mother could not do as she already booked her trip, thankfully I called Gabor and fixed it but it continued downhill. When she arrived at the airport there was a woman with a tiny sign, instead of Gabor and instead of getting the taxi to take her to the hotel, or going with her to get her scan done, she put my mum into a taxi (that my mum is sure was just someones car and not a real taxi) which dropped her off in the middle of nowhere and without instruction. She had to drag her suitcase around until she found the "dentist" even up and down stairs. The "dentist" wasn't a real dentist clinic, it was just some tiny room to do teeth X-rays. after the X-ray she had to wait for Gabor, to call a taxi because the "dentist" receptionist wouldn't order her one. Unfortunately Gabor was less useful than the receptionist as he kept telling my mum that his colleague was with her and that she should be sorting it out. my mum had to explain several times that there was no one there. They finally got her a taxi, after she waited in the freezing cold and snow as there was no space in the "dentist" to wait. only a few hours after my mother finally arrived at the hotel, Gabor calls to tell her that the initial X-ray wouldn't fax through "or something" so she had to do it again. This time Gabor went with her and it went pretty smoothly.The next day she was taken to another "dentist" where the dentist, without even looking directly at my mothers teeth told my mum, that all they can do is root treatment. Both I and my mother had expressed to both Gabor and Peter that she didn't want root treatment, she wanted implants. she re-explained this to the dentist but she flat out said no. The dentist said it would take too long and was too complicated for her to do and kept pushing my mum to do root treatment. My mum flat out refused and went and got a taxi and left. since then we haven't heard a word from anyone at BDS. in fact during this whole thing I tried to keep in contact with Peter but I his phone seems to have been disconnected since Wednesday.My Mothers Recommendation: Just fly over on a one/two week holiday and just ask a receptionist or check in the hotel drawer, they ALL have professional dentists available.

Mar 25, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Very good treat! Thank you so much for the quick and pro help. I highly recommend BDS to anybody need some dental help.

Mar 14, 2017
Reviewed on Google

This place does not exist as BDS any more; it is a private practice and the receptionist really did not speak English well. she could not tell me how much a consultation would cost, and wanted me to make two appointments (consultation plus) simply to replace a veneer. I leftl

Aug 26, 2016
Reviewed on Google

Id like to thank everyone at Budapest Dental Solutions for a cracking job they done on my crooked teeth. After months of hesitation on weather or not to go abroad I decided to go for it, and what a good call. I saved loads of money and just as good as job as could get anywhere back home. They speak good English and not once did I feel uncomfortable in my 3 hour treatment.Would definitely recommend to others.Many thanks. Garvin

Aug 20, 2016
Reviewed on Google

David Nottingham England treatment April & May 2016Treatment Received:•Dental X-Ray•Extractions•Fillings•Temporary Bridge•Stitches Removal•White Filling•E-max Porcelain Crowns (26) on a Zirconium BridgeThis is a long statement but a positive one so read carefully.I am 63 years of age. I have SORRY HAD really crooked, squashed missing teeth.My gums had receded causing teeth to go sideways, forwards and backwards. I never smiled at all. I was so embarrassed, even hard to get a relationshipSo For the past two years I researched trips to different countries as far as Goa in India. So with with lots of investigative work.. I finally decided on Hungary.I researched down to three practices and decided upon factors as: Price, feedback, dentists background most of all quality of the service.So in January 2016 I got in touch the practice. I was immediately contacted by a person who I got to know very well and liked. Gabor Hajas. spoke perfect English. Previously, I had been given a scare by my dentist and was arrogant stating if you go abroad,,,be it on your own head. I have heard horrific story's where the teeth have been ruined. you are in desperation mode.I was so frightened by this time as I had already booked flights.I contacted Gabor who said if I was getting second thoughts then it would be best to have a 3D impression to see how I would have a projected look. No treatment would take place. April 2016 I decided to go and was greeted at the Budapest terminal by Gabor. Taken to a beautiful apartment.I had the weekend to chill out worst thing ever. The Sunday night I looked at three bad reviews. I was now in a panic mode. foreign country, alone frightened. I contacted the UK to friends and family and was given support that at least it would be worth it to have the 3D impression. Met be Gabor with lots of questions to be answered. Which he did. Arrival at the practice. Remember it is a reception area only...Yes smelt very clean, Dental reception, receptionist, dental nurses and dentist VERY CLEAN. The toilet's spotlessly clean, nobody has ever mentioned this at all.As explained above had all the questions answered by my dentist. Dr. Le´vai Zso´fia. She spoke excellent English, was very calming. She told been a dentist 8 years and a year at the hospital and showed me her previous work as I was not the first person she had done this kind of treatment before. I had a 180 degree dental xray, shown this on the computer and possible dental treatment, there had to be two extractions. (already knew this as the UK dentist said the same for a brace to fit) to take place along with a impression. The next day I saw the 3D impression, brilliant. I had over 3 and a half hours of filing drilling and tooth extraction. Sounds horrible but never felt any pain as given injections. I returned the next day and had another tooth extraction as it was a broken tooth that had been left in years before by my dentist in the UK and the gum grown over.Extracted and then my temporary bridges. Was overwhelmed.I had to return to the UK to allow the extractions heal effectively. Also I had to have some stiches.I will tell you I had my face swollen as expected and could not eat solids for 5 weeks. lost half a stone. good thing for me. Pain killers were the norm.May 2016 retuned to Budapest. Greeted by Gabor at the airport. all dental times given daily and was again collected and taken to the practice. Always on hand to help.Over the next 5 days I had Stiches removed, wanted white fillings at the wisdom teeth area for the grey metal, teeth finally prepared. allowed to pick my color for the Porcelain crowns fitted. Now I look a million dollars. Zsofia was the kindest, transparent, happy Dentist I have ever known, although she is so petite and showed empathy all the time, she is very experienced.When I left to return home, I am now happy guy.I am so pleased with the end result. I even smile now and the shape of my mouth has changed. I am a happier person too. Thank you so much Lab Technician,Zsofia and Gabor."

Jul 10, 2016
Reviewed on Google

I would encourage anyone to have treatment with Budapest Dental Solutions.The staff and treatment was excellent and I am very pleased with the end result. There was very special care to make the treatment pain free.Dr Agi who treated me was careful to explain things to me and was very gentle and very thorough. I also felt she was working in my best interest at all times. The assisting dental nurses were also very pleasant. Lynne

Apr 23, 2016
Reviewed on Google

Thrilled with my experience of dental work with this clinic! I've had whitening, ceramic inlay, direct veneer, 2 fillings, a splint/night guard and my implant done with great care and diligence as well as much less than inflated UK prices. So impressed with the high standards and I can't even tell which the implant crown is, it looks so natural. Such a pleasure and relief to be able to smile naturally again. Saved hundreds of pounds and had some great times in Budapest in its spas, cafes and restaurants. Plus everyone at the clinic speaks good English as well as many people you meet. Go and get your teeth sorted with these guys!

Dec 24, 2015
Reviewed on Google

We have been 3 times in Budapest making our teeth with gabor and their team. It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE meeting gabor and his wife. We are extremely satisfied with the teeth treatment. They saved one of my dead tooth which my doctor had told i have to extract it!We are planning to go again because its amazing to be in beautiful Budapest and be so welcomed. We definitely recommend them and wanted to thanks them one more time! !!!Cheers

Nov 10, 2015
Reviewed on Google

PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THEM. THEY COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY TEETH. I HAVE TO PAY A FEW THOUSAND EUROS TO GET IT FIXED. The story is to long to tell and just makes me angry every time but they literally made everything worse which they were supposed to fix. I had never such a bad experience with a dentist. Completely incompetent and never got a penny of my money back for all the torture and the cost I have to bear now.

Nov 9, 2015
Reviewed on Google

I ve got on the webpage of Budapest Dental Solutions through searching in the net, amid other dental tourism options in other countries. They were different from first reaction, answering quick and to the point. Once all details agreed, I came to Budapest and from first appointment I got no reason to feel one second doubtful about the level of treatment: doctor knew her business, doing things quick, self-assured and with a lot of care and dedication. In terms of figures, it costed me over 4 times cheaper than it would in Belgium (making it unachievable dream in my home country) and it was done 26 times quicker to boot than in draft schedule in Belgium (1 working week instead of half year). You guys, really do perfect job, by making it achievable most fundamental thing, getting healthy mouth, easily broadly smiling, what by some reasons is still considered as a luxury in West Europe in what comes to insurance coverage programmes. Lots of compliments to all of your team!

Aug 4, 2015
Reviewed on Google

Hello Gabor,Well, our journey to Budapest has ended as we returned to Tucson, Arizona Thursday night after long but trouble-free flights. Now, I want to send you this testimonial in appreciation for all you have done to make our first experience in Dental Tourism such a huge success. You and Dr. Balazs Ferentzi are true professionals and in many ways, far exceeded our expectations. Jadel and I are grateful that we had the opportunity to know and work with both of you.Coming to a large city that we had never been to before for extensive dental care can be daunting but from the beginning of our planning, you made us feel that everything was well organized and that we had nothing to be concerned about. My appointments were set up in a timely manner and it was a great help that you transported me to and from the clinics so that I did not have to take an expensive taxi. Dr. Ferentzi approached my treatments for my long term benefit and he and you made certain that I understood how the work was to be performed and what I could expect in the future. As Dr. Ferentzi worked, he often said, "it has to be perfect" which made me feel that I was receiving the best dental care possible. I truly believe that I was. In addition, your suggestions helped us to visit many of Budapest's best sites. Budapest is an incredibly beautiful city and in spite of its sometimes tragic history, the people that we met were friendly and helpful. The Hungarian language was difficult for us but since many Hungarians speak English, communicating was not a problem. Our days visiting Budapest will long be remembered. Gabor, our thanks again for caring and making our visit so successful. We will highly recommend you and Dr. Ferentzi to anyone who is in need of major dental care. Please pass our greetings on to him and tell him that the new teeth feel and are working very well. Take care,Jack Shomenta

Mar 19, 2015
Reviewed on Google

I contacted Budapest Dental Solutions as I developed a tooth ache early in May,2015 while on vacation in Hungary. I had not planned to seek dental care there, but was concerned I had an abscess because it did not go away after a few days, and did not want to go on a plane with it. I found BDS through the website. The doctors appeared to be well trained and the offices very clean and modern. Although they contacted me promptly, they made an appointment for me to be seen at Haifa Dental, not one of their "regular" offices. This place was tiny and dingy. The dentist, Dr. Timea, was nice, however she refused to treat me. She took an xray, but said she did not have time to do anything except a tooth cleaning. She said my xray was fine (it was a very old fashioned and poor quality XRAY) , and although I said I thought I had an infection and perhaps needed a root canal, she said "absolutely not" and just gave me antibiotics. I have had multiple crowns, root canals, and issues with me teeth, and so felt that she should at least numb the area up and examine it. She said I did not need anything, except replacement of all my bridges and crowns, as they were old and the cleaning. She gave me antibiotics at my insistence. The next day, I flew home to the US and the following day I had an emergency root canal from my endodontist as I was in excruciating pain. I wrote BDS to recount what had happened and Mr. Peter Baba wrote me back (he had arranged the initial appointment). After a few more emails, he said that I had told the doctor not to remove my bridge where the tooth ache was as I would be travelling . This was an absolute lie. Furthermore, my dentist here actually drilled through the bridge to relieve the infection he found, so it is scary to me that they would have even considered removing the bridge. That is just not good dentistry. He said to treat this they would have had to "chisel all your teeth down to the gum". That is barbaric. AVOID these people. Yes, it costs more in the US. However, there is training that they have here that they do not have in other places. I am in the medical field and have taken care of patients with surgical complications from other places. I think I am actually grateful that Dr. Timea did NOT do anything as she would have done the WRONG thing to remove my bridge. BEWARE!!!

Nov 22, 2014
Reviewed on Google

I was treated by Dr. Ferenci Balazs. I am very happy with the experience. Dr. Ferenci Balazs is a kind person. He is dedicated to his art of dentistry, trying to find the best solution for me. Unlike some other dentists who offer aggressive plans, this doctor wanted to preserve my natural teeth as much as possible, which I really appreciated. The customer service rep Gabor and the front desk people are also very professional and friendly. Overall, I'm grateful for the treatment and have already recommended the clinic to my friends.

Sep 7, 2014
Reviewed on Google

I found Budapest Dental Solutions on the web and booked an appointment to have a crown fitted. When I got there, I decided to have another crown fitted as well. The company answered all my queries promptly and provided a very comprehensive service, from apartment booking, collection to and from the airport and from the apartment to the clinic. Their customer service was excellent (thanks to Gabor!) and all staff were professional and polite and spoke excellent English. I am very happy with the service (standard and cost) and also had a very enjoyable few days in Budapest which I would also highly recommend.

Aug 30, 2014
Reviewed on Google

I visited Hungary in December and enquired about teeth whitening prior to my visit and made an appointment. My experience.. The service was excellent with a very nice gentleman called Gabor picking me up and dropping me back to my hotel. The surgery was very professional and the dentist was fair minded in cautioning me against teeth whitening due to chips in my enamel, I proceeded with dental cleaning and one filling which was very well administered by the dentist.

Mar 18, 2014
Reviewed on Google

Everyone was friendly and provided get service. The dentist was thorough and was helpful and also nice to my kids. Budapest Dental Solutions is highly recommended!

Sep 25, 2012
Reviewed on Google

Derek Rand The dentists who treated me spoke good english,explained everything that was going to happen.They made me feel relaxed,which made my 3 visits to the clinic go smoothly,and took away the worry i had before travelling.


Updated 14.09.2020

Hungary, Budapest

Budapest Dental Solutions was founded in 2004. It is located in the city center, 25 minutes away from the international airport.

Why do patients come to Budapest Dental Solutions?

  • Best quality-to-price ratio. The cost of services at the center is lower than in Western European dental centers with the same quality of treatment. Patients from the UK, Switzerland, France, and Ireland choose dental care at Budapest Dental Solutions.
  • Warranty. Budapest Dental Solutions warrants dental implants, overdentures, bridges, crowns, and veneers.
  • Service. The clinic arranges an airport-hotel-clinic transfer and a personal coordinator’s assistance for international patients.

Dental implants

Dental prostheses replace one or more missing teeth. Doctors select types of implants and crowns for each patient personally, so a patient feels new teeth like natural ones.

The steps of implanting:

  • diagnostics before the procedure
  • implant installing in the gum
  • implant engraftment
  • abutment placing. An abutment is an intermediate item connecting a crown with an implant
  • crown installing.

How long does it take to install dental implants?

Dental implanting in the gum takes 2-4 days. The dental implant grafts within 2-4 months after the procedure.

After implant grafting, a dentist puts the abutment and crown. These steps require about 7 days stay in the country.

If you extract a tooth first, afterward you should wait 3-4 months before the implant.


Overdentures is a removable system which is an affordable alternative to non-removable dental crowns. Modern dentistry has full and partial types of overdentures with various abutments types. These ‘teeth’ tight fit and look like natural ones.

The dentists attach removable structures on top of the remaining patient’s teeth or several implants. Dentures are held with special bars and clips similar to button clasps which allow removing them if necessary.


All-on-4 dental implants are suitable for patients who miss all teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw.

Doctors install four titanium implants which serve as a base for a dental arch.

Benefits of All-on-4 dental system:

  • works for patients with gum diseases
  • doesn’t require bone mass grafting before implant
  • teeth fit tight and last longer than removable dentures.


Veneers are thin plates attached to the front of the teeth due to aesthetic reasons. Their thickness is 0.5-0.7 mm.

Veneers are used to improve:

  • yellowed enamel
  • chips and cracks
  • diastema.

The service life of ceramic veneers depends on proper oral hygiene practice and is approx. 10 years.

Additional service
Airport to clinic, for orders over $500
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport, for orders over $500
Visa assistance
Hotel on clinic's territory, billed daily
$35 - $85
Requirements for admission
Payment methods

Credit cards
Bank account


Clinic requires an advance payment of From 50% to confirm booking

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What treatments do patients most often ask for?

Patients choose Budapest Dental Solutions most frequently to treat the following conditions:
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