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The average price of dental implant in Thailand is $2100, the minimum price is $1200, and the maximum price is $2850.
Thailand Turkey Germany
All-on-4 Dental Implants from $7778 from $516 -
All-on-6 Dental Implants from $13813 from $4500 -
Installation of a dental implant with crown from $1800 from $250 -
Dental Implant from $1166 from $426 from $2729
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Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor info

20.08.2018 · Updated 07.02.2020

How much are dental implants in Thailand?

As the Ministry of Health of Thailand reports, 15% of the world’ dental tourists prefer this country to any other one. Low-cost dental implants in Thailand is a primary reason why people choose this procedure here.

According to the IMTJ, thousands of people from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and even New Zealand come to Thailand to save up for teeth implants. In the USA, the total price for such a procedure is approximately $6,000, and in the Kingdom — up to $4,000. If you want to reduce the cost without quality loss, come to Bangkok or Phuket.

Where to get Thai dental implants at a reasonable price?

Most international patients who choose teeth implants in Thailand prefer to get this procedure in Bangkok or Phuket (main tourism centers of the country) and combine it with vacation. Whichever location out of these you will choose, the price does not change and remains approximately the same. The average dental implant cost in Thailand is $1,300.

Over 1,000 clinics provide dental implants in Thailand. The choice of location depends on your preferences.

  • Bangkok is a vast, always crowded, colorful city, one of the leading business, cultural and tourist centers of the Kingdom.
  • Phuket is considered one of the most respectable resorts in Thailand, where families with children and people tired of the hustle and bustle stay to rest.

What is dental implant cost in Bangkok?

Compared with other world capitals like New York or London, Bangkok provides cheap dental services. The cost of dental implants in Bangkok is up to 50% lower. Many highly-qualified and experienced specialists provide tooth implants of any type and use only modern techniques to make the patients’ smile great again.

One more reason except for cheap dental implants in Bangkok that attracts thousands of patients — an opportunity to combine their procedures with lovely holidays, visit famous sights, and admire incredible nature around.


Price per tooth

Bumrungrad Hospital from $1,000
Bangkok International Dental Center from $1,111
Smile Signature Dental Clinic from $1,230

What is the cost of dental implant cost in Phuket?

In spite of being an expensive resort island, Phuket is a cheap place for teeth implants compared with the USA. Dental implants in Phuket cost from $1,400 while in the US it reaches $3,000 — following with 50% off cost saving.

It is easy to get there by plane to an airport on the island. Besides treatment, patients can enjoy sunbathing on marvelous beaches or find an isolated beach, a personal paradise.


Price per tooth

Smile Signature Dental Clinic Phuket from $1,473
Dental Signature Phuket from $1,611

What things affect dental implant cost in Thailand?

Before installation, pay attention to the factors that influence the price: They are the following:

  • diagnostics (X-ray scans and imaging of the patient's jaws)
  • producer
  • implant types
  • technique of placement
  • surgeon’s expertise.

What does dental implants holiday in Thailand mean?

A lot of Thai medical facilities provide special dental implant packages that usually include not only the replacement itself but transfer, accommodation, and meals. Each package is individual. So the type of procedure is added to the program according to the patient's dental issues.

Teeth implant packages help to save money. You pay the solo price for all services needed, and it is 2 times cheaper than if you pay for each service separately. You can cut down expenses and spend this money for vacation and entertainment.

Specify additional information with Bookimed medical coordinator who will tell you what clinics provide dental implant holidays in Thailand and how much it costs.

What types of dental implants are performed in Thailand?


A dentist applies only 4 implants to support the prostheses. This method reduces the number of implants that allows starting the prosthesis care faster. After the procedure, recovery time is reduced and the patient can come back to his/her ordinary daily routine.

All-on-6 method for implantation

Six implants are used for prostheses support. Such implants are more durable and sterile. The risk of infection is minimal — this allows implantation, even if there is periodontal tissue inflammation. The implants are strong, stable and not exposed to atrophy.


Such implants differ from conventional ones by small size (their diameter is 2-3 mm) and the technique of installation (implanted in the surface layer of the bone).

Advantages of mini-implants:

  • Cheap prices. The method is cheaper than classic teeth placement.
  • Fast procedure. It is less invasive in comparison with traditional implant surgery and does not take much time.
  • Not require additional surgeries (jawbone augmentation for implants insertion).

Conventional dental implants

These are traditional implants offering high success rate after the procedure. They can be indicated for patients who require bone augmentation. Recovery lasts about 6 months.

Same day implants

The dentist puts an implant after a tooth removal within one procedure. A patient does not require additional visits. The procedure is less traumatic compared to the conventional procedure.

Immediate function implants

The procedure is performed within 48 hours of implant insertion.

How long do you need to stay in Thailand for a dental implant?

The longevity of your trip depends on your case. For a single replacement, you need only 2 visits over 4-6 months, but for a full dental implant in Thailand, you should include into budget 10-14 days.

How do you pay for new teeth?

In most dental clinics in this country, the procedure is paid in Thai baht. You can also pay replacement with a Visa or Mastercard. Be careful! The final dental implant cost in Thailand will be calculated according to the exchange rate for the current date.

Why do people have dental implants in Thailand?

Thailand is among the top destinations for dental treatment especially for people who want to reduce their expenses on teeth work. Check out the benefits of teeth implantation in Thailand:

  • High-quality and safe dental care. Clinics in Thailand comply with international healthcare standards and are well-equipped with the latest devices and instruments.
  • Affordable prices. A patient can save up to 50% on teeth implants in comparison with other countries. To install Thailand implant may cost from $1,000, and in the USA, 1 implant price starts from $3,000. All on 4 cost Thailand starts from $7,000 and in the United States, it's from $15,000 per arch.
  • Qualified and certified dentists. Specialists in Thailand are highly-skilled with decades of experience. Thai dentists have got international degrees and certificates which approve their high qualification.
  • Patient-friendly clinics. In Thai dental centers, staff and doctors speak English fluently. The clinics may also offer airport transfer and accommodation in a hotel.
  • Vacation & treatment. After implantation, you can admire amazing views, temples, and nature. For sea lovers, there is a big number of picturesque beaches.

Are dental implants indicated for everyone?

Teeth implantation is suitable for almost all grown-ups. This procedure is not indicated for children and people younger 18 years. Dentists do not recommend implantation for:

  • people with gum disease
  • people with diabetes
  • smokers.

Anyway, each case is special, so just consult with your doctor and decide together if dental implants are indicated for you.

How long does dental implantation last in Thai clinics?

This depends on the implantation technique and the patient’s case. For example, if you need full-mouth teeth implantation that includes such methods as All-on-4/6/8 — it can take up to 14 days. You can send your medical records to a clinic including a panoramic photo and get a preliminary treatment program. When you arrange your trip, ask Bookimed manager concerning the duration of hospital stay. Sometimes a patient needs 2 visits especially if there is a lack of bone tissue.

How to get a cost of dental implants in Thailand?

  • Submit a request on Bookimed and the manager will contact you shortly.
  • We provide you with all necessary info concerning dental implant cost Thailand
  • If you have the images of your jaws or some medical records, we send them to a chosen clinic.
  • A clinic sends you a preliminary invoice with a treatment plan.
  • If you approve the prices, we start arranging your dental vacation to Thailand.
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