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What is the cost of treatment in India?

Procedures Prices
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $6850 - $7350
Knee replacement $3600 - $8650
Prostatectomy $5600 - $6250
Veneers $260 - $350
Sleeve gastrectomy $4550 - $10400
Basic check-up $30 - $60
MRI of one area $140 - $280
Ultrasound $30 - $600
Colonoscopy $150 - $300
PET/CT $350 - $670

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for treatment in India after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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Questions and answers

Do your patients ever fully recover from cancer?

Raj Nagarkar
21 years of experience
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre

Full recovery from cancer is a debatable topic. When one is affected by cancer, there is always a chance of the disease coming back sooner or later. We have treated over 90,000 cancer patients for 14 years in Nashik, Maharashtra. Many patients lived disease-free during their entire follow-up period. Some had recurrences after the prompt and adequate treatment. A few with very advanced disease and late presentation, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease. Curing cancer is our ultimate goal, but we also believe in "adding life to the years." Regardless of the number of years a patient might live, there should be no compromise in their life quality.

What is the success rate of robotic surgeries in India?

Our team has performed 410 robotic surgeries in 16 months with a greater than 99% success rate. We have performed robotic surgeries for both malignant and non-malignant diseases, including bariatric surgery. These surgeries come with an increased success rate and minimal morbidity; hence they are highly preferred by the patients.

What makes India so strong in cancer treatment?

The Indian Council of Medical Research projected a total of 1.39 million new cancer patients in 2021, making cancer one of the most common ailments for the Indians. The main problem in cancer treatment is the exuberant expense, especially in developed countries. India provides all the latest treatments (surgical and non-surgical) at a much lower cost than most countries. Treatment quality is not compromised and is as effective as in other countries. Most Indian doctors are dedicated to their work and patients and are experienced, highly trained, and surgically skilled. 

What is the success rate of treatment for lung cancer in India?

Shaunak Valame
5 years of experience
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre

The success rate for lung cancer varies with stage. In the early stage, 5-year survival rates are up to the tune of 75%. In the advanced stage, the 3-year survival rates are 40%. Thus, we aim at early detection to provide the highest success possible.

What is the success rate of chemotherapy in India?

Shruti Kate
10 years of experience
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre

With improvements in supportive care, the tolerance of chemotherapy has improved remarkably. Roughly 95% of patients are able to tolerate chemotherapy well.

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Shruti Kate
Clinical oncologist Radiation oncologist Hematologist/oncologist
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Online consultation

Request for details

Nashik, India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Dr. Shruti Kate did her MBBS from the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College (2003- 2008), Delhi and MD internal medicine from Maulana Azad Medical College (2010-2013), Delhi .She then pursued DM Medical Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai (2013-2016) and prior to joining HCG Manavata Ca ...
Girish Badarkhe
Clinical oncologist Pediatric hematologist/oncologist Pediatric transplant surgeon
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Online consultation

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Nashik, India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Raj Nagarkar
Clinical oncologist Surgical oncologist Breast surgeon
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Online consultation

Request for details

Nashik, India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
"Adding life to years" is the principle we firmly believe in. We aim not only in curing the patients but also improving their quality of life. We don't believe in adding only years to life but also good, healthy life to years." Dr. Raj has received his Surgical Oncology training at the Prestigious T ...
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64 positive reviews on treatment in India

Danga Dec 16, 2020
The patient underwent heart valve replacement in Apollo Hospital Indraprastha

I want to thank Dr.Murtada, because he’s the one who arrange it with the hospital. he was with us the whole way asking if we need anything, if everything is OK and I keep asking him a question too but he doesn’t get tired he googled and answer or he calls them straight to figure out the situation. At first me doing it by myself make me tired of emailing all of the hospital in India but after I contact Bookimed he finish everything that it takes me three weeks to due in 2days.The hospital was good to us, they arrange driver named Manpreet Singh that can speak English and take us everywhere we ask am and help us travel popular places, he is the best. I want to thank Karan Kumar for being with us until the end he is the one who take care of everything in the hospital for us and outside of the hospital too. The nurse are nice and the food is very good and my mom surgery went very good by Dr. Anoop k Ganjoo, he is really good doctor. I will recommend you changing your dollar to rupees before going to India.

Han Feb 11, 2020

I flew twice, the first time for an examination, the second time for an operation (removal of the yolk bladder) and both times went to Bookimed, I was pleased with the results of both the clinic and bookimed, I wish you success in hard work, more positive and, of course, good health! Thanks you Летал дважды , первый раз на обследование , второй раз на операцию (удаление желточного пузыря) и обе раза обращался в Букимед , доволен результатом и клиники и букимеда , желаю успехов в нелегком труде , больше позитива и конечно же здоровья ! Спасибо Вам

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Vladislav Feb 4, 2020
The patient was treated of viral hepatitis in Artemis Hospitals

He underwent examination for the treatment of hepatitis C, as a result of which a course of tablets was prescribed. I liked everything. Special thanks to the translator Jas, who helped in many matters. Проходил обследование для лечения гепатита ц, по результату которого был выписан курс таблеток. Мне всё понравилось. Отдельное спасибо переводчику Джасу, который помогал во многих вопросах.

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Anonymous Jan 3, 2020
The patient was treated of viral hepatitis in Manipal Goa Hospital

I was approached in December 2019 regarding the treatment of hepatitis C by my mother. I liked everything from the escort on the record, when the doctor coordinator picked up Tatyana took the tests and helped with translating them into English, and clarified the convenient time for making an appointment, do we have tickets, have the hotel and transfer booked and will I need help. Then Olga from the Care Department agreed on a time for us. The only minus is that they didn’t provide information on the cost of transfer to the hospital, wrote that a request would be made to the clinic and most often gg was free, but in the end it turned out to be paid and in the direction back 2.5 times more expensive, but this is rather a question to directly to the hospital. On the spot, they were satisfied with the work of the Indian doctor and Russian-speaking specialist Svetlana, who accompanied the transfer during the appointment, conducted her mother to the doctor’s appointment and tests, and helped to get the medicine at the pharmacy. The required amount for the entire course was not available, so Svetlana offered to deliver to the hotel in person. The prices and quality of services pleased, the doctor’s appointment 900 rupees, taken tests (4 blood tests) about 4,000 rupees. Sofosbuvir + Velpatosvir cost 53,000 rupees per course. Thanks to everyone for the excellent work, we recommend using the services, but if necessary, it is better, of course, not to get sick at all. Health to all! Обращалась в декабре 2019 года по вопросу лечения гепатита С обращалась моя мама. Понравилось все от сопровождения на записи, когда врач-координатор подобрала Татьяна взяла анализы и помогла с переводом их на английский язык, и уточнила об удобном времени для назначение приёма, есть ли у нас билеты, забронирован ли отель и трансфер и понадобится ли помощь. Затем Ольга из отдела Заботы согласовала для нас время работы. Единственный минус, то что не предоставили в итоге информацию по стоимости трансфера в госпиталь, написали, что будет сделан запрос в клинику и чаще всего гг бесплатный, а в итоге оказался платным и в направлении обратно в 2,5 раза дороже, но это скорее вопрос к непосредственно к госпиталю. На месте остались довольны работой индийского доктора и русскоязычного специалиста Светланы, которая сопровождала во время приёма переводом, провела маму на приём врача и анализы и помогла приобрести лекарство в аптеке. Необходимого количества на весь курс не было в наличии, поэтому Светлана предложила доставить в отель лично. Цены и качество услуг порадовали, приём врача 900 рупий, взятые анализы(4 анализа крови) примерно 4000 рупий. Препарат софосбувир+велпатосвир стоил 53000 рупий на курс. Спасибо всем за отличную работу, советуем воспользоваться услугами, но при необходимости, лучше конечно же не болеть вовсе. Всем здоровья!

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Kurbon Dec 3, 2019
The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) in BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK has been equipped with modern equipment to arrange all the necessary services and comfort for patients. Doctors are highly qualified. In order to reduce the term of interruption, I propose taking control of registered patients for the reasons for their delay, improving transfers by profession, I was in three local wards, I was in good condition. Thanks to him for the quality operation. I consulted here with cardiologist Ajay Cole, neurologist Rajiv Anand, pulmologist Sanda Ep Nayar and others are all called to give Health Well done. In order to prevent "financial games, I suggest that the head of BLK advertise about his clinic, its services, medical services and conditions, prices of operations through national television of various countries or in the field to create representative offices. I am pleased that I contacted such objective and successful organizations as Bookimed and best wishes Patient from Uzbekistan Kurbon Eshmirzaev. БЛК сверх современными оборудованием осношен оргонизованы все необходимые услуги и комфорт для пацентов Врачи высококвалифицирлваны В целях сокращение срока перебивание предлагаю взять под контрол зарегистрированных пацентов причини их задержки, улучшать переводов по специальности я был трёх местных палатах состояние нормальное
Уролог доктор Адитиа Прадхан высоко квалифицированный,вежливийи внимательный Спасибо ему за качественной операци
Я здесь консультировался кардиолога Аджай Коул,неврапотолога Раджив Ананд,пулмолога Сандееп Найар и других все они призваны чтобы дарит людям Здоровье молодцы.
В целях недопущение "финансовых игир предлагаю руководителем БЛК рекламировать о своей клинике,ее вжмоности ,о медуслугах и условиях ,ценах проводимых операциях через национальные телевидение различных государств или на местах создать свои представительств.Я доволен чтосвязался такой объективной и всему успеваюшей организаций как
Букимед снаилучшим пожелании пацент из Узбекистана Курбон Эшмирзаев.

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12 negative reviews on treatment in India

Muhhamad Mar 13, 2020
The patient was treated of spinal stenosis in Artemis Hospitals

Never come to the Artemis Clinic, treating patients is not worth the money paid, especially beware of an interpreter named Zhey. Firstly, he has very poor Russian language, never translates as it should, moreover, he was not present after the operation, while the patient was in intensive care, appeared three days after the operation with an invoice for payment in excess of the previously agreed amount. When we told him that his work did not suit us, he replied that these were our problems and we could go to another clinic, and the hospital would not fully refund the money paid to us. By the way, before we paid $ 6000 to the cash desk of the hospital, everyone was very polite with us including the interpreter Jay, and promised that they would take us to the operation the next day, but after payment it was as if everyone had changed, they started to be rude and rude especially to Zhey. They pulled the operation as best they could despite the terrible pain of the patient. Another translator, Ishvar, was a pleasant person with good knowledge of the Russian language. We wanted him, but for some reason we were not allowed, besides we heard that he was forbidden to help us and he already stopped answering our calls. So if you came to India for treatment it’s better to go to another clinic, but if you did come to Artemis when they will provide you with an interpreter, in no case do you agree to the services of an interpreter JAY! Никогда не приезжайте в клинику Артемис, отношение к больным не стоит оплаченных денег, особенно остерегайтесь переводчика по имени Жей. Во первых у него очень плохо с русским языком, никогда не переводит так как надо, кроме того он не присутствовал после операции, во время нахождения больного в реанимации, появился через три дня после операции со счётом на оплату превышающую ранее оговоренной суммы. Когда мы ему сказали, что его работа нас не устраивает он ответил, что это наши проблемы и можем идти в другую клинику, а оплаченных денег больница нам не вернёт полностью.
Кстати до того как мы оплатили 6000 $ в кассу больницы все были очень вежливы с нами включая переводчика Жея, и обещали, что возьмут в операцию на следующий день, но после оплаты как будто всех поменяли начали хамить и грубить особенно Жей. Тянули операцию как могли несмотря на ужасные боли пациента. Здесь ходил другой переводчик Ишвар, приятный человек с хорошим знанием русского языка. Мы хотели его, но почему-то нам не разрешили, кроме того мы слышали, что ему запретили нам помогать и он уже перестал отвечать на наши звонки. Так что если вы приехали в Индию на лечение лучше езжайте в другую клинику, но если все же приехали в Артемис когда вам предоставят переводчика ни в коем случае не согласитесь на услуги переводчика ЖЕЙ!

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Sergey Feb 3, 2020
The patient was treated of cytomegalovirus infection in Global Hospital Chennai

Good afternoon. At the clinic, such information. They need expensive surgery to replace organs. Gasteenterologist. Normally. Infectious disease. Normally. Neurologist. Добрый день
По клинике такая информация
Им нужны дорогие операции по замене органов
Гастеэнтеролог нормально
Невролог развод
На деньги
Все что я знал в Москве ничего нового нет
Вот вся информация

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Mohammad Jan 20, 2020

be care ful of cost estimation especialy at international desk They just looking how to get money from patientS As doctors also trying to admit patient for their percentages Even if they are not candidate for admission ...

Anonymous Dec 12, 2018
The patient was treated of polycystic kidney disease in Apollo Hospital Indraprastha

good doctors and the attitude of the medical staff. terrible organization and pumping out money! the trip was in vain, because neither the manager who sent us for treatment, nor in the clinic itself, had taken care of the necessary documents in advance. хорошие врачи и отношение мед.персонала. ужасная организация и выкачивание денег!
поездка получилась зря, из-за того что ни менеджер, который отправлял нас на лечение, ни в самой клинике, не позаботились заранее о нужных документах.

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Haydar Nov 9, 2018
The patient underwent check-up in Artemis Hospitals

The clinic seems to be quite good, but during the operation the cataract of the left eye, which lasted more than three hours, my vision is no more than 15% and I had to do the second operation of the left eye. Although the right eye was operated for 10-12 minutes and vision without glasses is up to 60% клиника вроде неплохая но при операции катаракта левого глаза который продлился больше три часа зрение у меня не более 15 % и я вынужден был делать вторую операцию левого глаза. Хотя правый глаз был оперирован за 10-12 минут и зрение без очков до 60 %

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Questions and answers

What should you know about India before the trip?


Indian Rupee (you also can pay for services in USD)

Best period for the trip



Hindi (most of medical staff speaks English fluently)


is required

Time difference with Europe

5 hours

Time difference with the USA

10 hours


New Delhi

Medical tourism center

Mumbai, New Delhi

Popular resorts

Goa, Jaipur, Mumbai

What is the level of medicine in India?

Healthcare in India is based on cost-effective models. Most of the hospitals are private — 65% of annual GDP is out-of-pocket medical payments.

1.4 mln doctors provide excellent treatments in the country. 74% of the Indian medical care is private. The local healthcare centers have international and national certificates that confirm the high quality of services and patients' safety:

India has 39 JCI-accredited medical centers in contrast with 20 JCI-certified facilities in Germany and 10 hospitals in Israel.

Why is India trendy for medical tourism?

India is also a well-known country globally due to skillful doctors that have vast experience due to the high demand and excellent patient flow. Patients from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Maldives, Yemen, Uzbekistan, and Sudan prefer treatment in India to other places.

Highly developed medical centers and first-rate therapeutic services at affordable prices attract people from all over the world. About 500,000 international patients travel to India annually. So the country is among Top 10 countries with the most developed medical tourism sector.

India is a top destination for medical tourists because of low-costs. You may save up to 75% on services compared to European countries or the USA due to the average local citizens' income and general price policy within the state.

What hotel services are provided here?

In India, hotels of different price ranges and service levels are presented. Most tourists choose 4 and 5-star hotels. Such hotels have everything for a comfortable stay: varied European and Asian food, a vast, well-groomed territory, animation for children and adults. Some hotels have a water park available to guests. Budget travelers can afford to book an economical 3-star hotel with half board or no meals at all.

What is the best time to visit India?

India is one of the most amazing states in South Asia. The cradle of the ancient civilization, Buddhism, and Hinduism. India is an excellent place to have vacation on the Goa and Kerala beaches, tours to picturesque Delhi, and the soaring Himalayas, open the treasures of the Golden Triangle and the ancient secrets of Ayurveda, for rave discos and yoga tours. Locals recommend traveling to India from October to March.

Do I need a visa?

International patients are required to receive an electronic visa (e-Visa). The maximum period of stay in the country with this visa type is 6 months. Read more about the visa terms for treatment in India here.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to India for treatment?

Visa for travel to India requires a number of documents. The necessary list of documents includes:

  • ID card
  • copy of online visa application form
  • certificate of income and availability of funds
  • recent size 2 photos
  • proof of residential address
  • booking of flight and hotel
  • medical opinion about the need for treatment in India.
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