Best Multiple sclerosis Clinics in Germany

Searching for Multiple sclerosis treatment hospitals? Check the ranking of 31 neurology clinics based on 6 reviews, find 5 top neurology doctors from Germany. The listing represents prices for 10 medical tests and 2 treatment procedures for multiple sclerosis.

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How much does multiple sclerosis diagnostic and treatment procedures cost in Germany?

Prices for multiple sclerosis diagnostic and treatment procedures in Germany in 2021
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Helios Krefeld Clinic
Total price
From $5980
Helios Krefeld Clinic Germany, Krefeld
Consultation with a neurologist
Extended analysis of blood
Biochemical blood analysis
MRI of the brain and spine with contrast
Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP-test)
Brainstem evoked response audiometry
Lumbar puncture
Complex diagnostics of multiple sclerosis $5980

Highly rated Neurology clinics for Multiple sclerosis treatment in Germany

The hospitals ranking is based on 1266 requests, 419 patient reviews, prices, and information from 31 clinics

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The Best Multiple Sclerosis Doctors in Germany

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

 Veit Becker
Hamburg , Germany
Asklepios Hospital Barmbek
( 81 reviews )
Online consultation

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Hamburg, Germany
Asklepios Hospital Barmbek
19 years of experience
Dr. Becker is among leading neurologists in Germany. Specialty Dr. Veit Becker specializes in treatment of headache, migraine, stroke, vascular diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Work experience Neurological consultant at Asklepios Hospital Barmbek. Membership in organizations The Medical Association ...
Uta Meyding-Lamade
Frankfurt am Main , Germany
Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)
( 49 reviews )
Online consultation

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)
25 years of experience
Prof. Uta Meyding-Lamade is among leading neurologists in Germany sspecialized at stroke, multiple sclerosis, rheumatologic diseases and neurological disorders treatment. Doctor graduated from the Heidelberg University in 1988 with following postgraduate trainings at University College London an ...
Horst Glasner
Berlin , Germany
Meoclinic Hospital
( 17 reviews )
Online consultation

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Berlin, Germany
Meoclinic Hospital
50 years of experience
Professor Glasner is one of top neurologists in Germany with over 50 years of experience.Prof. Glasner is an expert in the treatment of: stroke cerebral hemorrhage Alzheimer's disease multiple sclerosis epilepsy Parkinson's disease myelitis diabetes and other neurolo ...
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Reviews of patients treated for Multiple sclerosis in Germany

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6 positive reviews on multiple sclerosis treatment at Germany

Anonymous Jun 20, 2019
The patient was treated of multiple sclerosis in Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)

The clinic operated on the father (oncology and urology). Excellent chamber, a wonderful surgeon Dr. Wolfgang Dillenburg and head. Department of prof. Edward Becht. Protocol examination on good equipment, friendly doctors, excellent postoperative care. Most of all I was surprised that Prof. Bekht personally made a detour twice a day: in the morning with medical staff, in the afternoon one. But in general, everything is sharpened by a long full life. I am very pleased. What else I liked: the patient is explained everything in detail, offering several ways to solve the problem. It's great! В клинике оперировали папу (онко-урология). Отличная палата, замечательный хирург доктор Вольфганг Дилленбург и зав. отделением проф. Эдуард Бехт. Протокольное обследование на хорошей аппаратуре, доброжелательные доктора, прекрасный послеоперационный уход. Больше всего удивило, что проф.Бехт лично дважды в день совершал обход: утром с мед.персоналом, во второй половине дня один. А в общем все заточено под долгую полноценную жизнь. Я очень довольна. Что ещё понравилось: пациенту все детально разъясняют, предлагают несколько путей решения проблемы. Это здорово!

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User Aug 19, 2019

а чеж вы тогда 4 поставили?)

Vira Aug 21, 2019

"4" поставила из-за дотошного следования протоколам. Когда стало ясно, что понадобится полное обследование и потом операция, я просила сразу сделать назначения на МРТ, биопсию и т.д., но врач следовал протоколу и все назначал последовательно, аргументируя тем, что "а вдруг остальное не потребуется". В итоге потребовалось все, а время пребывания в Германии затянулось. Анализы - ждем - консультация врача - МРТ - ждем - консультация врача - биопсия - ждем - консультация врача. За это минус балл.

Anonymous Oct 23, 2019
The patient was treated of multiple sclerosis in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

Thank you for the staff and the clinic for their attention and sensitivity, the ward was of a decent standard Спасибо за персонала и клиники за внимание и чуткость, палата была достойного уровня

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