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Evexia Rehabilitation Center is located directly on the Mediterranean coast at one the Greek resorts – Chalkidiki. The Center treats patients for more than 20 years and is constantly developing through implementing innovations and progressive rehabilitation techniques. Sea air, mild climate, polite personnel and luxury conditions significantly increase the effectiveness of the recovery process.

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Rehabilitation for arthritis (for 1 day)
Price on request
Bobath therapy
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Cardiological rehabilitation (per 1 day)
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Comprehensive rehabilitation
Price on request
Price on request
Inpatient rehabilitation
$264 - $418
Neurological rehabilitation (per 1 day)
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Diagnostic procedures A-Z
Complex diagnostics after a stroke
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Complex diagnosis of cerebral palsy
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Complex diagnostics of multiple sclerosis
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Complex diagnostics of Parkinson"s disease
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Consultation with a recreation therapist
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Neurological examination
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7 patient reviews
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Oct 8, 2019
The patient underwent neurological rehabilitation (per 1 day)
star star star star star


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Sep 14, 2019
The patient underwent orthopedic rehabilitation
star star star star star

The doctors are super, the specialists are cool, we are outpatients, we live in the city.

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Oct 18, 2018
The patient underwent stroke rehabilitation
star star star star star

We are from Kyrgyzstan, our mother is 74 years old, she has high levels of sugar, high blood pressure and even psoriasis. On July 19, 2018, our mother suffered a stroke, she had an operation, and her left side of her body was weakened. A month later, we began to look for rehabilitation centers so as not to miss precious time. Local centers refused to take us, they were afraid because their mother was 74 years old, plus many illnesses. Then we decided to undergo a rehabilitation course abroad in order to achieve the maximum effect. Started looking on the Internet and came across a booked website. I wrote and during the day I received a call from the staff of this company, and offered several options. We chose Greece Eveccia. They sent us an invitation after paying 10% of the cost of treatment. We were given a visa for just 1 month. But this month, my mother's sugar level returned to normal, the pressure, too, as well as psoriasis, also disappeared by itself. I want to say that 30 days is not enough, it is necessary that at least 45-60 days, the effect will be better and preferably early. We are very thankful to the staff of the booked and center staff, especially Alexander, he was too busy with his mother. Now mom walks with the help of a stick with 3 lugs, her hands are not moving yet, but already she began to feel pain, God forbid her hands would work too. The only thing that did not happen to my mother is communication, because there are few patients from the former USSR, but the glory of GOD is the Internet. Nobody wanted such illnesses, but we are not insured. I advise everyone to Greece, in other centers we were not therefore unable to compare, but we are pleased with the result. If someone wants to ask something please call, I will try to answer. tel +996705587788

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Jul 12, 2018
The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation
star star star star star

A unique technique. Talented specialists. Very attentive and helpful staff.

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Jan 20, 2017
The patient underwent rehabilitation of cerebral palsy
star star star star star

Here I have been studying for a very long time, it's just wonderful! Doctors, physiotherapists - I loved all of them so ... Sutra at me gymnastics - method Bobat, 2 hours I am engaged. Then I have dinner, then I do fine motor skills, then the pool ... Yesterday the professor said that my results for 10 days are the same as I should have achieved in six months. It's all so fast, so I hope when I get home - it's already on my own feet

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International Organization for Standardization Switzerland


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About the hospital

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location_on Greece, Chalkidiki

Evexia Rehabilitation Center is:

  • ISO 9001 Certification;
  • ISO 22000 Certification;
  • 165 births;
  • 21 years of experience;
  • about 19,000 patients in total;
  • 24,000 sq. km of the garden area;
  • 18 km from the international airport.

Evexia Clinic treats patients with the following diagnoses:

  • spinal injuries;
  • cerebral palsy and malformations;
  • sports injuries;
  • post-surgical conditions;
  • brain injuries;
  • stroke;
  • musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

The Center disposes its own diagnostic laboratory which conducts:

  • complete and biochemical blood counts;
  • immunology researches;
  • X-ray;
  • urodynamic and bladder function tests;
  • swallowing reflex diagnostics;
  • bronchoscopy;
  • ultrasound;
  • musculoskeletal examination;
  • microbiological research;
  • functional diagnostics and mobility examination.

Rehabilitation techniques at Evexia Center

Restoration of arm functions

Robotic system for the restoration of grasping reflex and fine motor skills.


Robotized system which trains walking skills. It is equipped with a security system and a screen showing the progress of rehabilitation.

PRP injections

Treatment with the use of plasma rich in platelets that promotes cell regeneration and shortens the recovery period.

Virtual reality

Brain sensor stimulation through the exciting game.

Transcranial electrical stimulation (TES)

Non-invasive method which stimulates brain through low-energy current and is based on neuroplasticity.


Affecting the weakened muscles with low current in order to stimulate them.

Occupational therapy

Classes directed on the maximum restoration of the patient’s independence.


Classes with the instructor in the therapeutic pool.

Speech therapy

Restoration of speech and swallowing reflex.

Bobath therapy

Targeted to renew motor functions and reduce muscle spasticity.

Balance training

EMG (electromiographic) system which checks the walking skills and develops an individual walking scheme. Relying on the scheme the doctors may correct the rehabilitation program.

LSVT treatment

Speech therapy for Parkinson’s disease which allows to improve the speech quality and swallowing reflex.

Padovan method

Therapeutic complex of speech, occupational and physical therapy and external stimuli on the senses which affect certain CNS centers.


Minimally invasive method of pain treatment with great regenerative effect.


Permanent impact of low-energy current changes the state of certain CNS zones.


Full board – three meals a day, an open-air swimming pool and a cocktail bar overlooking the sea. Single and double rooms overlooking the sea are equipped with special handrails for the people with disabilities. The wards have showers, Wi-Fi access and satellite TV. The Center also provides transfer from/to the airport. After leaving the Clinic the patient remains in touch with his/her physicians who are always open for any questions and recommendations.

Additional service
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport
Visa assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
$15 - $100
Hotel on clinic's territory, billed daily
$30 - $100
Kallikratia, 630 80, Greece
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