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Germany, Dusseldorf

PRADUS Diagnostics

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About PRADUS Diagnostics

PRADUS Diagnostics Center is one of the most modern facilities for comprehensive examination in Germany.

The clinic specializes in the complete examination of the body, oncological and cardiological diagnostics.

Doctors of the Center apply the latest diagnostic techniques, which allow to identify diseases in the early stages. Patients undergo comprehensive examination for 1-2 days.

For diagnostics, the clinic accepts patients aged 16 years and older.

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PRADUS Diagnostics
PRADUS Diagnostics Germany, Dusseldorf
Medical procedures Included
basic check-up
Consultation with the Internal Medicine Specialist Inspection and assessment of risk factors General and detailed blood test Pancreatic enzymes Protein fractions, immunoglobulins Coagulation testing Ultrasound examination of the neck vessels Thyroid ultrasound Lung function assessment Echocardiography ECG Stress electrocardiography Whole body MRI Full body vascular MRI Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Colonoscopy Polypectomy (if necessary) Biopsy and histological examination (if necessary) Helicobacter pylori antigen determination Gastroenterologist consultation
Breakfast after laboratory tests included
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Prices for diagnosis and treatment

Medical check-up
Basic check-up
Cancer screening
$6512 - $6978
Heart сheck up
Premium Check up
$7560 - $8026
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1 positive review on treatment in PRADUS Diagnostics

Apr 11, 2019
The patient was treated of atopic dermatitis

clinic is very clean, the staff are friendly, medical coordinator is very helpful person and very friendly.


Updated 30.07.2021

Germany, Dusseldorf

PRADUS Center was founded in 2014.

The Diagnostics Center is located in the center of Düsseldorf, across the street from the Museum of Modern Art and the Standehaus park. Dusseldorf International Airport is 9 km far away from the clinic.

It is important to know that the examination at PRADUS is available only for patients over 16 years old.


Experienced doctors work in the clinic. They regularly participate in scientific conferences in Europe, conduct research on new treatment methods. Some doctors have patented their own developments, which are applied in hospitals over Germany and worldwide.

Modern equipment from the leading manufacturers — Olympus (Germany), Siemens (Korea). The devices used at PRADUS are safe for a patient and show precise results.


PRADUS Clinic in figures


Basic check-up is a minimal diagnostic program that allows patients to find out about their general health condition. During the examination, doctors check the work of the internal organs, muscles, skeleton, and vessels.

Who is recommended?

The Basic Check-Up is suitable for people over 35 years old who have no predisposition to oncology or cardiovascular diseases in the family. People aged 35-45 years are recommended to undergo the program every 2 years, and after 45 years — every year.

How's it going?

The screening takes 2 days. Upon patient’s request, doctors carry out diagnostics for 1 day.


The Cardio Сheck-Up Program combines the diagnostic procedures of the Basic Check-Up and an in-depth examination of the cardiovascular system.

Who is recommended?

The Cardio Check-Up is suitable for people who have a family predisposition to heart and vascular diseases.

Due to diagnostics results, doctors identify the risks of heart attack, coronary artery diseases, and signs of coronary heart diseases.

How's it going?

The Cardio Check-Up takes 1-2 days.


The Onco Check-Up Program consists of the Basic Check-Up and the detailed analysis of organs and systems. It determines the risk of cancer in a patient. The result of the diagnostics includes recommendations for cancer prevention.

Who is recommended?

The program is suitable for patients who have cancer predisposition and have had cases of oncologies in their family.

How's it going?

The Check-Up lasts 1-2 days. In-depth oncological diagnostics include analysis for the presence of cancer markers in the blood, chest X-ray, whole body MRI, skin cancer examination, gynecological, and urological examinations.

In addition, a patient can undergo an EDIM test — the most modern method for cancer diagnostics. It allows to identify dangerous tissue mutations before the tumor onset. The test is paid separately.


The Premium Check-Up program includes all the above diagnostic packages.

PRADUS doctors recommend patients aged 35-45 years to undergo the Premium Check-Up every 2 years, and after 45 years once a year.

Diagnostics take 2 days.


A patient discusses the results of the diagnostics with a head physician and receives recommendations. A patient receives all medical records in the writing form, according to the permission of a patient. They are stored in the electronic database of the clinic.

If minor non-compliance are observed, a doctor prescribes a therapeutic treatment plan. If doctors have found a serious illness that requires a long-term treatment, PRADUS medical staff arrange about a consultation at a specialized medical center.

PRADUS Center cooperates with the leading specialists in Germany and Europe, therefore, a patient will be recommended the best doctor for the treatment of a particular disease (if needed).


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