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How much do Weight Loss Surgery procedures cost in India?

Costs of weight loss surgery procedures in India
Procedures Prices
Sleeve gastrectomy $4550 - $10400

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for weight loss surgery procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

Highly rated Weight Loss Surgery clinics in India

The hospitals ranking is based on 299 requests, 74 patient reviews, prices, and information from 40 clinics

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Common procedures in India

Sleeve gastrectomy
3 reviews
15 reviews
1-10 of 40 clinics

The Best Weight Loss Surgery Doctors in India, remote doctor's consultation

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Abhay Ramakant Khadke
Bengaluru , India
Manipal Hospitals
( 15 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Bengaluru, India
Manipal Hospitals
16 years of experience
Surgeon, specialist in bariatric surgery
Jasti B. K. Surendra
Bengaluru , India
Manipal Hospitals
( 15 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Bengaluru, India
Manipal Hospitals
Aparna Govil Bhasker
Mumbai , India
Global Hospital Mumbai
Online consultation

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Mumbai, India
Global Hospital Mumbai
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Очень добросовестные и отзывчивые специалисты! Будут вести вас до пункта назначения! Помогут решить все ваши проблемы! Ответят на все вопросы!! Подберут подходящие рейсы если есть необходимость, посоветуют отели!!! Лично я безмерно благодарна Юлии Смолка, Дарье Лазаревой, Катерине Кочерган и всему коллективу компании Букимед!!! Спасибо что вы есть!!!
I needed to have a spinal mri in Italy, and couldn’t find any clinic that could do it. It was either a 4 month wait, clinic never called me back, or they hung up because my Italian wasn’t very good. I contacted Bookimed and within hours they responded and put me in touch with a lovely woman in Milan who got me an appointment at a private clinic in Milan in 2 days. She accompanied me throughout the appointment and translated when necessary. Something I dreaded ended up being a smooth and easy process. Thank you.
Mohammed Yousif
Thanksfull to bookimed for help me for my surgery in my brain they support me by one of best doctor in that section and he advised me many choices of surgery and hospital offers . I hope see them in top always they deserve 5 Stars. 😊
После предварительного собеседования. Предоставиди выбор из несскольких клиник. Связали с представителем выбранной клиники. Дали контакты. Все дальнейшее общении и информацию получал напрямую от представителя клиники. Никаки предоплат не требовалось. Все договоренности были выполнены по заранее договоренным датам, без каких либо накладок. Договор на мед обслуживани заключался в клинике непосредственно перед госпитализацией. Спасибо сайту за грамотную оценку необходимых услуг и быстрый выход на необходимую клинику.
I had to book 3 appointments in a hospital at Istanbul for my brother and his wife, both with serious health problems. I have contacted Bookimed who had reacted immediately and put me in touch with Dr Emad Hussein. After listening to the description of the sicknesses of my relatives, Dr Hussein explained very clearly what are the medical documents to have for the day of appointment as well as all administrative steps to follow. Then he put in touch with Mrs Farah from Liv Hospital for the appointments and she has been very efficient and helpful. I do not know how to thank Dr Hussein and bookimed for the excellent service provided. Nadia
Марі Сірик
Очень и очень довольна взаимодействием с Букимед. Прошла лечение от рака молочной железы. В ноябре 2018 года летала на обследование в Стамбул, клиники Медиполь и Анадолу. Помогли с билетами, организацией поездки, всегда оставались на связи. Координатор от Букимеда имеет медицинское образование, может качественно проконсультировать по поводу клиник, врачей. Лично для меня это большой плюс. До этого я лечилась в Израиле, организовывала все своими силами и потратила несравнимо больше времени, сил и нервов. Буду работать с Букимед в будущем и рекомендовать знакомым.
Very helpful and nice people. They’re quick on response, and they give the best recommendations.
My experience with bookimad was great; the thing that I appreciate is the high sense of humanity of the staff, especially Dr Farruk Ahmed. He answer all my questions in time, he read my poor English and make me feel comfortable, such thing is so important for someone that suffer. I know they do their best to help. Thank you Dr.

1 positive review on weight loss surgery in India

Nabat Jun 23, 2017
The patient was treated of diabetes type 2 in BLK Super Speciality Hospital

The clinic is good, the doctor is an orthopedist of the highest class, he found the source of the defeat of my hands. Клиника хорошая, врач ортопед высшего класса, он нашел источник поражения моих рук.

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Dipen Kadam Jun 25, 2021
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre

Very quick I got vaccinated at 9th floor.. The whole process was smooth and really well organised.. I got the shot in 15 mins from the moment I entered in the facility. One small soft drink was also offered.The Shot price was Rs. 1000. Which is I believe quite fair.Just there is an issue of parking they don't let you park in the hospital. You have to park on the road, which is bit of a mess..That's the only miss..Definitely recommended 👍

Arun Prasad Mar 20, 2020
Apollo Hospital Indraprastha

Experienced and skilled surgeons. One of the few places in the world offering Robotic bariatric surgery.

Meena Singh Mar 19, 2020
Apollo Hospital Indraprastha


Ritika Akrania Apr 15, 2020
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

My father was admitted to BL KAPUR HOSPITAL FOR BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT and DR. CHAUDHARY WAS TO DO IT. My father went to the hospital on his foot , walking. Bone marrow was transplant was done.. but after few days he suffered from diarrhoea.. these so called doctors (who carry the tag of a specialist) thought it is normal to have diarrhoea after transplant. My father started to develop severe infection ..these *specialist* doctors were supposed to get "stool culture" (diagno…stic test) done but they didn't do it. They put my dad on ventilator.. and killed him. THEY ALL ARE KILLER. This bloody doctor made him suffer.. to death. CHAUDHARY is a killer. COMING TO BL KAPUR HOSPITAL, it is not a hospital, it is just a 5-star hotel. All they want is MONEY. OBSCENELY OVERPRICED. HAD THIS HOSPITAL HAD A SO CALLED SPECIALIZED DOCTORS THEN WHY COULDN'T THEY DO THE TREATMENT WITH UTMOST CARE..MY FATHER DIED BECAUSE OF HELLHOUND DHARMA AND HIS TEAM'S NEGLIGENCE.NOW I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SPECIALIZED IN, THEY ARE SPECIALIZED IN KILLING PEOPLE AND LOOTING MONEY. Don't know where he'd took his degree.. or maybe it is a fraud. It has become a business. They do it all for money ... THEY PLAY WITH PATIENTS. THEY ARE STONE HEARTED PEOPLE. EVERYONE IS A FRAUD THERE. DHARMA CHAUDHARY IS A FRAUD. THE JOB OF A DOCTOR IS SUPPOSED TO BE A NOBLE JOB.. BUT THEY ALL ARE SPECIALISED HELLHOUND. I REQUEST YOU ALL DO NOT , I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH DO NOT OPT BL KAPUR HOSPITAL EVEN TO GET A CHECK UP FOR SMALL COUGH. THE LOSS DONE TO MY FAMILY IS IRREPLACEABLE. INCASE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER OR ANYONE NEEDS A HOSPITAL ASSISTANCE THEN PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY.. BL KAPUR HOSPITAL SHOULD NEVER BE AN OPTION. ALSO DR. HELLHOUND CHAUDHARY SHOULDN'T BE AN OPTION FOR BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT.

Asharani HR Mar 21, 2020
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

I never seen the people like this ever in my life. Worst experience

Apurva Kulkarni Mar 21, 2020
Manipal Goa Hospital

With utmost professionalism, care and compassion, I was treated by Dr.Parul Dubey the neurologist and the staff of the MRI department especially by Dr Vidya. Never have I felt this safe in a hospital before. Thank you.

Yuliya Sosnovchik Mar 19, 2020
Manipal Goa Hospital

Several times we used the services of the clinic, in particular, Heart check up and Women comprehensive check up, very quickly, professionally, all analyzes, examinations are done in one day, bypassing almost without any queues. Russian-speaking patients are supervised by Svetlana, ready to help with the transfer and accompany them to a doctor's consultation. I recommend this clinic, as well as its competent staff!

Anshu Sharma May 21, 2020
Artemis Hospitals

Best Hospital in Gurugram, well-disposed staff, and Doctors who genuinely take care of the patient at any point in time. Clean and hygienic premises with conductive environment Thank you Artemis staff and doctors for treating us well.

Kritika Dhingra May 13, 2020
Artemis Hospitals

Artemis Hospitals is the best hospital for neurosurgery. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are very cooperative. My sister had a great outcome after her brain tumor surgery and she is doing well now. We are satisfied with the treatment. We definitely recommend Artemis Hospitals to everyone.

Rohit kushwaha Mar 20, 2020
Medanta Hospital

Best facilities

Tinku Raj Mar 20, 2020
Medanta Hospital


Vishwanath Kulkarni Mar 10, 2020
Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Prescribes the medicine whichnis not available in Hospitalas well as around the neighborhood and when we come to hospital post 9:00PM there is no one to assist...

Dhanraj Cm Mar 9, 2020
Aster CMI Hospital

I'm Dhanraj C.M. Biggboss fame.... don't go here ...

FAQ about Weight Loss Surgery in India

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

23.09.2016 · Updated 23.10.2019

Bariatric surgery in India

Bariatric or metabolic surgery is a gastrointestinal procedure for weight loss. The operation is an effective treatment option for people with obesity and related problems (diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.).

40-80% is the success rate of bariatric surgery in India depending on the chosen treatment method.

Is bariatric surgery safe in India?

Obesity surgery in India is safe for patients that is confirmed by:

  1. Vast experience of bariatric surgeons

India is the 3rd most obese nation globally according to the Lancet study (the world renowned independent medical journal). Bariatric surgeons perform over 10,000 operations annually. A large number of performed procedures improves the skills of specialists of weight loss surgery in India.

Indian obese experts undergo internships overseas and share their experience with international colleagues.

  1. Internationally recognized hospitals

Over 400,000 medical tourists choose India for their medical trip. Most of them prefer private clinics for bariatric surgery in India.

Doctors of Indian private hospitals follow the international treatment guidelines. Over 20 clinics in India have JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. It guarantees patients’ safety and high quality of services.

In comparison with the state medical facilities, the private clinics provide more expensive bariatric surgery cost in India. But success rate and efficiency of bariatric surgeries here are also higher than in the public ones.

How much does the bariatric surgery cost in India?

The exact obesity surgery cost in India mainly depends on the chosen method. The gastric band costs the least — from $2,500.

India is recognized as one of the cheapest destinations for excess weight treatment. The bariatric surgery cost in India is 40-80% lower than in Europe, the USA, or the Middle East.

Moreover, the country provides 2 times lower prices than in other Asian countries due to the average living wage and local citizens' income within India.

What does the weight reduction surgery cost in India include?

The weight loss surgery cost in India includes the operation itself and medical consumables. Some hospitals add the hospitalization, meal, transfer from/to an airport, and the language assistance to the obesity operation cost in India.

Does insurance cover the surgical running off excess weight in this country?

The bariatric surgery cost in India is calculated for each patient individually. The insurance may cover the procedure for some and may exclude bariatric operations for others. It mainly depends on your insurance package. Before the medical trip arrangement, you should specify this information in your insurance agent.

What are the main factors affecting the obesity surgery cost in India?

The bariatric surgery cost in India varies from city to city dramatically. The price of the surgery is affected by 2 main factors:

  1. city location;
  2. city size.

Important to know! The lowest prices of weight loss surgery are in Mumbai and Delhi, the highest costs are in Chennai and Bengaluru.

What are the leading places for bariatric surgery in India?

Chennai is the safest city in India according to the Quality of Living survey. 45% of medical tourists choose Chennai as the best place to get weight loss surgery in India.

Mumbai (known as Bombay) is the largest in India by population. The city is situated at the Arabian seaside. That's why this city is so popular for obesity surgery in India with over 20% of medical tourists.

Delhi is the 2nd biggest city in India. Over 10% of medical tourists choose Delhi for weight reduction surgery in India. Because of the city's high development, the prices for medical care may be higher compared to Chennai or Bangalore.

Bangalore (Bengaluru) is one of the most visited Indian city. Over 9.5% of foreign patients prefer Bangalore for bariatric surgery in India. Most medical centers here are situated on the seaside and look like luxury resorts. Bangalore facilities provide the average bariatric surgery price in India and is on the same level as in other Indian cities.

Hyderabad is a less famous city for running off excess weight in India. Over 4,000 hospitals accept international patients and offer the affordable prices for weight loss surgery in India. They can be lower in comparison with the cost in larger Indian cities.

How to choose the best medical center for bariatric surgery in India?

Submit a request on Bookimed website and our manager will contact you in the shortest term. They will answer all your questions about where and how to get weight loss surgery in India.

Bookimed is an independent medical service for searching the best facilities over the world. Bookimed services are free for our patients.

Bookimed manager will present you hospitals for bariatric surgery in India. You will match the most affordable for you. After that, our manager will request a treatment program with the exact bariatric surgery cost in India in your case.

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