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Mar 19, 2019

Bad impressions from the clinic. We met well, the translator helped with the registration and on the visit to the doctor. But the doctor practically did not look at the child, talked through a translator, asked all the time the conclusion from the Moscow clinic. What for?? I must examine and diagnose myself! I assigned an eeg, paid for it, made no information when the conclusion was made whether the procedure was carried out correctly, the child fell asleep, I asked the sister to sleep, she doesn’t know .. now the big problem is how to take the conclusion and eeg schedules. There are no documents that did research. They tormented the child, paid about $ 200 and that's it .. Nobody warned that the conclusion should be paid separately! Now they are asking for 90 Dirhams for this too! Нехорошие впечатления от клиники. Встретили хорошо, переводчица помогла с регистрацией и на визите у врача. Но врач практически не смотрел ребёнка, разговаривал через переводчицу, просил все время заключение из Московской клиники. Зачем?? Сам должен осмотреть и поставить свой диагноз! Назначил ээг, оплатили, сделали, никакой информации когда будет заключение, правильно ли проводилась процедура, ребёнок уснул, спрашиваю у сестры можно спать, она не знает.. теперь большая проблема как забрать заключение и графики ээг. Никаких документов, что делали исследование нет. Промучали ребёнка, заплатили около 200$ и все.. Никто не предупреждал, что заключение нужно оплачивать отдельно! Теперь просят 90 Дирхам ещё и за это!

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Feb 22, 2020

I would like to thank Zulekha Hospital & specially the great surgeon Dr. Sajid Ali to carry out successful surgeries that done for me . And I thank the all staff & everyone for their great interest, hospitality , management & especially their humanity. Because they are a humanitarian institution before it is a wonderful medical center or hospital . Thank you Zulekha & Dr. Sajad

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Sep 20, 2019

So far so good. I am so impressed. Hopefully every other thing will go so well as expected or even more than I expected.

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May 24, 2019

Here is my feed-back for the visit to Praxis Dr. Kaminski at Dr. Michael Wenders: I have been awaited for that visit as scheduled. I was received in profesional manner, being asked about my medical status. Then, the medical consultation followed in which I received informations about my topic and specific investigations where performed. Based on these, a medical treatement was discussed. I am very good impressed about this visit. Thank you for helping me having it. Best regards, Radu

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