Dünyagöz Hospitals Group
Dünyagöz Hospitals Group Dünyagöz Hospitals Group Dünyagöz Hospitals Group Dünyagöz Hospitals Group Dünyagöz Hospitals Group
Turkey, Istanbul

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group

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About Dünyagöz Hospitals Group

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group is the first specialized network of ophthalmological clinics in Turkey, which was founded in 1996. The Hospital is the first ophthalmological clinic in the country accredited by JCI. Dünyagöz consists of 20 clinics in Turkey and 5 clinics abroad (in Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands and 2 clinics in Germany).

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Cataract surgery (one eye)
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Cataract surgery with IOL replacement
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Corneal Cross Linking (CCL) (One eye)
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Enucleation with implant insertion
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IntraLase Laser Eye Surgery
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2 positive reviews on treatment in Dünyagöz Hospitals Group

Mar 24, 2018
The patient was treated of traumatic eye injury


Sep 2, 2017
The patient underwent eye surgery


1 negative reviews on treatment in Dünyagöz Hospitals Group

Mar 23, 2018
The patient was treated of strabismus

I am disappointed Я разочарован

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User Nov 19, 2018

По подробнее можно? , мы тоже планировали


Updated 30.07.2021

Turkey, Istanbul

Dünyagöz Clinics in Figures

8,000 patients per day

80,000 surgeries annually

2,500 medical staff

200 ophthalmologists

96,000 patients from 107 countries per year

Dünyagöz Centers are the first ophthalmology clinics in Turkey to implant a bionic eye.

Dünyagöz Clinics were the first to apply the method of corneal cross-linking for keratoconus (corneal thinning disorder) treatment.

Since the opening, specialists of the Network has conducted over 20,000 ophthalmological procedures.

Dünyagöz Hospitals have JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISO 9001 (TUV-SUD) accreditation regarding to the high-quality of patients’ care.

Dünyagöz Ophthalmological Hospitals include specialized centers such as:

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group. One of the best ophthalmologic hospitals in Turkey.

Center for General Vision Testing

The ophthalmic examination takes 30 minutes. Diagnostics includes checking the eyelids, lacrimal canals and the measurement of the vision acuteness. For glaucoma, diagnostics ophthalmologists measure the intraocular pressure. A doctor examines the ocular fundus, provides the biomicroscopic examination of the layers of the eye cornea and iris.

Department of Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmologists carry out femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgeries (FLACS), non-invasive technique for accurate and precise cataracts removal. This kind of operation minimizes the risk of infections and reduces the recovery time of a patient. FLACS lasts for 15 minutes.

Surgeons also apply phacoemulsification technique, which implies the elimination of cataracts using ultrasonic waves through a small incision of 2.2 mm. This method of therapy helps to avoid postoperative astigmatism and cut down healing time.

Center for Laser Technologies and IOL Implantation

For myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism treatment specialists use an excimer laser. 98% is the efficiency of vision correction with the laser. LASIK method is the most effective one. The Center specializes in replacing the lens of the eye with an artificial lens. This procedure is called intraocular lens implant (IOL).

Hyperopia and Myopia Treatment Center

Ophthalmologists of the Hospital treat hyperopia and myopia with the Kamra cornea implantation and Presbylasik laser technology. Specialists of the Center apply these procedures to correct vision problems due to the age and to replace the natural lens with an artificial multifocal ones.

Glaucoma Treatment Center

Specialists of the Glaucoma Treatment Center apply three methods of treatment:

  • Medications. Ophthalmologists prescribe to take meds to reduce the level of intraocular pressure in a patient. If drug treatment is not suitable for te patient, he is offered a surgical method of treatment.
  • Surgery. Eye doctors use surgical interventions when drug treatment is not effective. The operation has no contraindications and is suitable for the patients of any age.
  • Laser procedure. Oculists apply laser treatment of glaucoma in the cases of the acute form of the disease to prevent deterioration of the condition.

Amblyopia Treatment Center

For the treatment of amblyopia or lazy eye disease, ophthalmologists in the Center apply:

  • Closing a healthy eye with a special bandage to make the weak eye work better.
  • Special exercises on a healthy eye. One exercise session takes 40 minutes.
  • Interactive computer programs for the patients older than 5 years. This method includes a set of 11 games to develop a lazy eye.
  • Visual therapy, which consists of exercises with images. The aim of this treatment method is teaching the visual system to correct itself. Vision therapy is a physical therapy for visual system (eyes and parts of the brain that control vision).
  • Neurovision method is used for patients older than 10 years. A unique program helps the patient's brain to learn how to process visual information correctly.

One of the best Greek ophthalmologists Prof. Ioannis Pallikaris works in Dünyagöz Hospitals as a research advisor. The doctor is the first to perform LASIK surgery (vision correction procedure with the help of laser). The Professor is the inventor of Epi-LASIK laser eye correction method.

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