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Ev.Clinic Hubertus Ev.Clinic Hubertus Ev.Clinic Hubertus Ev.Clinic Hubertus Ev.Clinic Hubertus
Germany, Berlin

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About Ev.Clinic Hubertus

Evangelical Hubertus Clinic is one of the best medical clinics in Germany, is a member of the Charité clinics.This hospital meets the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment.

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Updated 14.09.2020

Germany, Berlin

Annually in Ev. Hubertus Clinic about five and a half thousand inpatients and more than six thousand outpatients treats.

Hubertus Hospital offers only the best services: it's the highest standards of quality and modern medical equipment, and experience highly qualified doctors  and individual approach to each individual patient, and excellent service for its patients.

Ev. Hubertus Hospital is awarded by certificate of quality KTQ (Cooperation for the purpose of transparency and quality in health care) is one of the leading certificate authorities of Germany.The quality of treatment and care are regularly monitored by independent experts of the best medical hospitals in Germany.

Location of Ev. Hubertus Hospital  is generally favorable. It is located in Berlin's Zehlendorf district, surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. Incredibly beautiful nature of health facility has on patients a beneficial effect, as well as contribute to their speedy recovery.
Ev. Hubertus Hospital is famous thanks to its cardiology department, where patients are treated with a variety of cardiovascular diseases: acute circulatory disorders of arteries and veins, thrombosis and embolism, aortic aneurysm, developmental abnormalities, vascular chronic heart disease - almost all treat in Hubertus hospital.

Every year at the research center of Ev. Hospital Hubertus more than two hundred specialists cardiologists are going to share experiences, improve working skills and discuss the most important issues in the world of cardiology.

Specialization and medical activities of Hubertus Clinic in the areas:

  •      Anesthesiology and intensive care;
  •      Diseases of internal organs;
  •      Cardiovascular disease;
  •      Vascular disease;
  •      Oncology and radiology.
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