Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics
Ukraine, Kyiv

Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics

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About Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics

Dental Dynastia is a private network of clinics in Kiyv. It is one of the best stomatologies in the city.

This medical establishment’s specialization is dental restoration, root canal, and gum treatment. Dentists use equipment manufactured in Switzerland, the USA, and Germany.

Doctors who work at Dynastia are second- and third-generation doctors. They use contemporary techniques such as laser, ultrasound, and ozone treatment.

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1 patient reviews
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1 positive review on treatment in Dental Dynastia Network of Clinics

May 29, 2019
The patient underwent installation of pfm crown

Wonderful clinic. Qualified doctors and very affordable prices. Замечательная клиника. Квалифицированные врачи и вполне доступные цены.

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Updated 14.09.2020

Ukraine, Kyiv

Dynastia Clinics Network is situated in Kyiv. It incorporates 2 medical centers on the right and left Dnipro’s banks. Both clinics are 5-10 minutes on foot away from the subway.

Physicians at Dynastia treat a broad range of gum and dental diseases. The prices of procedures are relatively low compared to European dental clinics.

Medical center’s benefits

  • Experienced dentists. Second- and third-generation dentists work here. They participate in international show cases, conferences, and practices on a regular basis;
  • Equipment.The clinic is fitted with devices manufactured in USA, Europe, and South Korea. For instance, Vatech computer tomograph produces high-quality images while keeping exposure at minimal levels;
  • All dental crowns, implants, and veneers have guaranty;
  • Discount programs. The first consultation is free of charge;
  • Appointments may be conducted in English.

Video-presentation of Medical Center

Stomatology Dynastia in figures

Here is a brief piece of information about the Clinic

  • 2 clinics;
  • 9 physicians;
  • 30 types of dental services.

Dental Treatment Department

Specialists of the Department treat dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, perform a cosmetic restoration.

Caries treatment

Tooth filling is a time-proven caries treatment technology. It consists of the following steps:

  • anesthesia;
  • removal of damaged segments with dental drill;
  • pulp capping;
  • tooth filling.

Physicians in the Clinic utilize innovational treatment methods with laser and ozone. If the caries-affected area is small, dentists clean it without drilling. To do so damaged area is treated with laser beam or ozone exposure device. A dental drill is used in cases left unattended for too long.

Laser and ozone therapies are painless and do not require the use of anesthesia. They are suitable for children and pregnant women.

Apparatus for laser treatment of teeth

Biolaser for caries therapy without anesthesia

Cosmetic restoration

To give teeth esthetic look, Dynastia’s dentists perform their reconstruction.Physicians give the teeth natural shape and hint using dental build-ups.

The most popular material is dental composite resin. It is very durable and will not wear down. Dental composite build-ups look natural.

Procedure recommendations:

  • inborn defects;
  • injuries;
  • color tint;
  • pathologic wear down.

Veneers installed in Dental Dynastia

The result of the installation of veneers in the clinic Dental Dynastia

Implantation Department

Physicians of the Medical Center suggest installing implants if a patient lacks more than 1 tooth. Artificial prosthetic dentures are manufactured with biocompatible materials that are not rejected by the body. 98% of implants take roots.

Dynastia’s dentists install Swiss, American, Deutch, Korean manufactured implants.

Dentists use laser setup instead of dental drill to reduce unpleasant sensations. Doctors pick tooth crowns colored the same shade as neighboring teeth, so nobody will notice the difference.

Procedure steps in Stomatology Dynastia Clinic:

  • Orthopantomogram;
  • Consultation with a specialist. A physician will estimate if there is enough bone tissue to install an implant, or it has to be gained on;
  • Anesthesia;
  • Implantation. The procedure takes 30 minutes;
  • Dentists take out stitches 10 days after the operation.

Model of artificial teeth

Teeth implantation in Stomatology Dynastia

Gum Treatment Department

Physicians of Stomatology Dynastia treat bleeding gums, pulpitis, periodontitis. To start with, a doctor conducts diagnostics. Then the prime cause is addressed. In case of caries, a specialist clears out the tooth canal and installs tooth crown.

Dynastia’s stomatologists use contemporary treatment methods:

  • laser;
  • ultrasound(Vector-therapy);
  • plasmolifting.

“Vector” device removes lasting accretions with ultrasound. The machine does not damage enamel and soft gum tissue.

Stomatologists use plasmolifting to treat minor gingival diseases. Doctors inject rich in thrombocytes plasma. It restores metabolic activity, promoting regeneration. Physicians use patient’s own plasm that is obtained from their blood. This is why plasmolifting does not bear any side-effects.

Surgical Stomatology Department

Surgical stomatology specialists perform tooth removal, labial, and tongue frenulum plastics.

Dentists conduct removal operations in the last turn. The procedure is recommended if:

  • there are suppurative inflammations;
  • teeth are misplaced;
  • canine over inclination;
  • last stage of periodontitis (gum inflammation);
  • tooth root fraction.

Stomatologists of the Medical Center use local or general anesthesia. Doctors recommend using general anesthesia when multiple teeth are removed in a single procedure.

Pediatric Stomatology Department

Pediatric stomatologist treats children dental diseases. It’s a doctor with a special approach to babies. Children leave physician’s cabinet with treats and smiles on their faces.

Department’s doctor conducts treatment using painless methods, without surgical tools. Most procedures are carried out with the help of laser or ozone.

Children dentist conducts:

  • caries treatment;
  • teeth removal;
  • bite correction;
  • labial and tongue frenulum plastics.

Pediatric Department in Stomatology Dynastia

Pediatric Stomatology Department of the Dynastia Medical Center

Dynastia stomatology patient services

The Clinic accepts patients only by preliminary appointment, there are no queues.

Free parking.

Dynastia accepts medical tourists. For foreign patients, all service is provided in English.

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16d, Knyazhy Zaton Str., Kyiv, 02000
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