Best Pituitary adenoma Clinics in India

Searching for Pituitary adenoma treatment hospitals? Check the ranking of 13 neurosurgery clinics based on reviews, find 1 top neurosurgery doctors from India. The listing represents prices for 4 medical tests and 5 treatment procedures for pituitary adenoma.

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How much does pituitary adenoma diagnostic and treatment procedures cost in India?

Prices for pituitary adenoma diagnostic and treatment procedures in India in 2021

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Apollo Hospital Indraprastha
Total price
From $9670
Apollo Hospital Indraprastha India, Delhi
Consultation with a neurosurgeon $20 – $40
Brain MRI From $200
Lab tests $50 – $100
Trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy (adenomectomy) $9400 – $12150

Best Medical Equipment for Pituitary adenoma Treatment and Diagnosis in India

Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife


Gamma Knife is a radiosurgery device to manage radiation therapy. It uses 192 radiation beams to precisely target brain tumors. Each beam goes separately through the healthy brain tissues, and then they meet together in the target delivering there a high radiation dose.


The procedure is painless, performed without incisions and anesthesia. It is an alternative to traditional surgery for hard-to-reach or inoperable tumors. A GammaKnife session does not require admission; a patient can go back home and return to allowed activities just after a procedure.

Result for Pituitary adenoma

According to the study of 57 participants with pituitary adenoma, 56.1% of patients experience a neoplasm shrinking, 36.1% observed no tumor change in size. A 3-year survival rate was 100%, 5 — 98%, 10 — 92%.

Gamma Knife

Highly rated Neurosurgery clinics for Pituitary adenoma treatment in India

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The Best Pituitary Adenoma Doctors in India

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Rana Patir
Gurgaon , India
Fortis Gurgaon
Online consultation

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Gurgaon, India
Fortis Gurgaon
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