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Searching for Brain tumor treatment hospitals? Check the ranking of 1 neurosurgery clinics based on reviews, find top doctors from Czech Republic. The listing represents prices for 4 medical tests and 1 treatment procedures for brain tumor.

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How much does brain tumor diagnostic and treatment procedures cost in Czech Republic?

Prices for brain tumor diagnostic and treatment procedures in Czech Republic in 2021

Highly rated Neurosurgery clinics for Brain tumor treatment in Czech Republic

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253 reviews
Review on brain tumor treatment. The patient from Ukraine had the medical trip in 2019.

Neurosurgeon Dr. B.Oliver is a true expert. He has removed a brain tumor in my daughter who is only 4 years old. The tumor was huge and difficult to reach. The doctor is just amazing! Everything is at the highest level. Spanish people are sympathetic and kind, and I've just fallen in love with the nation. I thank everyone for saving my kid! And recommend the hospital! Нейрохірург Б.Олівер віртуозний майстер своєї справи,видалив пухлину головного мозку моїй доньці,якій тільки 4 рочка. Пухлина була дуже великих розмірів і в не доступному місці. Лікар просто неймовірний! Все на найвищому рівні. Іспанці дуже чуйні,доброзичливі люди,я просто закохалася в цей народ . Щиро дякую усім за порятунок моєї дитини! Рекомендую!

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265 reviews
Review on brain tumor treatment. The patient from Ukraine had the medical trip in 2020.

Everything was perfect, I'm glad I found this clinic. Doctors are very qualified and very attentive, we can say that they saved the life of my father. The chamber was large for one person with a view of the surroundings. Все было отлично, я рад что нашел эту клинику. Врачи очень квалифицированы и очень внимательны, можно сказать что они спасли жизнь моему отцу. Палата была большая на одного человека с видом на окрестности.

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