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49 reviews
Jan 24, 2019
The patient was treated of lung cancer

Very fast reaction from Bookimed in communication. Initial discussion was for an appointment in AKH and subsequently we have been forwarded to the Privatklinik. The Klinik looks very well managed. We still did not proceed with the treatment and I'm not currently able to share opinion about the Clinic itself and the treatment (will come back soon, once have treatment there). I've been in the Wiener Privatklinik for a consultation. I manage to meet the exact doctors/professors for which I was looking for a contact and did a good job. The whole story was organized and managed by Bookimed with care for the patient. Angelina Ivanenko was my contact in Bookimed and even she was on vacation for the Christmas holidays she did not put on hold the communication. For us this was very important that we are not losing time.

Aug 6, 2019

My surgery went great and I was very happy with all services

Mar 19, 2020
The patient was treated of hodgkin's lymphoma

Excellent. Professional and patient oriented. Thank you In difficult situations Bookimed is able to transmit that it is a meter of time until the proper hospital with the needed cure will be found. You are not alone all the trip.

Mar 4, 2020
The patient was treated of multiple sclerosis

The visit was good, all there are good. Had some misunderstandings with the address of the clinic, Bookimed sent one address but the manager in Viena another, I spent one hour to find the right place except this all was perfect.

Feb 3, 2020
The patient was treated of herniated disk

I was very satisfied with the overall service. The medical team was top. Everything clear, the medical was fluent in English which made our understanding of the problem much better. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Absolutely satisfied with Bookimed services. Both Angelina and Daria were very helpful, eager to assist. The Bookimed agent that waited for us at the clinic was very polite and also very dedicated. We had a fluid situation in requirement to see another doctor after the one that we had planned and the agent helped us and made it possible within 30 minutes. I would absolutely recommend Bookimed to everyone.

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Oct 18, 2019

I consulted with a good specialist Прошла консультацию у хорошего специалиста

May 19, 2019
The patient was treated of herniated disk

It was ok. I got answers to all questions I had. Thank you for your help

Dec 17, 2018
The patient was treated of leukoplakia of the bladder

Sheer deception, I do not recommend it to anyone, better to do everything ourselves Сплошной обман, никому не рекомендую, лучшк самим все делать

Feb 21, 2017

My wife was having a baby here!! We had a separate comfortable room and beds. Doctors cared really good!!! Thank you!!!

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Mar 3, 2020

Hello. I just wanted to mention some of the things that happened, so that your team is in the loop of what your customers are going through. I was contacted by Dr. Sadeq, which was very pleasant to communicate with. Roman on the other hand, was not clear about anything from the beginning. Saying “don’t worry, it is okay.” After confirming the doctors, and sending all my medical files 2 weeks ahead of time, I came to realise that the doctors have no idea about my condition. I walked in to a confused doctor, not even knowing that I have heart failure. I saw this as quite unprofessional that they haven’t even had time to review my documents. Once the doctor asked for my files, Roman did not have them, and I was forced to give a brief summary of what happened. This made me feel that my case was of no interest or importance to the representative. After finally managing to see the surgeon, he said that was the only day he was available (March 2nd), and that he was flying for work elsewhere. He had asked me to come back on the 16th of March. I could not believe that, as I have paid for tickets, plus hotels for two people (my mother joining) for 10 days in Vienna, when the doctor is not even there to do the surgery I was supposed to do. Do you know what the costs are of this mishap? After that, we ended up seeing another cardiologist recommended by the cardio surgeon. He was great, but when we came back the next day for ROman’s set appointment, it turns out there was no appointment, and he “had to go” and left me to deal with the hospital. The communication with Roman was horrible. I was just waiting in the lobby for 3 days not knowing what will happen, what are the fees, and no warnings or consultations. Especially when an x-ray costs 2,500 euros, I would have appreciated an initial warning of the costs. Not just “come pay” style that he has. That is as much as the biopsy, which I will still have to do in the future. I have experience with companies like yours, but the unprofessionalism, lack of communication, and unorganisation is unprecedented. I am going out of my way just to clarify what my experience was with your team, with handling things. The hospital and doctors were great. It was just the missteps by Roman that was upsetting.

Feb 20, 2020

I didn’t like the moment that we were eventually recorded to another doctor. I liked the doctor, but we did not have an examination, that is, only a consultation, in general I did not get exactly what I wanted. Lor did not like it at all, did not receive any new information from him, was not happy with the translator, most of what we said he did not know and did not translate Не понравился момент, что нас в итоге записали к другому доктору. Доктор понравился, но нам не делали обследование, то есть только консультация, в общем я получила не совсем то, что хотела. Лор не понравился вообще, никакой новой информации от него не получила, переводчиком не была довольна, большую часть того, что мы говорили он не знал и не переводил

Oct 21, 2019
The patient was treated of melanoma

We are happy with the visit, I would like to elaborate on the cost of procedures and treatment for each position, sometimes I need help with parsing the procedure (this is a little inconvenient) Довольны приездом, хотелось бы детализации о стоимость процедур и лечения по каждой позиции, иногда нужна помощь при разборе в оплате процедуры ( это немного не удобно) 

Oct 19, 2018
The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

what is relevant is that without bookimed help I will not reach the clinic and the specialized doctor for an opinion (the name of specialized doctor being recommended by Bookimed. from this perspective, I thank you a lot for your support and help in order to get rapid access to information and support and respectively to solution for my future treatment. thank you.

Oct 20, 2016

I have just returned home from having hernia surgery at the hospital. I wish to say that the treatment I received was not only professional but given with an attitude of care and warmth. This attitude permeated from the top to the bottom ranks of the staff. Skill from doctors and nurses is expected but also very important in the healing process is the demeanor of all the staff. I'am and will be eternally grateful for the treatment I received during my stay. Thanks a million.

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Feb 27, 2020
The patient was treated of cataract

Everything was fine. Bookimed was very kind to find me an appointment pretty short notice in Vienna. The surgent was very professional. The only thing I would have preferred was to pay with a credit card. I had to go to an ATM and pay cash.

Jun 18, 2018
The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer

I was not in the hospital. I asked just a second opinion. I was very disappointed, because I was working a lot to translate all the documentation into English, and finally I was discussing with doctor only 10 minutes, and the level of the discussion was very poor. Practically I did not get anything for 400 EUR.

Reply from Professor Johaness Drach:
Second opinion is given on the basis of a thorough analyses of provided medical reports. The procedure lasts as long until all questions of the patient have been clarified. If necessary specialists of other disciplines are also involved. The patient always receive a written statement.

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* Prices may vary depending on the medical case and doctors' recommendations.


Ovarian Cyst Removal $8314
Hysterectomy (uterus removal) $11735


Consultation with a surgeon $128 - $262
All prices
Mar 2, 2020

Medizinisches Personal, ÄrztInnen, PhysiotherapeutInnen, Service, Betreuung, Küche - das ganze Team ist großartig ‼️👏🏻

Mar 5, 2020

Medizinische Versorgung, Ärzte und das ganze Team mit allem was dazu gehört großartig⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dec 16, 2019
star star star star star

Meine Tochter ist von Prof.Dr.Jakske operiert worden.Ein sehr erfahrener,lieber und proffesioneller Arzt.Nur zum Weiterempfehlen.Das Klinikteam war auch sehr fürsorglich und nett.Zimmer modern ,Essen gut.

Jun 16, 2019
star star star star star

incredibly friendly medical professionals and a very high standard of professionalism shown at all times. All aspects of my operation were explained in detail and I can only highly recommend this institution. 100% chance I will be back if I destroy anymore of my joints! :)

Sep 11, 2019
star star star star star

Ich habe eine Schulter OP in dieser Klinik gehabt. Ich wurde von Dr Rolf Michael Krifter operiert er ist einfach ein spitzen Arzt.Ebenso ist die Betreuung von der Aufnahme bis zur Entlassung einfach einzigartig. Auch das Pflegepersonal muß hervorgehoben werden. Sind höflich hilfsberei und sofort da wen man Hilfe braucht. Kann diese Klinik nur jedem weiter empfehlen. Wurde schon lange nicht mehr so großartig bebandelt. Hab vollstes Vertrauen und werde mich dort falls notwendig jederzeit wieder behandeln lassen Großer Dank geht von mir an Herrn Dr Krifter und auch an das Pflegepersonal Danke für die gute Behandlung. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Christine Zörner

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Dec 5, 2019

Perfekte Betreuung, sämtliche medizinische Untersuchungen, sehr nettes Personal ( von Pflege über Hebammen bis zum hotelservice!) Ausgezeichnete Atmosphäre sehr nettes Restaurant etc......

Dec 13, 2019

Sowohl medizinisch als auch organisatorisch absolut TOP! Motiviertes, freundliches Pflegepersonal, Lob auf allen Ebenen!

Mar 12, 2018
star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Lassen Sie meiner Enttäuschung über die ärztliche Behandlung in Ihrem Hause Ausdruck verleihen.… Am 1.03. war ich wegen einer Schwellung an meiner operierten Schulter bei Ihnen, da "mein" Chirurg an diesem Tag auf Geschäftsreise war und demzufolge nicht verfügbar. Auf Ihre Bestellung hin kam Herr Primar Dr. Riedl als Orthopädie Fachkraft zur Untersuchung meiner Schulter ins Rudolfinerhaus. Er diagnostizierte nach visueller Betrachtung und kurzer haptischer Bewertung einen Muskelriss des Deltoidmuskels. Mehr oder weniger beruhigt verbrachte ich das Wochenende zu Hause und bin am Montag ins Krankenhaus zu meinem Chirurgen. Ohne MRT usw erkannte ersofort einen Keimbefall des operierten Gelenks und empfahl die sofortige Öffnung und Spülung des Herdes mit gleichzeitiger intravenöser Antibiotikagabe. Zum Glück war es kein aggressiver Keim, so dass die Behandlung wohl erfolgreich war. Bei einem aggressiven Keim hätte man aufgrund der veritablen Fehldiagnose von Herrn Dr Riedl 48 Stunden verloren und wäre zu Wochenbeginn in einen lebensbedrohlichen Zustand geraten. Herr Prim Dr Riedl war für mich durch seine oberflächliche Diagnose ein lebensgefährlicher Faktor, eine aus meiner Sicht schlampige Fehlleistung, die hoffentlich nicht seine Standardleistung bei Patienten ist. Freundliche Grüße Alexander Schramm 1030 Wien SV 4762 280473

Oct 27, 2019

Einfach top! Sehr freundliches Personal. In bereits umgebauten Abteilungen genießt man die moderne Ausstattung

Jun 1, 2018
star star star star star

Ich bin eine Heimhilfe und habe mehrere Kl. die dort Operiert wurden. Habe von alle nur ein gutes Feedback bekommen. Und auch die Heilungsprozesse waren sehr gut.

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