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Sheba Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in Israel and in the world. Newsweek International Magazine ranked Sheba Hospital in TOP 10 world's hospital in 2020. The hospital covers 1,990 specialties and over 1,500,000 patients all around the world visit Sheba Hospital for treatment every year.

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4 patient reviews
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Nov 7, 2019
The patient was treated of burkitt"s lymphoma
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Мед. персонал очень вежливый, всегда с улыбкой. Профессиональные качества каждого с кем нам приходилось пересекаться на очень высоком уровне. О каждом своем действии по отношению к ребенку поясняют, что делают и зачем. Главное правило при обращении к ребенку - это сделать всё чтобы ребенку не было больно и не нанести душевной травмы. Не зря медицинский центр Шиба входит в десятку лучших в мире.

Aug 27, 2015
The patient was treated of brain cancer
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My name is Makpal Turkbaeva. I am writing with Almaty, Kazakhstan. I was lucky five years ago to get into your clinic and have an operation to remove the meningioma in the left temporal parietal part of the most professional neurosurgeon doctor Z. Kohen.

First and foremost, I am very grateful to him, for the fact that he gave me the happiness of having a full healthy life that I now have. And also many thanks to all the medical personnel and the staff of the medical center of Shiba clinic (Tina, Jana, Rina) for responsible work on the patients, for support in the most difficult period of life, for professional organization in hospitalization and treatment, for creating all the conditions of the post-rehabilitation period.

Often people who have health problems come to me with questions about your clinic, and, listening to me, admire you, since my story looks like a fairy tale for them. I, having lived to 30 years old, having a one-year-old son and a pregnancy at 4 months, underwent three operations in Almaty, which followed one after the other, and led to the main cause of my disease - a malignant brain tumor that could only be eliminated from you - so decided my close people. And no matter how complicated the flight to your country was by transit through Istanbul, when I, with a high pressure, a terrible headache, just not lifting my head in the plane, lying on the seats, reached Istanbul, where the airport staff all me was fumbled with a transfer to Tel Aviv, I think that all the bandages wrapped on my body, the stitches after two operations in Almaty, can look like a girl-terrorist.

I just did not understand what was happening to me when I arrived in Israel, I was met by an ambulance car, delivered quickly to the reception point of the Shiba clinic, where, immediately, I was immediately taken for transfusion after dehydration on the flight, and only when I came to, after all the primary examinations at the reception, I was registered.

Many things surprised me in the Shiba clinic: the professional quick reception of the patient, a two-day preparation for the operation (taking tests, examination of doctors), the operation itself 11 hours after which the day came to, the obligatory doctor's request already from the third day after the operation - more to move, not to lie, frequent washing yourself, including the head, which was so strange to me, because it would have been different in my homeland after such a long operation, I probably would have stayed in the hospital for a long time, with a prohibition to swim, etc. Yes, it was amazing when I was discharged on the sixth day after the operation. And a month after the operation, flying home in Almaty, I again returned for laser therapy.

To date, I'm alive and well, all these five years, as it should be with us, was registered with a local oncologist, conscientiously visited neuropathologists and other doctors who with great interest read my extract from Shiba Hospital, where there was a qualified description of the operation performed, and every six months, conducted an MRI of the head, and in each of them, my position is excellent - there is no tumor growth time.

I once again thank your clinic and the most important person who made me happy - Dr. Coyen !!!
Меня зовут Макпал Туркбаева. Пишу с Алматы, Казахстан. Мне посчастливилось 5 лет назад попасть в Вашу клинику и сделать операцию по удалению менингиомы в левой височно-теменной части у самого профессионального нейрохирурга доктора З.Кохена.

В первую очередь, Я очень благодарна ему, за то, что он подарил то счастье обладания полноценной здоровой жизнью, которое у меня сейчас есть. А также большое спасибо всему медицинскому персоналу и сотрудникам медтуризма клиники Шиба (Тина, Яна, Рина) за ответственную работу над пациентами, за поддержку в самые нелегкий период жизненного пути, за профессиональную организацию в госпитализации и лечении, за создание всех условий послереабилитационного периода.

Часто люди, имеющие проблемы со здоровьем, обращаются ко мне с вопросами по Вашей клинике, и, послушав меня, восторгаются Вами, так как моя история выглядит для них как волшебная сказка. Я, дожив до 30 лет, имея годовалого сына и беременность в 4 месяца, прошла три операции в Алматы, которые пошли чередом друг за другом, и подвели к главной причине моего заболевания – злокачественная опухоль мозга, которую можно было устранить только у Вас - так решили мои близкие люди. И как бы не был сложен перелет в Вашу страну транзитом через Стамбул, когда, я, с высоким давлением, ужасной головной болью, просто не поднимая головы в самолете, лежа на сиденьях, долетала до Стамбула, где сотрудники аэропорта всю меня обшмыгали при пересадки в Тель-Авив, думаю, что все бинты, завернутые на моем теле, швы после двух операций в Алматы, могут выглядит как на девушке-террористке.

Я просто не понимала, что со мной происходит, когда прилетев в Израиль, меня встретила амбулаторная машина, доставила быстро до приемного пункта клиники Шиба, где, сразу же меня срочно взяли на переливание после обезвоживания в перелете, и только когда я пришла в себя, после всех первичных обследований при приеме, меня зарегистрировали.

Многое меня удивило в клинике Шиба: профессиональный быстрый прием больного, двухдневная подготовка к операции (взятие анализов, обследование врачей), сама операция 11 часов, после которой сутки приходила в себя, обязательное требование врача уже с третьих суток после операции - больше двигаться, не лежать, частое умывание себя, в том числе и головы, что мне так было странно, так как у себя на родине все это было бы по-другому, после такой длинной операции, я наверное бы долго пролежала бы в больнице, с запретом искупаться и т.п. Да, это было удивительно, когда меня выписали уже на шестой день после операции. И через месяц после операции, улетев домой в Алматы, я снова вернулась для проведения лазерной терапии.

На сегодняшний день, я жива и здорова, все эти пять лет, как положено у нас, стояла на учете у местного онколога, добросовестно посещала невропатологов и других врачей, которые с большим интересом читали мою выписку с госпиталя Шиба, где было квалифицированное описание проделанной операции, и через каждые шесть месяцев, проводила МРТ головы, и в каждой из них, положение у меня отличное – продолжительности роста опухоли нет.

Я еще раз благодарю Вашу клинику и самого главного человека, сделавшего меня счастливым – доктора Койена!!!

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Aug 27, 2015
The patient was treated of lung cancer
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When lung cancer was detected, we were advised to contact Israel, namely to the Shiba clinic, since our friends had already been treated there. Through the Internet we contacted the clinic and, after sending all the necessary results of the tests, we were promptly sent an invitation for treatment. Arriving in Israel, we were pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the medical staff to all patients. After carrying out the necessary examinations, the doctors of the thoracic department decided to perform the operation by puncturing, using the topic apparatus (anthropogenic source of radiation used in the treatment), and not the cavity as they were going to do in Russia. All the medical staff of the department was very attentive and caring, for which they thank you in particular. On the 7th day after the operation, my mother was discharged, and after 10 days we were at home in Voronezh, (before doctors did not recommend a flight.) Summing up my words I want to sincerely and wholeheartedly say thank you to the doctors of the Shiba clinic, who saved my mother, tk. Mom is the most precious person in life. При обнаружение рака легких нам посоветовали обратиться в Израиль, а именно в клинику Шиба, так как наши знакомые уже проходили там лечение. Через Интернет мы связались с клиникой и, отослав все необходимые результаты анализов, нам оперативно прислали приглашение на лечение.
Приехав в Израиль, мы были приятно удивлены отношением медперсонала ко всем больным.
Проведя необходимые обследования, врачи торакального отделения приняли решение делать операцию проколами, с помощью темаппаратуры (техногенные источник радиации, используемые при лечении), а не полостную как собрались делать в России. Весь медперсонал отделения был очень внимателен и заботлив, за что им отдельное спасибо.
На 7-мые сутки после операции маму выписали, а еще через 10 дней мы были дома, в Воронеже, (раньше врачи не рекомендовали перелет.)
Подводя итог своих слов хочется искренне и от всей души сказать огромное спасибо врачам клиники Шиба, которые спасли мою маму, т.к. МАМА-это самый дорогой человек в жизни.

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Aug 26, 2015
The patient was treated of breast cancer
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More than 5 years ago, we diagnosed in Moscow - breast cancer of the 2nd stage. They wanted to be treated first at home - at home, but the doctor advised the clinic in Israel. Read about the clinic Shiba, turned to the department of international tourism. The next day I received an invitation and went with my daughter to the clinic. We were met, escorted to the clinic, conducted by doctors. A few days later I was operated on by Moyshe Papa. Thank God, I'm fine, I managed to save my breast, which was not promised in Moscow. Every six months I go to the examination. Yes, it's not cheap, but life is worth it. Более 5 лет назад поставили в Москве диагноз – рак молочной железы 2 стадии. Хотели лечиться сначала дома — на родине, но врач посоветовал клинику в Израиле. Прочитали про клинику Шиба, обратились в отделение международного туризма. На следующий день уже получила приглашение и поехала с дочерью в клинику. Нас встретили, сопроводили в клинику, провели по докторам. Через несколько дней меня уже прооперировал Мойше Папа. Слава Богу, у меня все хорошо, удалось сохранить грудь, чего не обещали в Москве. Каждые полгода езжу на обследование. Да, это не дешево, но жизнь этого стоит.

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Jan 19, 2020
Reviewed on Google
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He underwent surgery to replace the hip joint. Wing V was in the orthopedics department on the third floor. The next day, he got up and walked along the corridor with the walker. By evening, he himself took the first steps up the stairs holding the railing. On the third day he was discharged from the hospital and got home by taxi .. climbed the stairs without third-party items too. My result is super pro doctors special thanks to the surgeon Eran Avivi specialist and the pros of their business, as for me he is generally a wizard in the surgeon’s robe☺. tzu. Sheba ..... recommend 👍👍👍

Oct 9, 2019
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

They really save lives. Doctors are at a high level. Dr. Dotan - the star in urology. If you have serious health problems - you are here.

Oct 2, 2019
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

A hospital is always a bad place by nature, but when you get a result that exceeds all expectations, this place becomes holy for you and good memories are associated with it. I want to say many thanks to everyone who participated in the rescue of my princess !!!

Jun 19, 2017
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

Beautiful park at the entrance to the central building. The lobby is also impressive.

May 11, 2019
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star_border

The largest medical center in Israel and the Middle East. Included in the top 10 best hospitals in the world according to the Newsweek weekly. A full range of medical services, including such innovative ones as CAR-T therapy for the treatment of lymphomas in children and adults. World-class doctors. Patients from abroad are treated through the Department of Medical Tourism.

May 27, 2017
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

Thank you very much to God and the doctors who save people here, I wish everyone to know as little as possible or not to know these places. But since such a test has come in life, it must be passed with the help of God and these doctors.

Jan 28, 2018
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star_border

Very high traffic and traffic jams for entry and exit in the morning and afternoon rush hours!

Oct 1, 2018
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

The city is in the city. So you can call the Tel a Shomer hospital. Or the Sheba Medical Center. Inpatient; operative and outpatient diagnostic treatment. The institutes of urology, surgery, therapy, cardiology and others offer treatment to patients. More than 300,000 people work. There is a supermarket in the hospital, cafes and rststorany, Roladin confectionery, pizzeria and department stores, pharmacies.

Sep 2, 2018
Reviewed on Google
star star star star star

Doctors from God work in this center.

Sep 9, 2017
Reviewed on Google
star star star_border star_border star_border

The level of medicine in Israel is really high. There are no complaints to the medical staff. I can sympathize with non-Israelis who are forced to overpay all kinds of intermediaries and receive questionable services at the pre-medical stage of their stay in Israel. In practice, one thing can be advised - try to find friends or relatives who can help you organize medical care in Israel without cheating.

Hospital accreditations of quality

World's Best Hospitals 2020 by Newsweek
World's Best Hospitals 2020 by Newsweek
United States of America

World's Best Hospitals 2020 by Newsweek

The authoritative list of The World's Best Hospitals 2020 by Newsweek magazine honors medical centers according to key medical performance indicators, patient satisfaction data, and recommendations from global medical experts. The ranking is composed in partnership with data research company Statista.

About the hospital

Date of content creation: 22.11.2013 · Last update: 14.09.2020

Israel, Ramat Gan

Sheba Medical Center is ranked as the largest hospital in Israel according to Globes and Dun & Bradstreet Israel Group, the authoritative organization in ranking of leading companies in the Israeli economy. Newsweek, an authoritative magazine in the USA, ranked Sheba the 9th Best Hospital in the World in 2020.

The Center is divided into 2 separate institutions — acute and rehabilitation hospitals where the specialists provide diagnostic and treatment procedures for over 1,000,000 patients.

Acute (General) Care Hospital

Acute Care Hospital is the most comprehensive institution in Israel and the Middle East.

Sheba’s Acute Care Hospital consists of such departments as:

  • Orthopedics Department;
  • Oncology and Hemato-Oncology Department;
  • Department of Surgery;
  • Cardiology Department;
  • Department of Pediatrics;
  • Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics;
  • Ophthalmology Imaging Department;
  • Department of Urology
  • Neurology Department.

Rehabilitation Hospital

The Center is one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals around the world. The Clinic consists of 14 buildings, where patients receive high-quality and effective rehabilitation programs.

The Cancer Center

The Cancer Center at Sheba Hospital is Israel leading medical institution for oncology treatment. It is headed by Dr. Ra’anan Berger. Over 4,500 patients with oncological diseases are treated here.

Medical Research Complex

The Research Complex includes medical institutions for development new approaches and methods for the treatment of different diseases. Specialists work with the best educational institutions in Israel such as Sackler Faculty of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University.

Neurology Department

The department consists of subspecialty units as Parkinson’s Disease Unit, Stroke Clinic, Epilepsy and EEG Unit, Multiple sclerosis Unit, Neurorehabilitation Center and others.

The medical team includes experts in neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, neuro-pathology, and rehabilitation. They cooperate to provide diagnostics and management of all types of brain diseases and neurological conditions.

Annually, the department serves about 1,400 inpatients and 9,500 outpatients with

  • brain tumors
  • epilepsy
  • meningitis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • memory disorders
  • stroke
  • neuromuscular diseases
  • degenerative neurological disorders.

The Neurology Department is a pioneer in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment with Mavenclad modifying medicine in Israel. In 2019, Mavenclad (Cladribine) was approved by the FDA as an effective therapy causing a sustained remission after a course of usage for 1-2 years.

Friends of Sheba Hospital

Friends of Sheba Medical Center (FSMC) is a non-profit organization which is located in Los Angeles, California (the USA). The main aim of FSMC is raising awareness and philanthropic support for clinical trials, researchers and educational training of Sheba Hospital.

Friends of Sheba Medical Center involves sponsors and philanthropists around the globe to create new medical institutions. Billionaires of Brazil, Germany, France, Canada, the USA and other countries donate thousands of dollars for researches and treatment.

The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital

The Hospital is named after the Brazilian philanthropist and socialite Lily Safra for her 16 million contribution in the development of the Hospital. The specialists of this institution provide the treatment for children in the most complex medical conditions.

The Joseph Buchman Gynecology and Maternity Center

The Clinic is considered the center of excellence and has been one of the best in Israel for 4 decades. The Women’s Hospital was founded with the donations of Joseph Buchman, popular American politician.

The specialists of the Center integrate outstanding reproductive science research with cutting edge and high quality clinical care to advance women’s reproductive health. The experts develop new reproductive technologies in the area of Perinatology, Gynecology, Onco-Gynecology and Infertility.

Olga and Lev Leviev Heart Treatment and Research Center

The Center is named after Olga and Lev Leviev, the Israeli billionaires, philanthropists and investors. Specialists of the Center provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive cardiovascular procedures in:

  • intensive and intermediate cardiac care;
  • catheterization;
  • non invasive cardiac procedures;
  • vascular surgery
  • heart rehabilitation.
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Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
$120 - $300
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Hotel on clinic's territory, billed daily
$120 - $240
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Patient's age
Up to 100 years
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Bank account

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Derech Sheba 2, Ramat Gan, Israel
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