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Ukraine, Kyiv

Institute of Stem Cell Therapy

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About Institute of Stem Cell Therapy

The Institute of Cell Therapy is a Ukrainian medical institution specialized in stem cell treatment, biological material storage, and anti-aging procedures. 

The Institute has 2 clinics, a cryobank, and a research unit. The Institute of Cell Therapy team has over 40 years of experience in storing and using stem cells.

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Institute of Stem Cell Therapy
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Institute of Stem Cell Therapy Ukraine, Kyiv
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Stem cell Therapy
Treatment program First day: - Meeting at the airport, transfer to the clinic. - Doctor's consultation, examination(consultations of related specialists, if necessary). - Laboratory diagnostics - Instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound,ECG). - Therapeutic procedures: infusion therapy with vascular drugs, hepatoprotectors, antioxidants, vitamins. - Medical correction of the patient's condition, depending on diseases. Second day: - Medical examination - Therapeutic procedures: twice daily vascular infusion therapy drugs, hepatoprotectors, antioxidants, vitamins. - Medical correction of the patient's condition, depending on diseases. - Injection of placenta extract - Manual therapy, cosmetic procedures using placental preparations. The third day: - Medical examination. - Intravenous stem cell administration. - Therapeutic procedures: twice daily vascular infusion therapy drugs, hepatoprotectors, antioxidants, vitamins. - Medical correction of the patient's condition, depending on diseases. - Injection of placenta extract - Cosmetic procedures using placental preparations - Transfer from the clinic to the airport
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What patients say about the hospital
Dec 4, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Why do the cattle escorts coming to you occupy the entire adjoining territory of someone else’s house, if you have parking ??

Sep 7, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Crazy attitude to the question of clients about the services of a consultant in the Dnipropetrovsk region! Outraged! Like I ask a lot of questions. By such an approach to the client there is no desire to contact you.

Aug 14, 2019
Reviewed on Google

More recently, about stem cells more often could be heard in science fiction films, and now it has become real and affordable. Stem cell preservation is the best gift I have given my baby for birth! Diseases are getting younger, but medicine does not stand still. More and more diseases are treatable using stem cells. Of course I want the need for their use to arise as soon as possible, but such a bio-insurance will never be superfluous, especially since it is absolutely safe for the baby. The agreement was concluded with the Institute of Cell Therapy at Open Day, having received a 10% discount.

Aug 1, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Institute of Cell Therapy, we have confidence in them. The doctor takes the material and then passes it to the cryobank, there they will do tests. We still retained the placental mesenchymal stem cells, this is a new service. A consultant doctor at the Institute of Cell Therapy said that mesenchymal stem cells can be used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as for the restoration of organs and tissues.

Jul 31, 2019
Reviewed on Google

For the first time, my husband and I learned about stem cells at the School for Pregnant Women event at the Institute of Cell Therapy. Having studied all the pros and cons of this service, we decided to conclude an agreement and give our first-born child the most expensive gift - biological insurance! Material collection is safe for both mom and baby. The opportunity is unique - only during childbirth!

Jun 21, 2019
Reviewed on Google

We already conclude 3 contracts with the Institute of Cell Therapy !!! All our kids are insured !!! Every time I read news about new applications of stem cells, I rejoice. Medicine does not stand still. Many thanks to all employees for their reverent attitude towards customers!

Jun 2, 2019
Reviewed on Google

She gave birth in Lelek, the doctor recommended preserving the umbilical cord blood of our baby, commenting ... this is invaluable material. The contract was concluded with the Institute of Cell Therapy, and received another 10% discount from the Lelek maternity hospital for the collection and storage of material. The container was brought to the hospital in advance, the husband controlled the collection of material during childbirth. In the cryobank, analyzes were done on time under the contract, then they informed us the results and prepared a certificate. We paid in installments, first an advance, and then the remainder. In the near future we plan to sign up for an excursion to the cryobank ... it is interesting to look at the technologies of the future.

May 4, 2019
Reviewed on Google

I doubted a little whether it was necessary to save blood from the umbilical cord - it is not known whether the baby will need it, and the cost of storage is quite high. And then I met a family that already in this bank of cord blood saves cells. It so happened that they already had to use it, the drug came up to the first child in the family who needed to be treated. If there were no stored cells, the treatment would cost tens of times more. So we also decided to maintain cord blood in this clinic. I went to the open door day, they explain everything very clearly, they all showed that there is no reason not to trust, especially since my friends have kept blood here for many years from which they made the drug. Thanks to the specialists for the good work!

Apr 22, 2019
Reviewed on Google

It is good that you now have the opportunity to receive such medical services

Apr 16, 2019
Reviewed on Google

This is a real European level clinic! By the way, if I understand correctly, only they have an ISO certificate. Great staff, everyone explains. It was on Open Day. I advise everyone.

Dec 12, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Several times I tried to learn how to use the collected stem cells in practice. Every time they said something slurred. They accurately said that in Ukraine they do not treat oncology, they can be treated abroad, but the center does not know about it. From the pros - the price. In the states, such things cost tens of times more. But if necessary, it is not clear how to transport these cells to the states - it should be a special cryocontainer, how airport security will react to this container and any sanitation in the states is not clear. Contract. The contract did not like much. But now there’s only one thing: the clause according to which the bank can unilaterally terminate the agreement contains, among other things, “war, floods, earthquakes,” the phrase “and so on.” So, in the case of jambs of a cryobank, because of this "and so on" the bank owes you nothing. Under "and so on" you can stuff ALL that is pleasing. After the presentation, I went up to ask on this point to the person who was making the presentation. His answer: "Oh, you know, I'm a doctor. I don’t know anything in these legal aspects. The contract is typical, no one will remake it for you." So much for Ukrainian business. In principle, you can leave a number in the contract, the phrase that the bank will store blood, details for payment, and "and so on."

Nov 27, 2018
Reviewed on Google

I want to thank the head doctor of the clinic Sokolov Nikolai Fedorovich for professional advice, an objective assessment of the case of my patient and straightforward answers. Being a doctor myself, I highly appreciated his qualifications and ability to accurately determine the patient’s condition on the basis of CT scans and English-language extracts. Special thanks to the girls from the call center for their correctness and patience.

Oct 25, 2018
Reviewed on Google

we also decided to conclude an agreement when my husband visited Kiev was in a medical town and was able to personally assess everything that they offer on the spot. Also, by appointment, I visited the cryobank: I assure you that the level is more than European: this is a serious specialized institution. On the spot, I decided the issue of papers and a container for transportation (we live in Kharkov). We are expecting childbirth and are a little worried - it is very nice to talk with a girl from the call center, I probably already tired her with my questions.

Sep 25, 2018
Reviewed on Google

I visited your course for expectant mothers in February, spent a very productive and useful day - both doctors and various specialists speak, for example, about the selection of a car seat, it was described in detail, with breaks for a bite (oh, this is very important for us in this situation) in fact, you get a squeeze during the day for all the interesting moments, and the stars looked in my direction and won the prize in the lottery, also a positive moment.

Sep 17, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Since there are cases of early menopause in my line, I made a serious decision: to save part of the ovarian tissue with the help of the institute’s cryo-bank so that our family could become larger without risk), I want to note the high qualification and human qualities of the clinic’s employees, it was nice to ask necessary help

Aug 14, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Were at the bottom of open doors. It seems that everything was ok until I asked for a certificate for this activity. This institution does not have a certificate that they are a cord blood bank. The certificate which is dated 2011 cannot be unlimited and it seemed to me that it is 100% linden. They do not have a fresh certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine stating that this institution is a cord blood bank. And he must be! According to the law # 286 of 03/02/2016. The certification certificate states that it is a laboratory, not a bank. In the certificate itself, the end date of the certificate is written in pen by hand. To my great regret, I was convinced that another regular fraud in Ukraine was to lure money. I read reviews about the Hemofund and about their scandal and decided to contact this bank (Institute), but as it turned out, this structure does not have proper documents and they are not a bank as such, but according to the documents they are a laboratory. Therefore, everything is at your own peril and risk. Although the reviews about this institution were good.

Aug 7, 2018
Reviewed on Google

As far as I know, there are now more than 12,000 stored cell samples in the cryobank and since the week before last has become another contribution from my family. It's nice that my son was born and I can somehow help him in case of need.

Dec 24, 2017
Reviewed on Google

When I was interested in the issue of transportation, I found on the Institute’s website that when exporting abroad, they completely assume the workflow and the technical side, in general, this is by far the best option for the country in this field of medicine

Nov 29, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Yana, the administrator, has not been able to prepare a contract for the extension of storage for a month. It seems that the office is trying to trick people who have entrusted them with the storage of children's table cells.

Jul 25, 2017
Reviewed on Google

I don’t know how they store blood, but the service here is excellent. We will deposit blood here.

Jun 9, 2017
Reviewed on Google

as an ICT consultant told us: “Prevention is much cheaper than treatment.” There are so many terrible things in the world because of the ecology and all the nuances of modern life that I am very worried about what will happen to our baby next. while we can afford to make such a serious insurance, we have done cryopreservation of both the placenta and cord blood. and I want to note that despite my cesarean everything went smoothly and without problems, although I was very worried, this is not a contraindication.

May 11, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Very interesting lectures for future parents.

Apr 27, 2017
Reviewed on Google

I am glad that we have medicine that is in line with world trends - such a simple procedure gives significant guarantees for maintaining the health of your child, and possibly the whole family. The cost is not significant compared to what you get in the future (plus much lower than anywhere else in the country and also provide the largest range of services here) - our family is already a client of cryobank.

Nov 29, 2016
Reviewed on Google

معهد أبحاث الخلايا الجذعيه / أوكرانيا - كييڤ

Jun 12, 2016
Reviewed on Google

hold for suckers people. they wrote in black and white on the site in the services of "stroke treatment". I called and asked for the cellular therapy for a stroke. They answered no, we don’t do it like that, we don’t have a license for it. I said that you say so on the site in reply the lady said with a sarcastic voice "There are many what is written "...


Updated 14.09.2020

Ukraine, Kyiv

The Institute of Cell Therapy was founded in 2003. It is located in the center of Kyiv, 35 km away from Boryspil International Airport.

It is the first medical facility in the CIS countries with a governmental certificate for stem cells usage.

Kyiv Institute of Cell Therapy strong points

  • Proprietary technologies. Over 30 innovative stem cell therapies are available in the clinic. Patents and special certificates confirm the effective methods applied.
  • Unique cryobank. It is the only one in Ukraine with technology for the implementation of the full cycle of biological material processing. It means that stuff controls all steps of the process and is responsible for material safety.
  • The latest equipment. Materials and the production of cell preparations and their use comply with international quality standards due to advanced technologies.

Institute of Cell Therapy Сryobank

Institute of Cell Therapy Сryobank

It's the first Ukrainian facility of this sort licensed by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

Сryobank in figures

  • Over 12,000 families who entrusted the storage of placental and cord blood stem cells
  • Over 200 cord blood stem cell transplants
  • Over 50 mesenchymal stem cell transplants (from the placenta).


  • Collection and storage of the birth cord and its blood

Cord blood is applied in the treatment of immune, hematology, and oncology hematology diseases. The birth cord cells are used for treating heart diseases, restoring liver and brain tissue, skin, and growing new vessels.

  • Placenta collection & storage

Placenta cells have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antitumor properties. They treat wounds, burns, mucosal lesions, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and restore eye tissue.

  • Collection and storage of ovarian tissue

This service is demanded by:

  1. women with malignant tumors who are planning a pregnancy in the future and have been prescribed medication, which can cause infertility.
  2. women who decide to postpone pregnancy. With age, fertility decreases, and it becomes more difficult to become pregnant naturally.

Stemcell Clinic

It is the first branch founded in 2004. Since the foundation, it has served more than 3,000 patients.

Stemcell Clinic
  • What gives the treatment with stem cells?

Stem cells are transformed into other body cells (as blood, skin, or nerve tissue) and restore damaged organs, systems, and their functions. Besides, patients note such changes after stem cell therapies:

  • metabolism boosting
  • normalized emotions
  • increased libido
  • improved immunity.

When to think of stem cell therapy?

The Stemcell Clinic provides stem cell anti-aging procedures, rehabilitation after a stroke, and the treatment of the following conditions:

  • diabetes type 1 and type 2
  • liver cirrhosis
  • viral hepatitis B and C
  • osteoporosis
  • infertility
  • lower limb ischemia
  • autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

What types of cells are used in the clinic?

The following therapies are available:

  • fetal stem cell therapy
  • cord blood stem cell therapy
  • placenta (mesenchymal) stem cell therapy.

Tila Clinic: detox, rejuvenation, and organism reactivation

The second branch of the Institute of Cell Therapy — TIla Clinic — was founded in 2019.

Tila clinic

The key specialties are detoxification, renewal, and rejuvenation of the body. The main methods are organic cosmetics and placental therapy (preparations based on placental stem cells).

Tila Clinic facilities:

  • 30 rooms with a living room, bathroom and concierge service for the comfortable stay
  • cosmetology, massage, and treatment rooms
  • Wellness & SPA with sauna, hammam and relaxation area
  • fitness zone for pilates, yoga and strength training
  • balanced nutrition developed by a nutritionist individually for every customer.

Tila Сlinic Programs

The clinic offers such programs to improve the body:

  • Health check-up

Check-up means a set of instrumental and lab exams for men and women to exclude or detect diseases at the initial stages and determine the aging rate. After completing the program, a person receives full information about the health condition and the recommendations of doctors.

  • Detox

The Quick Recovery and Antistress programs cleanse the body, boost a regeneration mechanism, and improve health and appearance. The programs include screenings, drug, and placental therapy, aesthetic and SPA procedures, fitness, and meals.

  • Weight control

It allows you to gradually and evenly reduce weight, obtain healthy eating habits. The program includes examination, medication and placental therapy, SPA and aesthetic procedures, a detox menu, and healthy eating study.

  • Anti-aging therapy

The clinic offers 2 anti-age programs: Recovery (for people 25-35 years old) and Rejuvenation (for patients aged 35+). Programs allow to improve the appearance, physical and emotional condition, restore a healthy sleep, slow down age-related changes. Diagnostics, therapy, sports activities, aesthetic, SPA and Wellness procedures, special menu are included.

  • Immunocorrection

Maintaining Immunity and Strengthening Immunity programs improve the protective functions of the body and accelerate the recovery and metabolism. Programs include screening, medication and placental therapy, detoxing nutrition.

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From 18 years

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The most common procedures in the hospital are:
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