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Questions and answers

Why is plastic surgery so strong in Turkey?

Selçuk Aytaç
16 years of experience
Istanbul, Turkey
Estetik International Clinic

Our doctors practice a lot. Maybe even much more than our colleagues in other countries. I think this is the reason.

Can you say a few words about yourself and your experience with Bookimed?

Selçuk Aytaç
16 years of experience
Istanbul, Turkey
Estetik International Clinic

My name is Dr. Selçuk Aytaç. I am a plastic surgeon from Turkey with more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery. I specialize in body reshaping, breast augmentation, breast lift, butt lift, post-bariatric surgeries. Also, I perform some facial operations. Our clinic (Estetik International - Ed.) works with Bookimed, so some of my patients come from the Bookimed platform. They are happy with the results. Our clinic invites everyone who wants to do plastic surgery. 

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Abdul Jalil Jidon
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Online consultation

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
25 years of experience
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Questions and answers

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that allows reconstructing, restores, or changes the human body. Plastic surgery unites two subspecialties:

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery. It is done when a patient needs to reconstruct some body parts caused by trauma, diseases, tumors, congenital deformities. Reconstructive surgery allows to restore/improve the functioning of some parts of the body and appearance.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery. It is carried out when a patient needs only to improve the appearance not body parts structure or their functioning.

What indications are for plastic surgery?

Indications for plastic surgery depends on the case. However, there are general signs when a procedure is indicated:

  • correct cosmetic defects caused by age changes
  • improve body contour
  • get rid of excess fat
  • enlarge or reduce some parts of the body
  • improve the functioning or esthetic look of some parts of the body caused by diseases or trauma.

If you have any medical issues, get a consultation with a doctor to decide whether plastic surgery is a proper option for you. 

When plastic surgery is contraindicated?

Performing of plastic surgery can be limited or canceled if a patient has some contraindications. The most common are:

  • Oncological diseases. When plastic surgery is processed, malignant cells can be replaced by accident and cause cancer spread. Also, the risk of clotting is increased.
  • Diabetes. In the case of diabetes, the blood supply is reduced, which can lead to necrosis in the operated area.
  • Smoking. A patient needs to give up smoking at least for several weeks before and after surgery. Nicotine narrows down the vessels and capillaries reducing the blood supply of tissues. As a result, the healing process goes slow and with complications.
  • Infections. If you have any infection, you need to warn your doctor and decide whether it can be a contraindication for surgery.
  • Pregnancy. Anesthesia or some medications applied during or after surgery can negatively affect the fetus.

A patient has to discuss with a plastic surgeon all existing health problems and, if necessary, undergo the medical tests. It will help to avoid possible side effects of plastic surgery and worsening health conditions.

What is preoperative preparation for plastic surgery?

The preoperative preparation for plastic surgery includes the following steps:

  1. Arrival at a chosen plastic surgery clinic.
  2. Seeing a doctor who will perform a procedure.
  3. Medical testing (blood and urine analysis + some specific tests depending on the plastic surgery type)

If you have no contraindications for plastic surgery, a doctor appoints an operation the next day after a visit. 

How long does the recovery period take?

The length of the recovery period depends on the plastic surgery type that has been performed. On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks before a patient returns to work and daily routine life. For some surgeries, it can take a year to see a final result, get rid of swelling and scars.

Is plastic surgery safe in Malaysia?

Plastic surgery is considered a safe procedure only in case you choose a qualified doctor to manage an operation. Also, you need to be realistic about the changes of your appearance and not to demand some extreme corrections of the body. To minimize complications, warn a plastic surgeon about your health conditions, some chronic diseases, infections, and bad habits.

What are the side effects of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery does not bring many side effects in case an experienced doctor carries out a procedure. However, you have to be aware of the following side effects and risks:

  • Hematomas. This is a frequent complication that occurs after all types of surgeries, not only plastic ones. Hematomas take place in about 1% of patients after breast augmentation or facelift. 
  • Swelling. After almost all intervention a patient can observe swelling. Usually, it disappears in several weeks after surgery. In some cases, it may take place for a couple of months.
  • Blood loss. Blood loss is a rare complication that can happen on the operating table or after surgery. If you feel weakness after an operation, inform your doctor.
  • Infection. This side effect takes place in about 1-2.5% of cases. To manage this condition, antibiotics can be prescribed.
  • Nerve damage. Patients often feel the numbness of the area where the operation has been performed. In most of the cases, it is temporary, and sensitivity recovers after a while.
  • Scarring. Scarring remains visible rare. In most of the cases, it disappears over time or becomes almost invisible.
  • Thrombosis. It can happen in 0.09% of all plastic surgeries. However, this is a severe complication and some cases can be even fatal. 

Does insurance cover plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by health insurance. Things are different with reconstructive surgery: if a patient needs to correct defects of appearance caused by disease or trauma, recover the functioning of some parts of the body, the insurance will cover the cost of the procedure. 

What should you know about Malaysia before the trip?


Currencythe Malaysian Ringgit or MYR (USD is also accepted)
Best period for the tripDecember-February
Visarequired, excluding patients from the US and Europe
Time difference with Europe6 hours
Time difference with the US12 hours
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Medical tourism centerKuala Lumpur
Popular resortsBunga Raya, Pangkor Laut, Shangri-la


What is the level of medicine in the country?

Medical care in Malaysia is developing by leaps. Hospitals’ services are monitored by the Ministry of Health that improves the quality of health care in the country and promotes it nationally and internationally. 

About 400 medical facilities accept local and intercontinental patients in the country. Private hospitals are accredited according to the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia. 88% of Malaysian medical centers have ISO accreditation and 16 private hospitals out of 200 are JCI-accredited (compare, Germany has only 1 JCI-accredited facility).  

Malaysia is a well-known medical tourism country due to excellent healthcare facilities and highly-skilled doctors. 90% of Malaysian specialists were trained in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Why is Malaysia trendy for medical tourism?

Malaysia has been recognized as a health and medical tourism destination of the year three times in a row by IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) and considered as a top country for international patients. 

Over 1 mln medical tourists visit Malaysia every year. Most of them are from Indonesia, however, the country is also popular with patients from India, Japan, Australia, Europe, the USA, and the Middle Eastern countries.  

Low-cost and excellent quality services are the main factors that attract millions of seekers. The health care here is up to 80% cheaper than in the USA without quality loss.

What Hotel Services Are Provided Here?

In Malaysia, there are hotels of different price ranges and service levels. Most tourists choose 4 and 5-star hotels with all-inclusive meals. Such hotels have everything for a comfortable stay: varied food, a large well-groomed territory, animation for children and adults. Some hotels have their own water park, which guests can use for free. Budget travelers can afford to book an economical 3-star hotel with half board or no meals at all.

When is the best time to travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia is characterized by consistent weather all year round. However, the best period to visit this country is in December, February, and March — the most favorable time to avoid the heavier rainy season and the great peak of the tourist season around Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year.

Do I need a visa?

Patients from the USA and Europe do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia but their stay is limited — 90 days. If your treatment requires more time, contact the Malaysian embassy in your native country to arrange long-stay visa requirements.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to Malaysia for treatment?

Visas for travel to Malaysia require a number of documents. The necessary papers can be submitted 90 days before the planned departure. List of documents includes:

  • Original passport
  • 2 photocopies of the applicant’s passport
  • 2 photocopies of the visa application form (Form IMM.47)
  • 2 passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Original and 2 photocopies of the ticket (confirmed and returned ticket)
  • Bank statement/traveler’s cheque
  • Invitation letter (if any)
  • Payment of visa fee.
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