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Highly rated Heart Surgery clinics in Thailand

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65 reviews
Review on breast cancer treatment. The patient from Ukraine had the medical trip in 2018.

Bookimed medical coordinator’s work is excellent! I’m totally satisfied with healthcare and service quality. I've got lucky with my physician. Interpreter Larisa always helps and answers all the questions as well. Работа координатора на высшем уровне!Очень довольна качеством медицины и обслуживания. Мне очень повезло с моим лечащим врачом. Есть переводчик,Лариса,всегда поможет и ответит на все вопросы.

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5 reviews

My brother (Feraidoun Hadjibabaie) had open heart surgery, the surgery was very successful, thanks to professors Burger and all his staff and all the hospital nurses. Hospital was clean and staffs were professional. In general, they are were professional with exceptional arts. Thanks and we wish all the hospital staffs all the success. Farhad

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23 reviews
Review on aortic valve insufficiency treatment. The patient from Romania had the medical trip in 2021.

Doctor Maisano was great and had a lot of patience explaining the problem to me. It helped me a lot with taking a decision in how to proceed with the treatment. The Bookimed support was great. Always easy to reach out and communicate!

81 reviews
Review on arrhythmia treatment. The patient from Ukraine had the medical trip in 2018.

Many thanks to Bookimed for your work! the operative call of the doctor !!! - a specialist who is able to understand the problem and suggest variants of the survey, a clinic, a suitable specialist. After a conversation with Pavel Popkov a few days later I had a visit to Dr. Grönefeld, to which I was traveling for a second time regarding the arrhythmia of the heart. Pavel and his colleague-coordinator in Germany-Lydia were in contact with me all the time, worried about me. On the day of the visit, I was met in Asclepios Barmbek, helped to arrange all the documents, I was introduced to the doctor and sent for examination. The clinic is modern, equipped with the latest equipment, the medical staff is friendly and speaks English. Dr. Grönefeld made the most positive impression, gave us as much time as needed, answered all the questions, explained everything and told. After the visit, I have an understanding of what I need to do next. Огромное спасибо Bookimed за вашу работу! оперативный звонок врача!!! -специалиста, который в состоянии разобраться в проблеме и предложить варианты обследования, клинику, подходящего специалиста. После беседы с Павлом Попковым уже через несколько дней у меня был назначен визит к Dr. Grönefeld, к которому я ехала за вторым мненеием относительно аритмии сердца. Павел и его коллега- координатор в Германии - Лидия все время были со мной на связи, переживали за меня. В день визита меня встретили в Асклепиос Бармбек, помогли оформить все документы, познакомили с врачом и отправили на обследование. Клиника современная, оснащена новейшим оборудованием, мед персонал приветлив и говорит по английски. Dr. Grönefeld произвел самое положительное впечатление, уделил нам столько времени, сколько потребовалось, ответил на все вопросы, все обьяснил и рассказал. После визита у меня есть понимание, что мне необходимо делать далее.

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The Best Heart Surgery Doctors in Thailand, remote doctor's consultation

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Manoon Somranthin
Pattaya , Thailand
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
Online consultation

Request for details

Pattaya, Thailand
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
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