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Sachsenhausen Hospital was founded as the 1st medical institution for diabetes treatment. Since 1995 the Clinic has been leading hospital in Europe in bariatric surgery. Doctors of the Hospital are among the best specialists in Germany. They provide minimally invasive treatment in 90% of all cases. Centers of Sachsenhausen Hospital are among top medical facilities according to Focus Journal. It is the most authoritative medical magazine in Germany.

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Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of pregnancy
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Well.. I plan on coming back to the same hospital. Next time I’m pregnant. Dr. Reitter is the best. Pleasant staff
Absolutely, very satisfied.. the patient of the team, from beginning of my enquires till my arrival I Frankfurt Germany. Making sure of my safe arrival and hotel bookings and check ins. They sorted out my accommodation in no time. Very impressive.


    Anna Petrikova Bookimed medical coordinator Sep 9, 2019

    Dear Adjoa Thank you so much for the feedback. We were very happy to help you with the hospital and arrange everything in such a short time. Sincerely your Bookimed team.

Apr 4, 2019
The patient was treated of arrhythmia
star star star star_border star_border

Nobody there seemed to know about my appt. There were no free translators. Luckily I found a very nice lady in surgery dept who called Mrs. Spiegel and i finally got to see the head of the gastro dept.He ordered a set of blood tests and scheduled a gastroscopy for the next day. The second day, I got the gastroscopy, and then I waited for like 3hrs for the doctor who performed my gastroscopy to tell me about the results. Apparently he was on duty and there was nobody else to discuss with me.In the end he showed up and said that the blood results were incomplete and we had to wait for the results of the biopsies that were prelevated during the endoscopy.He said it would be a few days, and they will send it by mail. That was last friday.No sign up to this day..So l would have to say that it was not very well organised and if it wasn’t for the good heart of the clerk working in surgery dept.i would not had been checked at all.

Mar 29, 2019
The patient underwent check-up
star star star star star_border

Actuality in my first step with the agency Bookimed, rhey were very good responding with my request and arranging the appointments but small lake of receiving medical documents that i send to the Professor in the hospital and i think the problem was from hospital side from a person.
But the hospital was good and the professor himself was a very professional person and helpful and serious persom with understanding my both chldren status. And i hope that my visit was successful when my kids recovered after long treatment that will be i hope next few weeks.


    Anna Mamina Bookimed medical coordinator Apr 4, 2019

    Dear Mahmoud, our Bookimed team is happy you got to receive an expected level of medical service. As we promise, we alway provide all medical records to the hospital in advance and we bring our depest apologies for inconvenience caused to you and your family. We hope your family stays healthy!

Mar 22, 2019
The patient was treated of obesity
star star star star star_border

Good hospital and wonderful staf

Feb 17, 2019
The patient underwent diagnostic
star star star star star

Excellent met, everything was done, the organization was very wealthy. Thank you very much!

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Hospital accreditations of quality

Center for transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Center for transcatheter aortic valve implantation

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

About the hospital

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location_on Germany, Frankfurt am Main
  • Over 120 years of patient medical care
  • 214 beds
  • Over 20,000 patients annually
  • 90% of surgeries are minimally invasive
  • 1,300 birth deliveries per year

Sachsenhausen Clinic is one of the best medical facilities in Europe in bariatric, general and abdominal surgery. Visceral or abdominal surgery includes treatment of gastrointestinal tract and abdomen organs. Among them are the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and intestines.

The treatment in the Hospital includes:

  • preoperative examinations
  • surgical intervention
  • postoperative control of a patient
  • plastic surgery (after bariatric procedures).

Sachsenhausen surgeons offer the laparoscopic method of procedures. This technique is minimally invasive. It helps patients to undergo an operation easily and to fast recovery.

Heart surgeons of the Sachsenhausen Hospital apply Chest Pain Unit for emergency care of heart attack patients.

Phlebologists of the new Angiology and Interventional Radiology Department provide high-quality vessels treatment.

Sachsenhausen Centers of Excellence

Sachsenhausen Surgery Clinic consists of:

  • Abdominal Surgery Center
  • Oncology Surgery Center
  • Obesity (bariatric) Surgery Center
  • Hernia Surgery Center
  • Reflux Surgery Center
  • Proctology Center
  • Orthopedics Center

Bariatric Surgery Center

Surgeons perform over 500 obesity procedures annually. Gastroenterologists of the Center are among top doctors in Germany according to Focus Magazine. They provide original and repeated bariatric surgeries. A patient receives the medical consultation with a surgeon, endocrinologist, psychologist and diabetologist.

Bariatric Surgery at Sachsenhausen Hospital

Hernia Surgery Center

Surgeons perform 275,000 inguinal hernias and 100,000 ventral (abdominal) hernias surgeries per year. During the consultation, a surgeon discusses with a patient the method of operation.

Specialists provide such procedures as:

  • Inguinal and femoral hernias surgery
  • Umbilical hernia surgery
  • Cicatricial hernia operation
  • Parastomal hernia surgery
  • Hiatal hernia operation
  • Reherniation treatment.

Gynecology Center

Surgeons offer minimally invasive and organ-preserving procedures. These methods help a woman be able to have a baby.

Specialists of the Center deliver over 1,300 babies per year. The success of delivery depends on accurate diagnostics. Doctors may detect complications at the early stages of fetal development. Patients receive necessary information and individual treatment plan.

Diabetes Center

Diabetes Center is the first medical facility in Europe of such type. The Center is the best institution of diabetes treatment in Germany according to Focus Journal. Endocrinologists provide diabetes treatment for over 1,000 patients per year. Specialists of the Center cooperate with doctors of other specialties due to disease complexity.

Sleep Center

Specialists of Sleep Laboratory offer diagnostics of sleep processes, which affects vessel diseases. The Center has Deutsche Gesellschaft certificate as one of the best sleep laboratories in Europe. Doctors make records of biosignals during the sleep using polysomnography. Sleep diagnostics helps patients to avoid heart and lung diseases.

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82% of patients are ready to recommend this hospital to their friends. The hospital makes an individual treatment program and cost estimate.
82% of patients are ready to recommend this hospital to their friends. The hospital makes an individual treatment program and cost estimate.
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Sachsenhausen Hospital · Germany, Frankfurt am Main
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