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How much do Orthopedics procedures cost in Germany?

Costs of orthopedics procedures in Germany
Procedures Prices
Hip replacement $8600 - $25700
Knee replacement $11900 - $27100
Knee Arthroscopy $5100 - $5650
Discectomy $11300 - $17000
Arthroscopic meniscectomy $6200
Shoulder replacement $14700 - $28200
MRI of one area $740 - $1900

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for orthopedics procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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The Best Orthopedics Doctors in Germany, remote doctor's consultation

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Clayton Kraft
Orthopedist Orthopedic surgeon
Krefeld , Germany
Helios Krefeld Clinic
( 32 reviews )
Online consultation

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Krefeld, Germany
Helios Krefeld Clinic
30 years of experience
Doctor Clayton Kraft is an orthopedic surgeon, specialist in sports medicine and musculoskeletal disorders treatment. Specialty Dr. Kraft specializes in the spine, hands, feet, hip and knee joints surgery. He is an expert in trauma and sports medicine, provides treatment for those suffering from sev ...
Michael Paul Hahn
Bremen , Germany
Bremen-Mitte Clinic
( 36 reviews )
Online consultation

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Bremen, Germany
Bremen-Mitte Clinic
30 years of experience
Axel Hillmann
Hamburg , Germany
Asklepios Hospital Barmbek
( 81 reviews )
Online consultation

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Hamburg, Germany
Asklepios Hospital Barmbek
Prof. Dr. med. Axel Hillmann - Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology and leading spesialist at the Center for Sarcoma and Musculoskeletal Tumors. Prof. Hillmann masters a complex surgical procedure that allows patients to have greater mobility and a problem-free everyday life after ...
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19 positive reviews on orthopedics in Germany

Ainur Oct 21, 2019
The patient was treated of coxarthrosis in Asklepios St. Georg Clinic

The operation went through, now rehabilitation in the clinic. The clinic and treatment is very good and targeted. Thank you for the promptness, but I am unhappy with the work of the clinic coordinators (Lydia). Операция прошла, сейчас реабилитация в клинике. Клиника и лечение очень хорошое и целевое. Спасибо вам за оперативность, но я недовольна работой координаторов клинике (Лидия).

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Natalya Oct 7, 2019
The patient was treated of scoliosis in Helios Krefeld Clinic

Everything went at the highest level. From the meeting to the discharge no complaints. A highly qualified team led by Professor Rüdiger Gerlach brilliantly conducted the operation. Thank you so much !!! We also thank the STATION 36 nurses and staff at Helios Clinic for their responsiveness, kindness, and impeccable work. Our ward had all the necessary equipment for convenient care of our daughter and was always kept in perfect cleanliness. We also want to mention our coordinators Pavel Popkov, Maria Shlykova, Andre Saling and translator Leonid Shkolnikov. In general, impressions of the Helios Clinic, its staff and equipment, remained very vivid. Thanks everyone! Bookimed service works fine. They know and love their job. Thank!!! Всё прошло на высшем уровне. От встречи до выписки никаких нареканий. Высококвалифицированная команда во главе с профессором Рюдигером Герлахом блестяще провела операцию. Огромное им спасибо!!!
Также выражаем благодарность медсёстрам и персоналу STATION 36 клиники "Хелиос" за отзывчивость, доброту и безупречное выполнение своей работы. Палата наша имела всё необходимое оборудование для удобного ухода за дочерью и всегда содержалась в идеальной чистоте.
Ещё хотим отметить наших координаторов Павла Попкова, Марию Шлыкову, Андре Салинг и переводчика Леонида Школьникова.
В целом, впечатления о клинике
"Хелиос", её персонале и оснащённости, остались очень яркими.
Спасибо всем!
Сервис Букимед работает отлично. Знают и любят своё дело.

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Marina Jul 1, 2019
The patient was treated of ankylosing spondylitis in Helios Krefeld Clinic

We had a wonderful trip, now we are calm that everything is fine with my son. Thank you and your whole team for the excellent work, you are doing a good, good deed. May God grant you all good luck, prosperity and health. You are an excellent team, kind, good people! I will definitely I recommend you to everyone who needs your help. The clinic in Krefeld is wonderful, the doctors are super, very thorough, meticulous, professionals, no doubt. We did not regret at all that we contacted you and visited this clinic. Wonderful translator. True Arseniy managed to chat with doctor in English, understood each other very well. Once again, many thanks to all and good luck! Мы съездили замечательно,теперь спокойны,что с сыном всё нормально Спасибо вам и всей вашей команде за отличную работу,вы делаете хорошее,благое дело.Дай бог вам всем удачи,процветания,здоровья.Вы отличная команда,добрые ,хорошие люди !Обязательно буду рекомендовать вас всем,кому нужна будет ваша помощь.Клиника в Крефельде замечательная,доктора супер,очень основательны,дотошны,профессионалы,без сомнения.Мы нисколько не пожалели,что обратились к вам и посетили эту клинику.Замечательный переводчик.Правда Арсений и сам успел пообщаться с доктором на английском,очень хорошо друг друга поняли .Еще раз огромное Спасибо всем и удачи!

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Aleksandr May 30, 2019
The patient was treated of habitual dislocation of the shoulder in Helios Krefeld Clinic

Operation Laterzhe to eliminate habitual dislocation For 10 years I suffered from the usual dislocation of the shoulder joint - damage to the card. In early March of 2019, after another dislocation, I decided that it was time to get rid of this ailment and immediately began searching for the clinic. Moreover, I wanted to find the best surgeon and the best clinic where I would receive high-quality care. Bookimed Somewhere in 2-3 hours after I left a request on the bookimed site, Maxim Voloshin contacted me and we discussed my situation in great detail with him - we talked, I must say, for about 20-30 minutes. After the conversation, I began to collect all the necessary analyzes - MRI and CT. On readiness, he sent them to Maxim, and he, in turn, sent requests to pre-arranged clinics. During the week, plans of operations and their cost from all clinics were received. Maxim and I chose the most adequate clique in our opinion, which showed a truly individual approach exactly to my shoulder. I want to note that Maxim was always in touch, even on Sunday he gave me 15-20 minutes of communication, which I must say is very nice. About Helios Krefeld in more detail: room I went to the operation with a girl, so we chose a comfortable room with additional accommodation. Extremely comfortable, with its own toilet, shower, sink. Very reminiscent of the standard hotel room Hilton :) Food A huge range of dishes, you choose what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, in the lobby there is a coffee machine and tea with fruit, sometimes there are desserts. Care I liked very much that they are really watching you. No need to run around the clinic to pass some kind of analysis and stand in queues. Upon arrival, right in my room they took blood for analysis, checked the pressure and temperature. Then I was recorded for a conversation with an anastasiologist and for regentgen. No queues - you are called to the appointed time. Later there was a conversation about the operation, where they explained to me what they would do and how. The next morning, I had an operation, but after that I was also observed for 4 days. At the moment, 3 weeks have passed since the operation, and I can already draw some conclusions about its quality. Already now I can do those exercises that according to the plan only after 3-4 weeks, which is very cool in my opinion. The pains of the movements go away and the freedom of movement returns. If I knew that everything could pass so easily and naturally, I would have performed the operation 3-5 years ago. Thanks to Professor Clayton N.Kraft and Operating Surgeon Klaus Sternemann Операция Латерже по устранению привычного вывиха

На протяжении 10 лет я страдал от привычного вывиха плечевого сустава - повреждение банкарта. В начале марта 2019 года после очередного вывиха я решил, что пора избавляться от этого недуга и сразу же начал поиски клиники. Причем, хотелось найти лучшего хирурга и лучшую клинику, где я бы получал качественный уход.

Где то через 2-3 часа после того как я оставил заявку на сайте bookimed, со мной связался Максим Волошин и мы с ним крайне подробно обсудили мою ситуацию - беседовали, надо сказать минут 20-30 точно.
После разговора я принялся за сбор всех необходимых анализов - МРТ и КТ. По готовности отправил их Максиму, а он в свою очередь отправил запросы в заранее оговоренные клиники. В течении недели были получены планы операций и их стоимость от всех клиник. Мы с Максимом выбрали самую на наш взгляд адекватную кликику, которая показала действительно индивидуальный подход кокнкретно к моему плечу. Хочу отметить, что Максим был всегда на связи, даже в воскресенье уделял мне по 15-20 минут общения, что надо сказать очень приятно.

Про Helios Krefeld более подробно:
Ехал на операцию с девушкой, поэтому мы выбрали комфортный номер с дополнительным размещением. Крайне удобный, со своим туалетом, душем, раковиной. Очень напоминает стандартный номер Hilton отеля :)

Огромный ассортимент блюд, вы сами выбираете чем будете питаться на завтрак, обед и ужин. К тому же в холле есть кофемашина и чай с фруктами, иногда стоят десерты.

Очень понравилось, что за тобой действительно наблюдают. Не надо бегать по всей клинике чтобы сдать какой то анализ и стоять в очередях. По приезду прямо у меня в номере взяли кровь на анализ, проверили давление и температуру. Затем я был записан на разговор с анастазиологом и на регнтген. Никаких очередей - тебя вызывают к назначенному времени. Позже состоялся разговор по операции, где мне объяснили что и как будут делать. На следующее утро мне сделали операцию, ну а после в течении 4х дней еще наблюдали.

На данный момент прошло 3 недели после операции, и я могу уже сделать какие то выводы по поводу ее качества.

Уже сейчас я могу делать те упражнения, что по плану лишь только через 3-4 недели, что по моему очень здорово. Боли при движениях уходят и свобода движений возвращается. Знал бы я, что все так легко и непринужденно могло пройти, сделал бы операцию еще 3-5 лет назад.

Спасибо проффесору Clayton N.Kraft и оперируещему хирургу Klaus Sternemann

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Lyudmila Nikolaevna Feb 2, 2019
The patient underwent hip replacement in Helios Berlin Buch

Good day! It so happened that my daughter, after the postponed treatment with radiation, needed an endoprosthetic replacement surgery.  Given her young age, there was a need to find a clinic that could deliver an endoprosthesis with a maximum period of use. On the Internet, I found reviews about treatment abroad and submitted an application for treatment. Almost the very first day, the coordinator Svetlana answered me and offered several treatment options in clinics that interested me in Germany. Medical coordinator Leonid competently picked up the doctor advised on all issues despite the Christmas holidays. Then, Bookimed led the coordinator Polina, who took maximum efforts to speed up our visit to the Clinic and was always in touch with all the issues that arose. Medical translator Maxim also did not let his team Bookimed, was for us a good assistant in communicating with doctors, polite is ready to help at any time. There were very good impressions about the clinic: the ward is good with all the comforts, the staff is polite in communication, it is accurate in performing the procedures, monitoring the state of health after the operation. There are no more words of admiration from the operation performed by the professional Doctor from God, Daniel Kendoff. We would never have believed before that, on the second day after the operation, TBS arthroplasty can be walked, and on the seventh day we can return home, and not close with two changes (Krasnoyarsk) Around us were honest noble people, THANKS to everyone who was with us in this difficult time for us. Thank you BUKIMED for their professionalism in this noble cause to help people cope with the disease. Respectfully, Lyudmila Shevtsova and her daughter Olga Добрый день!
Так случилось что моей дочери после перенесённого лечения облучением нужна была операция эндопротезирования ТБС
Учитывая её молодой возраст была необходимость найти клинику, которая могла бы поставить эндопротез с максимальным сроком использования.
В интернете я нашла отзывы о лечении за рубежом и оставила заявку на Лечение.
Практически в первые же сутки мне ответила координатор Светлана и предложила несколько вариантов лечения в клиниках которые меня интересовали в Германии.
Медицинский координатор Леонид грамотно подобрал доктора консультировал по всем вопросом несмотря на рождественские каникулы.
Далее эстафету Букимед приняла координатор Полина, которая приняла максимум усилий для ускорения нашего визита в Клинику и в последующем всегда была на связи решала все возникающие вопросы. Медицинский переводчик Максим тоже не подвёл свою команду Букимед , был для нас хорошим помощником в общении с докторами, вежливый готов прийти на помощь в любое время.
Об клинике остались очень хорошее впечатления: палата хорошая со всеми удобствами, персонал вежлив в общении точен в выполнении процедур, контроля за состоянием здоровья после операции.
Нет более слов восхищения от проведённой операции профессионалом Доктором от Бога Даниэлем Кендофф.
Мы никогда бы ранее не поверили , что на вторые сутки после операции эндопротезирование ТБС можно ходить, а на седьмые сутки уже вернуться домой , и не близко с двумя пересадками (Красноярск)
Вокруг нас оказались честные благородные люди, СПАСИБО всем кто был рядом с нами в это трудное для нас время.
Спасибо БУКИМЕД за их профессионализм в этом благородном деле помогать людям справиться с болезнью.
С уважением,
Людмила Шевцова и ее дочь Ольга

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User Jun 29, 2019

i am here to give my testimony about a doctor who help me in my life. I was infected with HIV virus in the 2012,i went to many hospitals,churches for cure but there was no solution out, so I was thinking how can I get a solution out so that i cannot loose my life, I lost everything I have my husband run away from me and also took my children along because of my sickness. One day I was in the river side thinking the next step to take if it is to jump into the river so that I can loose my life totally or just think where I can go to get solution. so a lady walk to me telling me why am I so sad and i open up all to him telling her my stories, she told me that she can help me out that’s the reason she normally come here to help people so that thy can be cured because she was into this problem before, she introduce me to a doctor who cast spells on people and gave me he number and email so i called him and also email him. He told me all the things I need to provide and also give me instructions to take, which I followed properly. Before I knew what is happening he called me and told me that i should go for medical check up, called Priest Salami for your solutions now at add him on watsapp +2348105150446

3 negative reviews on orthopedics in Germany

Albert Mar 5, 2019
The patient underwent knee replacement in Asklepios St. Georg Clinic

The clinic is probably a good one, but everything was organized very illiterate and ugly, I planned to get to a specific doctor, who eventually turned out not to receive in this clinic, nobody told me about this, I was examined, I did not need. Клиника, возможно и хорошая, но все было организовано очень неграмотно и некрасиво, я планировал попасть к конкретному доктору, который в итоге, оказалось, что не принимает в этой клинике, информацию об этом мне никто не сообщил, я прошел обследование, которое по факту мне было не нужно.

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User Apr 9, 2019

альберт привет слушай у меня к тебе вопрос после того как ты сделал мрт головного мозга на бумаге с результатами обследования было всё написанно на немецком языке ?

Angel May 8, 2018
The patient was treated of coxarthrosis in Helios Berlin Buch

I seemed to be making headway with Prof Panko, but was then referred to different surgeon, left without operation on hernia/lung stomach back on pain relief


Andre Sahling Representative of Helios Berlin Buch Feb 11, 2019

Пациентка рассчитывала получить оперативное лечение в Германии. Результатом консультации с Проф. др. Мюллер (хирургия) явилось отсутствии показания к операции, что разочаровало пациентку. Консультации и обследования у Др. Шеффлера (ортопедия) и у Проф. Др. Панкоу (пульмонология) состоялись вовремя.

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FAQ about Orthopedics in Germany

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

23.08.2013 · Updated 01.10.2020

Main features of orthopedics treatment in Germany

Germany takes the leading place in the quality of medical services and the application of new techniques in the field of orthopedics and traumatology.

80% of adults feel the back pain during their lives. No wonder why orthopedics in Germany are in the top of leading directions of German healthcare system. German specialists perform complex spinal operations with the help of minimally invasive methods under the video control.

The greatest successes is achieved by German doctors in the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy: orthopedics in Germany includes a set of procedures for the treatment of cerebral palsy, combining surgical, medicamental and rehabilitation assistance. The set is one of the most effective in the world: 65% of patients after the treatment get an improvement.

Diagnostics of orthopedic and traumatology injuries in German clinics:

Before a final diagnosis and prescribing the necessary treatment, German orthopedists provide diagnostics which include:

  • Clinical examination of a patient (a doctor evaluates the work of joints, tendons and muscles, mobility and amplitude of movements in the joints, the presence of changes in functions and so on);
  • X-ray studies (allow a doctor to see changes in bones tissue and cartilage and assess the degree of joint damage;
  • Computer and magnetic resonance imaging (show the smallest changes in the structure of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones);
  • Arthroscopic examination of joints (visualization of the joint cavity using modern computer technology).

Treatment of orthopedic and traumatology diseases in German clinics:

The successful treatment of orthopedic diseases in German clinics is due to the comprehensive approach. The choice of the method of treatment depends on the nature of the illnesses, medical indications and recommendations of doctors. The priority method is the operation, but German specialists begin the treatment with non-surgical methods (manual therapy, osteopathy etc).

German orthopedic clinics and centers develop own methods of treating muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, which are adopted by specialists from all over the world.

Types of treatment that are carried out in orthopedic and traumatology departments and clinics in Germany

  • Conservative treatment (includes physiotherapy, the use of medicines, exercises with the instructors and special simulators);
  • Minimally invasive treatment (carrying out arthroscopic operations on the joints and the locomotive apparatus);
  • Reconstructive surgery for the restoration of bone tissue and cartilage;
  • Open surgical operations on the joints and spine (in the cases of complex combination of injuries);
  • Endoprosthetics of joints;
  • Restorative treatment after orthopedic surgery.

Leading specialities of orthopedic and traumatology treatment in Germany

Sport medicine in Germany

Sports medicine deals with the treatment of diseases and the consequences of sports injuries. It is a leading branch in the treatment of orthopedic diseases in Germany. Many world-famous athletes (Klitschko brothers, Steffi Graf) undergo treatment and preventive examinations in German orthopedic centers and clinics.

Sports traumatology in Germany is one of the leading directions of medical services. Government of Germany creates favourable conditions for development of sports traumatology and implementation of new technologies and methods of orthopedic treatment.

For the treatment of patients with sports diseases and injuries, German doctors apply:

  • Conservative therapy;
  • Operative methods of treatment (basically this is minimally invasive joint surgery - arthroscopy);
  • Intensive rehabilitation programs (a set of procedures for rehabilitation which include medicines, physiotherapy, massage and diet).

Endoprosthetics in Germany

Endoprosthetics of joints is a procedure of the replacement of the joint or its parts. Specialists provide endoprosthetics in cases when conservative and surgical methods of the treatment of orthopedic diseases is ineffective or in order to reduce the pain syndrome and improve the quality of life.

Orthopedists of German clinics offer to replace the joints of knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, hand and spine. Knee treatment in Germany is the most often type of the orthopedic medical care.

To choose the type of endoprosthetics, German doctors take into account many aspects of the patient's condition: age, weight, the type of disease and the nature of the patient's usual physical activity.

There are such types of endoprosthetics in Germany as:

  • Partial endoprosthetics (only a part of the damaged joint is replaced);
  • Superficial endoprosthetics (only the surface of the joint can be replaced);
  • Complete (total) endoprosthetics (replacement of all parts of the articulation with an artificial prosthesis);
  • Replacement of the previously established endoprosthesis.

German endoprosthesis are made from the modern materials (ceramics, alloys of steel, chromium, cobalt and titanium, which are coated with a biocompatible material, compatible with the human tissues). Most of them are modular and consist of replaceable parts. German implants are distinguished by high strength, wear resistance and can serve up to 25-30 years.

Procedure Turkey Germany Israel
Treatment of scoliosis
APIFIX System Implantation from 16000$ - from 34315$
Treatment of halyus valgus
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