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17 positive reviews on otorhinolaryngology/ear, nose and throat(ent) in Salzburg

Timur Jun 23, 2021
The patient was treated of hearing loss in Istinye University Liv Hospital Bahcesehir

Firstly!!! We thank Igor (our medical coordinator) for his professionalism !!! Clinic (University Hospital Istinye Liv Hospital Bahcesehir / Turkey / Istanbul) where we were helped very much! It is very convenient that translators are present, since we do not really know the Turkish language. We were received by a doctor, a professional in his field, an associate professor, he explained everything competently, looked, prescribed treatment (the wife was very pleased), thank God, there was no hospitalization. The attitude is certainly not comparable with Russia ... I bet 10 out of 10 !!!! Во-первых!!! Благодарим Игоря(нашего медицинского координатора) за его профессионализм!!!
Клиника(Университетская больница Истинье Лив Хоспитал Бахчешехир/Турция /Стамбул)где нам оказали помощь очень понравилась! Очень удобно что присутствуют переводчики, так как турецкий язык не особо знаем. Принял нас врач, профессионал своего дела,доцент, всё грамотно объяснил, посмотрел, выписал лечение (супруга очень осталось довольна) госпитализации слава богу не было. Отношение конечно не сравнимо с Россией...
Ставлю 10 из10!!!!

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Lale Savas Representative of Istinye University Liv Hospital Bahcesehir Jul 8, 2021

Здравствуйте Тимур Благодарим Вас за отзыв, очень рады что Вы остались довольны нашим сервисом

Kuanysh Apr 27, 2019
The patient was treated of nasal polyps in Medipol Mega University Hospital

I really liked the clinic and took it by car and brought it back to the hotel, the service is excellent. And the doctors are very competent Клиника мне очень понравилось сами забрали на машине и сами привезли обратно до гостиницы , сервис отлично. И врачи очень грамотные

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Anonymous Apr 14, 2019
The patient was treated of sinusitis in LIV Hospital

Excellent service from check to discharge.Excellent care.Everyone is been very friendly.The hospital itself very clean.First-Class.Thank you

Rustam Mar 30, 2019
The patient was treated of deviated septum in Estetik International

My doctor was amazing, I can see the professional at once. Separate thanks to Tahir Khanifayev and all medical staff of the clinic. The room was comfortable and clean. Мой доктор был потрясающ, сразу видно профессионал своего дела. Отдельная боагодарность Тахиру Ханифаеву и всему медицинскому персоналу клиники. Палата была уютной и чистой.

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Hamdy Abdelrehim Feb 4, 2019
The patient was treated of polyposis in Wiener Privatklinik

Yes they are providing good services , Dr. kamel kopty was very helpful Price for colonscopy costed more than 3200 euro While Dr. Maryna estimated it at 1400 euro in one of the correspondences


Maryna Slysarenko Bookimed medical coordinator Feb 15, 2019

Dear Mr. Hamdy, thanks a lot for your feedback. Just to clarify again this price difference, let me notice, please, that the primary estimation was informed by the clinic for the package of consultation and colonoscopy as diagnostic procedure. As during your visit it was revealed that additional procedure and investigation should be done, the final cost increased. So, I kindly ask you to accept my apologies for this inconvenience, as I should predict the possible necessity of additional expenses before. We highly appreciate your trust and understanding.

3 negative reviews on otorhinolaryngology/ear, nose and throat(ent) in Salzburg

Shenne Mar 15, 2019
The patient was treated of deviated septum in View Plastic Surgery Hospital

The clinic itself is excellent but not sure after the operation that it will be good, the rehabilitation period is delayed Клиника сама отличная но после операции не уверена, что хорошо будет, реабилитационный период затягивается

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Dmitriy Lee Representative of View Plastic Surgery Hospital Dec 19, 2019

Здравствуйте, Период реабилитации зависит от индивидуальных особенностей пациента. Свяжитесь с нами напрямую (контакные данные на нашем сайте) и мы ответим на все ваши вопросы!

Anonymous Oct 16, 2017
The patient was treated of adenoids in Medical Park Hospitals Group

I was in this clinic. Service for foreign citizens is zero. Translations between the doctor and the patient are not appropriate, as well as the diagnosis of doctors is incorrect. I think the management of this clinic needs to reconsider some medical personnel and improve. Я был в этой клинике. Сервиз для иностранных граждан нулевой. Переводы между доктором и пациентом не соответствующий, а так же диагноз докторов неправильный. Я думаю руководству данной клиники нужно пересмотреть некоторый персонал врачей и улучшить.

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