Renaissance Rehabilitation Center
Renaissance Rehabilitation Center Renaissance Rehabilitation Center Renaissance Rehabilitation Center
Israel, Rishon LeZion

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center

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About Renaissance Rehabilitation Center

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center is a leading Israeli institution for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and other addictions. Treatment in the Renaissance Center is not only directed to the physical recovery, but also to the social adaptation. During its 15-year existence the Center has gained references from the Municipality of Rishon LeZion, the National Anti-Drug Abuse Control, Department of Social Welfare (Tel Aviv) and others.

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Renaissance Rehabilitation Center
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Renaissance Rehabilitation Center Israel, Rishon LeZion
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Average price for a 4-week rehabilitation course The Center provides its patients with single and double rooms with television. It offers patients a pool and gym. Transfer from / to the airport Accommodation accompanying the hotel. The entire staff of the center speaks English.
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3 patient reviews
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3 positive reviews on treatment in Renaissance Rehabilitation Center

Sep 20, 2019
The patient was treated of drug addiction

Yes, everything is fine, I liked everything very much, probably one of the most comfortable rehabilitation centers that exist in the world, you feel at home without any restrictions like in the others !!! Да все хорошо, очень все понравилось наверное один из самых комфортных реабилитацыоних центров которые существуют в мире ты чувствуешь себя как дома без ограничений как в остальных!!!

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Dec 12, 2016
The patient was treated of alcoholism

From all my heart I thank the employees of the "Renaissance" for giving me a new life. Life is free from drugs and alcohol, from neuroses, from wrong deeds. I have found a family, friends again. I could not be helped anywhere so qualitatively as in Israel! Thank you and peace to your country! От все души благодарю сотрудников «Ренессанса» за то, что подарили мне новую жизнь. Жизнь свободную от наркотиков и алкоголя, от неврозов, от неправильных поступков. Я заново обрела семью, друзей. Мне нигде не смогли помочь настолько квалифицировано, как в Израиле! Спасибо вам и мира вашей стране!

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Dec 12, 2016
The patient was treated of drug addiction

For me, the "Renaissance" center became the site of my second birth. In the opinion of many doctors, I was an incurable alcoholic and drug addict, but in the "Renaissance" center they believed in me and gave me hope. And a miracle happened! After 16 months, I was discharged with a diagnosis of "healthy." I am grateful to my family that they turned to the Renaissance clinic for help. Thank you for a new life! Для меня центр «Ренессанс» стал местом моего второго рождения. По мнению многих врачей я был неизлечимым алкоголиком и наркоманом, но в центре «Ренессанс» в меня поверили и вселили надежду. И случилось чудо! Через 16 месяцев я был выписан с диагнозом «здоров». Я благодарен своей семье, что они обратились за помощью в клинику «Ренессанс». Спасибо за новую жизнь!

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Updated 14.09.2020

Israel, Rishon LeZion

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center operates using a three-step approach:

  • patient detoxification - medicamental excretion of toxins from the body ("soft", painless techniques are the most used, chemical treatment is not used);
  • psychotherapy (individual or group) includes not only the sessions with a specialist, but also sport activities, spiritual practices;
  • rehabilitation of the patient - means, the social adaptation.

Renaissance rehabilitation center

A distinctive feature of Renaissance Rehabilitation Center is the use of these additional methods:

  • yoga;
  • relaxation training;
  • physiotherapy;
  • fitness;
  • diet;
  • visiting the sacred places of Israel;
  • sightseeing programs (the cities of Israel, walks by the sea).

In addition, the patient's family is involved in the rehabilitation process. This point plays a major role in patients’ rethinking their lives and searching for their own life purposes.

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center uses its own methods and the latest achievements in medicine, as well as the famous American 12 steps program to achieve full recovery of their patients from various addictions.

All methods of therapy are appointed individually and based on the diagnostic data. A personal trainer can be assigned to the patient.

Center specialists also develop an individual program for finally overcoming the dependence in patients at home.

Renaissance vip ward

These specialists work in Renaissance Clinic:

  • psychiatrists, experts in narcology;
  • neurologists;
  • therapists, counselors;
  • art therapists;
  • psychologists;
  • social workers.

The entire staff has been trained and has extensive experience in working with people with addictions. Each patient is ensured with the proper care and attention.

Renaissance ward

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center provides single and double rooms with TV for patients. The ward is equipped to create the maximum sensation of comfort required in the process of rehabilitation of drug users and alcohol addicted. It is allowed to use mobile phones and communicate with other patients. A swimming pool and a gym are at patients service.

Renaissance gym

Foreign patients are provided with a shuttle service from / to the airport, accommodation at the hotel for accompanying person.The entire staff of the Center speaks English.

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Yoel Cohen St 6, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
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