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The average cost of the consultation is $300. The lowest price is $250 and the highest — $340.
Austria Turkey Germany
Consultation from $333 from $80 from $388
Diagnostics - from $50 from $277
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Oct 15, 2018
The patient was treated of alzheimer's disease
star star star star star

Dr.Hausen was great! She gave us a lot of attention, listened to our problem carefully, examined our medical reports and gave us a lot of information for our problem and suggested solutions and ways of improving my father’s quality of life!

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West syndrome
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Procedure Austria Turkey Germany Israel
Comprehensive Diagnosis Of Epilepsy For Children - - - from 3290$
Comprehensive diagnosis of epilepsy for adult - - - from 2940$
Basik diagnosis for epilepsy - from 1520$ - -
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