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Feb 27, 2020

Consultant care is fabulous - cannot be faulted - however... Overdue excess fee of £130.00 (hardly the King's Ransom!) letters were addressed to my son (needless to say - not the person who was paying the bill!) - so I wasn't getting the reminders... then Admin person has the audacity to phone me at work to chase the money!!! Disgusted with the customer service I have been shown this afternoon! Literally disgusted! Such a shame as Mr Woods was so fantastic, it is always an admin person with a superiority complex that spoils the ENTIRE customer experience. So cross. If you want me to may the bill, address the letters correctly and maybe be polite when you call!!

Feb 26, 2020

HCA I received treatment for AML at UCLH. The treatment was successful. Below is a link to a documentary that I have made about patients living with Graft Versus Host Disease https://youtu.be/DI0TOq_gHEY It features the good treatment I had at the private wing of UCLH and it might be a helpful to both patients and professionals. Please share because more understanding of this condition will be a lot of help to patients. Wilfred Emmanuel Jones

Aug 11, 2019

Beware - customer care is non existent, glossy brochure but nothing helpful such as pre-admission info which is paramount, at the Portland Hospital consultant was excellent & nursing staff great but aftercare is shocking money spinning out of hours doctor service at £350 an appointment. Recommend seeking alternatives to HCA Healthcare.

Jul 24, 2019

😊 not our wonderful NHS This must be some kind of private treatment

Sep 12, 2019

This place is beyond a joke. Before my surgery I was told I had to pay up front to later be refunded by my insurer. I did as I was told. But still provided my insurance details on all my forms when it came it all my appointments. However I was logged as a 'self- pay'. For the last month I have been trying to sort this to get my money back. I finally had my insurer pay HCA and now they are saying they cant find the payment. That's despite me sending the invoice and remit. Now… they have my money and my insurers money. Clearly they have my money. They have the evidence of that in two documents and I have a further document proving they have been paid. All i keep getting is 'we will check this friday and see if it's hit the account'. Payment was sent 29/08/2019. I am a final year PhD student. I don't have much money. The money I did use was a loan. I think it's disgusting what you've done.

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