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How much does lasik eye surgery cost in Thailand?

The average price of lasik eye surgery in Thailand is $2650.
Thailand Turkey Germany Israel
LASIK eye surgery - from $1386 from $924 -
  • Below average
  • Above average
According to 3 clinics presented in the ranking

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BGN Eye Clinic
BGN Eye Clinic Republic of Korea, Busan
Medical procedures Included
LASIK eye surgery
Consultation and examination before surgery CUSTOM LASIK Laser vision correction Postoperative drops
24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during a medical travel

EuroEyes Clinic
Total price
EuroEyes Clinic Germany, Hamburg
Medical procedures Included
LASIK eye surgery
Сonsultation with Ophthalmologist Preoperative examination All supplies and medicines 3 postoperative examinations
Transfer keyboard_arrow_down
Regular transfer
Консультация офтальмолога Предоперационное обследование Все расходные материалы и медикаменты 3 послеоперационных осмотра
24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during a medical travel

Asan Medical Center
Total price
$10000 $13000
Asan Medical Center Republic of Korea, Seoul
Medical procedures Included
LASIK eye surgery
Consultation with Ophthalmologist Preoperative diagnosis Lasik Laser Eye Surgery (both eyes)
24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during a medical travel

How many days do I need to stay in Thailand?
1 day
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel breakfast included — $70. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $40. Lunch & dinner — $20.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK and the USA: visa is not required.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Thailand.
What payment options are available?
Cash, credit сards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
Flight tickets to Thailand: are not included in the price.
Transfer: some clinics offer an airport-clinic-airport transfer.

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The Best LASIK Eye Surgery Doctors in Thailand

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Teeravee Hongyok
Bangkok , Thailand
Bumrungrad International Hospital
( 65 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Bangkok, Thailand
Bumrungrad International Hospital
Ophthalmologist, Specialist in cornea transplant
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LASIK eye surgery
About the procedure
From $2650
Local anesthesia
1 days in hospital
1 days in country
1 hours duration
Questions and answers

What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is one of the most popular and safe options to restore vision. This high-tech operation allows you to correct even the most serious violations in the shortest term.

The LASIK eye surgery is performed using an excimer laser generating powerful ultraviolet radiation. Laser radiation acts directly on the inner layers of the cornea and the outer surface of an eye is preliminarily bent through a microsurgical incision.

What are the main advantages of LASIK operation in Thailand?

The LASIK eye surgery in Thailand is popular due to some indisputable benefits:

  • 96% of patients have vision enhancement after the surgery
  • the LASIK method is recognized by the world-leading ophthalmologists as a safe and effective procedure
  • necessary outcomes are achieved with minimal risks and side effects
  • it is possible to correct the vision in both eyes in one procedure
  • the procedure takes 10 minutes
  • LASIK has the widest range of applications: it corrects both myopia, hyperopia and eliminates astigmatism
  • the result of the operation is stable — the risk of subsequent visual impairment is minimal.

What are the detriments of the LASIK vision correction surgery?

The LASIK laser correction procedure also has some disadvantages that you should be aware of before going into the surgery:

  • age restrictions — persons under 18 years of age cannot have LASIK surgery because the vision change in a child or adolescent in the future is very difficult to predict. The maximum age for the operation is 65 years (depending on the technical capabilities of the clinic)
  • high price — the procedure is not expensive, however, you will spend significantly more money on glasses or lenses
  • medical contraindications — eyelid diseases, individual features of an eye structure, and so on.

Who is a candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

Specialists recommend LASIK surgery to patients aged 18-65 years to treat the following diseases:

  • myopia — up to -12D (in individual cases — up to -15D)
  • farsightedness — up to +6D
  • astigmatism — up to ± 6D.

What are the contraindications for the LASIK procedure?

Doctors do not recommend laser eye correction for patients with cataracts, glaucoma, keratoconus, as well as with diabetes, arthritis, blood vessel diseases.

The operation is strictly contraindicated for patients with progressive visual impairment, eye inflammation, lens spasms, for pregnant women, or during the lactating period. The doctor may detect some individual contraindications during a preliminary examination.

What diagnostics are needed before the operation?

Diagnostic tests are necessary before the procedure. Only after that specialists develop an individual treatment plan. Diagnostics is performed using modern computerized equipment, which allows you to assess the parameters of the visual system, identify the cause of visual impairment, and predict the result of the operation more accurately.

The diagnostic program usually includes:

  • hepatitis B and C blood tests
  • Wassermann test (WR)
  • HIV antibody/antigen test
  • general blood analysis
  • electrocardiogram (EKG).

Tests should be passed no more than a month before the procedure.

Except for the blood tests, the patient needs to undergo eye examinations as:

  • Refractive error diagnosis
  • Wavefront (CustomVue)
  • Optical quality analysis system (OQAS)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT).

What are the steps of LASIK eye surgery?

The LASIK procedure is minimally invasive and does not affect the internal tissues of the eye. It is carried out in several steps and takes 10-15 minutes. 

  1. An ophthalmologist administers local anesthesia using eye drops.
  2. The doctor forms a flap of the upper layer of the cornea and bends it with a microsurgical instrument (microkeratome) or a Femto laser.
  3. With the help of an excimer laser, the doctor acts on the cornea deep layers forming the desired curvature of its surface.
  4. The flap of the cornea layer is returned to the place and fixed.
  5. The cornea is treated with an anti-inflammatory drug.

How long is rehabilitation after the operation in Thailand?

Vision correction with LASIK technique does not require hospitalization. The operated person stays in the clinic for 1.5-2 hours. 

The preparative period lasts 10-20 minutes, the operation itself — 10-15 minutes. After the correction, the patient has a rest for about an hour, then the doctor examines him/her and gives recommendations. The patient gets a set of medications, including eye drops, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

In 24-48 hours after the surgery, the patient comes back to the clinic in Thailand for an eye check-up. Read more about the rehab after the LASIK procedure here.

What are the risks of LASIK eye surgery?

The risk of complications after the LASIK eye correction is minimal. 96% is a success rate of this laser surgery. However, it is still a surgery, so possible complications are:

  • drooping eyelids or ptosis (temporary)
  • corneal edema
  • dry eye syndrome (DES)
  • allergic reaction
  • slow wound healing
  • epithelial ingrowth under the flap
  • vision regression
  • astigmatism.

To reduce possible risks, it is necessary not to ignore the postoperative examination and follow all the doctor's recommendations.

What should you know about Thailand before the trip?

Official name

The Kingdom of Thailand


Thai Baht (you also can pay for services in dollars)

Best period for the trip

November-early April


Thai (most of medical staff speaks English fluently)


is required for a trip of 3-6 months

Time difference with Europe

7 hours

Time difference with the USA

12 hours



Medical tourism center


Popular resorts

Koh Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Chang, Hua Hin

What is the level of medicine in Thailand?

Healthcare is the key development sector of the Thai government. The Thai authorities are convinced that care for the citizens' health should be an absolute priority of state policy and spend about 25 billion baht for healthcare annually.

As a result, 36,673 medical facilities provide excellent medical care in the country. 64 centers in the Kingdom have certificate of JCI (Joint Commission International), the international improver of healthcare quality and safety across the globe. The index of certificates obtained is the largest. To compare, Israel has 20 JCI-accredited facilities, and Germany — only 10 clinics of this type.

Why is Thailand trendy for medical tourism?

The Kingdom of Thailand is also a well-known country globally due to high-skilled doctors that undergo internships in American and European institutions. Patients from Japan, China, Myanmar and the Middle Eastern countries prefer treatment in Thailand to other places.

Highly developed medical centers and first-rate therapeutic services at affordable prices attract people from all over the world. Over 2.5 mln international patients travel to Thailand annually. So Thailand is among Top 10 countries with the most developed medical tourism sector.

Thailand is a top destination for medical tourists because of low-costs. You may save up to 75% on services compared to European countries or the USA due to the average local citizens' income and general price policy within the country.

What hotel service is provided here?

In the Kingdom of Thailand, hotels of different price ranges and service levels are presented. The level of Thai hotels is comparable to hotels in Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. Most tourists choose 4 and 5 star hotels with all-inclusive meals. Such hotels have everything for a comfortable stay: varied food, a large well-groomed territory, animation for children and adults. Some hotels have their own water park, which guests can use for free. Budget travelers can afford to book an economical 3-star hotel with half board or no meals at all.

When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

The main advantage of Thai resorts is the long beach season. On the east coast and west coast the climate features are different, so take it into account when planning the trip. The best time to travel is during the cool and dry season between November and early April. A large influx of tourists is in March-May, when the air temperature is +30°C.

Do I need a visa?

For now, the Kingdom of Thailand requires different visa regimens for diverse states. Some foreigners can stay in the country 60 days without visa control, some of them — only 14 days.

How long you can stay in Thailand and what countries can cross the border easy read here.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to Thailand for treatment?

Visas for travel to Thailand require a number of documents. The necessary papers can be submitted 90 days before the planned departure. The list of documents includes:

  • ID card
  • confirmation of online registration and filling out the questionnaire
  • certificate of income and availability of funds (20,000 baht per person/40,000 baht per family)
  • insurance policy for a stay in Thailand (original and copy)
  • 2 photos (4x6)
  • visa receipt
  • booking of round-trip air ticket (paid in full) and hotel
  • medical opinion about the need for treatment.
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