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Costs of ophthalmology procedures
Procedures Prices
Laser eye surgery $940 - $11100
Botox injections $190 - $1800
LASIK eye surgery $600 - $13000
Cataract surgery with IOL replacement $480 - $22000
Laser trabeculoplasty $250 - $4200

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for ophthalmology procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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My assessment of the clinic was only because I did not stay there, only about 20 minutes for an OSTA examination. I was expecting a full examination because I was invited to the Ichilov-Surasky clinic, but was only in two private clinics for consultations. I chose the Vital hotel exclusively because of Considerations to be close to the clinic. Thank you very much Bookimed for choosing a clinic for us for 3 months and keeping in touch with us throughout the time that we were there, but their partners who deal with us upon arrival in the country are negligent about worn and not fully perform their obyazonnosti.Im want to advise humanity, we (people with health) eat with the hope of recovery! I wish you all Health and Kindness! Моя оценка клинике только потому что я там не пребывала,всего лишь раз ито минут 20 на обследование ОСТА,Ожидала полного обследования так как была приглашена в клинику Ихилов-Сураски,но была только в двух частных клиниках на консультации.Выбирала отель Виталь исключительно из за соображений быть рядом с клиникой.Скажу спасибо огромное Bookimed за то что на протяжении 3 месяцев подбирали нам клинику и поддерживали с нами связь на протяжении всего времени что мы там находились,но их партнеры которые занимаются нами по прибытию в страну халатно относятся и не до конца выполняют свои обязонности.Им хочу посоветовать человечности,мы (люди со здоровьем)едим с надеждой о выздоровлении !Желаю всем Здоровья и Доброты!

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Review on brain cyst treatment. The patient from Romania had the medical trip in 2018.

The collaboration with dr. Eugene Nazarenko was spot on. He was very professional, reassuring, patient, and very well advising us and he had replied very quick so we could arrange a life changing operation for father in less than 2 weeks. My father has been treated already and he is on his way back home with his life saved, and he states that he received the best care ever. Amazing experience. Thank you Eugene !

79 reviews

The arrivals and examination at the clinic were top notch, highly qualified specialists and the latest equipment. We will fly to this clinic for repeated examinations, as it should be observed in dynamics. I also really liked the accompaniment and the translator in one person (Vladimir). Прибывания и обследование в клинике прошло на высшем уровне, высококвалифицированные специалисты и новейшие оборудование. Будем прилетать в эту клинику на повторные обследования, так как надо наблюдаться в динамике. Также очень понравилось сопровождение и переводчик в одном лице ( Владимир).

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Review on epilepsy treatment. The patient from Russian Federation had the medical trip in 2020.

We chose the doctor and the clinic carefully and were not mistaken. Many thanks to Professor Kursad Aydin, a very competent specialist, everything was at the highest level. I am also very grateful to our translator Maya, Врача и клинику мы выбирали тщательно и не ошиблись. Огромное спасибо профессору Kursad Aydin, очень грамотный специалист, все было на высшем уровне. Ещё благодарна очень нашему переводчику Майе,

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Best Ophthalmology doctors in the world provide a remote medical advice

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Chetan Prakash
Orthopedic surgeon
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Zulekha Hospital Dubai
( 15 reviews )
Online consultation

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Zulekha Hospital Dubai
r. Chetan PrakashMBBS, D-Ortho, DNB (Ortho)Specialist Orthopedic SurgeonWork Experience Dr. Chetan Prakash has worked with many prestigious hospitals abroad as an orthopaedic surgeon. He underwent advanced training in hip and knee replacements, revision surgery & hip resurfacing from the prestig ...
Fekry El Deeb
Interventional cardiologist
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Zulekha Hospital Dubai
( 15 reviews )
Online consultation

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Zulekha Hospital Dubai
Ebru Acar
İzmir , Turkey
Dr. Ebru Acar's Eye Clinic
Online consultation

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İzmir, Turkey
Dr. Ebru Acar's Eye Clinic
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44 positive reviews on ophthalmology

Vladislav Mar 6, 2020
The patient was treated of strabismus in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

I was very pleased with the stay and treatment at the clinic. The attending physician, Dr. Al-Zamir, a highly competent professional, underwent surgery, which I was also pleased with. The clinic staff is wonderful and friendly. In general, I was satisfied, I recommend this clinic Пребыванием и лечением в клинике остался очень доволен. Лечащий врач, доктор Аль-Замир - высококомпетентный профессионал - провел операцию, результатом которой я также остался доволен. Персонал клиники замечательный и дружелюбный. В целом остался доволен, рекомендую данную клинику

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Mihaela Feb 27, 2020
The patient was treated of cataract in Confraternitaet Private Hospital

Everything was fine. Bookimed was very kind to find me an appointment pretty short notice in Vienna. The surgent was very professional. The only thing I would have preferred was to pay with a credit card. I had to go to an ATM and pay cash.


Mohanad Razzaq Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 13, 2020

Thanks a lot for your kind words , stay always healthy .

Olga Dec 3, 2019
The patient was treated of strabismus in Noviy Zir Hospitals Group

Everything suits me, I really liked the attitude of the Bookimed workers, the process of work, helpful people, always helped, I really like it. The clinic is equipped, the order of cleanliness, comfortably comfortable. I really like. Меня все устраивает, очень мне понравилось отношение работников Букимед, сам процесс работы, отзывчивые люди, всегда помогали, мне очень нравится.
Клиника обустроенная, порядок чистота, уютно комфортно.
мне очень нравится.

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Milana Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of strabismus in Noviy Zir Hospitals Group

There was a slight misunderstanding in the treatment process; after a month, there was no apparatus for assessing visual acuity. At the consultation, we managed to ask all the questions we were interested in, but the consultation went very quickly, and in general we are satisfied. В процессе лечения было небольшое недоразумение, не оказалось, спустя месяц, аппарата для оценки остроты зрения. На консультации мы успели задать все интересующие вопросы, но консультация прошла очень быстро, а в целом мы довольны.

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Ihor Kobylinskyi Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 19, 2019

Надежда, спасибо за Ваш отзыв! Очень рады, что помогли Вам. Желаю здоровья Вам и вашим близким!

Zinaida Jul 30, 2019
The patient was treated of cataract in Medipol Mega University Hospital

I want to thank the team of the company Bookined sch rendered assistance in organizing a medical examination of my daughter Anastasia in the clinic Medipol Istanbul Хочу поблагодарить команду компании Bookined за оказанную помощь в организации медицинского обследования моей дочери Анастасии в клинике Медипол г.Стамбул.(офтальмология)
С врачом - координатором Катериной мы сотрудничаем уже продолжительное время. Катерина профессионал своего дела.
Приятная в общении. Быстро ориентируется в решении любых вопросов.
Мы очень довольны уровнем обслуживания в клинике Медипол. Осмотр был проведен внимательно, детально и глубоко с ответственным профессиональным подходом. Установлен правильный диагноз. Назначенный курс лечения.
Все посещения к врачу на назначенный час, что давало возможность делать все быстро и оставалось время для экскурсий и личных дел.
Спасибо за организацию проживания и транспорт.
Большая благодарность команде координаторов по сопровождению (24/7) на протяжении всей поездки и до отъезда домой Фариде и Зульфие за забату, профессионализм и большую человечность.
Готовы дальше сотрудничать до полного завершения лечения.

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Kate Bonko Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 2, 2019

Спасибо за отзыв и комментарий касательно работы команды Bookimed. Желаем скорейшего выздоровления. Всегда готовы помочь. С уважением Екатерина

9 negative reviews on ophthalmology

Valentina Feb 18, 2019
The patient was treated of eye injury in Noviy Zir Hospitals Group

We applied to the clinic for the purpose of examining the eye for the subsequent sending of documents to a German clinic to determine a treatment plan. We are not satisfied with the quality of the examination in the clinic. Although it was agreed that the survey will need eyes after a thermochemical burn and several operations. Honey. the staff did not know how to examine such an eye. For 900 UAH we were given visual acuity and eye pressure of a healthy eye. True, we refused to drip and look at the fundus in the healthy eye. The diseased eye was left without examination, they said that they had encountered this for the first time. В клинику мы обратились с целью обследования глаза для последующего отправления документов в немецкую клинику для определения плана лечения. Мы не довольны качеством обследования в клинике. Хотя было оговорено, что обследование понадобится глаза после термо- химического ожога и нескольких операций. Мед. персонал не знали, как обследовать такой глаз. За 900 грн нам сделали замер остроты зрения и глазное давление здорового глаза. Правда, капать и смотреть глазное дно в здоровом глазу мы отказались. Больной глаз остался без обследования,они сказали, что первый раз с таким сталкиваются.

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Sergey Dec 13, 2017
The patient was treated of retinal detachment in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

I have retina detachments issues therefore I applied this group of individuals. When we agreed there was one professor the one week prior to my arrival we retired and I was offered Dr. Shaudig whom i eventually never met. On meeting in the reception I was advised that said professor was ill today. So I was routinely and e consumer,inglese inspected by a couple of young 1doctors who told me nothing new in the end. The story cost me min 1000 Euros. For just nothing. It could look funny that such cases still occur in the 21 sr century in Western Europe. I was promised a report on my case from the Professor but I’m still looking forward to enjoy it. This circus took places in a Hamburg 28.11.17. Think twice everyone. Not all the gold that glitters

Anonymous Nov 13, 2018
The patient was treated of strabismus in Assuta Medical Center

The doctor is competent enough Врач достаточно компетентен

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FAQ about Ophthalmology

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

19.11.2013 · Updated 14.04.2020

Where is the best eye hospital in the world? Advantages and disadvantages of ophthalmology treatment in different countries



  • Germany is considered as the leader in ophthalmology. Eye treatment in Germany is one of the most successful in Europe and the world;
  • Medicines used by doctors in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases prevent further deterioration of vision in 90% of patients; 30% of patients have an improvement in image;
  • The German doctors are the best eye surgeons in the world. They use cutting-edge canners and laser systems to provide the most effective treatment.


  • The cost of medical services in Germany is 40% higher than in countries of Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Foreign patients need a visa to enter the county, except the citizens of the European Union.
  • All German hospitals work on the system of prepaying. A patient should pay a percentage of the price before starting the treatment. This percent is different for citizens of different countries.

  • Turkey


  • The cost of laser correction in Turkey is 2 times lower than in Europe, and the quality of ophthalmologic services at the European level. It is 80% cheaper than in the UK, US, and Australia.
  • Top ophthalmology hospitals provide patients with check-up programs(diagnostics of the whole body), the cost of which is available to almost everyone.
  • Foreign patients do not need a visa for entering the country.


  • The language barrier. Not all, but just a few doctors speak English.
  • A patient may face troubles in obtaining documents required for foreign patients.

  • India


  • Low cost. Quality services are at 40% lower prices than in European countries.
  • High level of service in leading hospitals. Large clinics offer high-quality medical services, have the latest diagnostic and treatment devices, comfortable wards.
  • Language. English-speaking doctors and staff who educated in Europe or the USA provide high-quality medical services in large institutions.
  • Waiting time. The minimal or total absence of waiting for services.


  • People are lack of information on the healthcare system in India. That’s why the patients hesitate about qualification of Indian specialists.
  • The infrastructure of India is far from European standards.
  • Cultural differences. Foreign patients can’t accept some aspects (religion, culture and even hygiene).
  • For citizens of foreign countries, except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan, a visa is required to enter India.



  • Highly qualified specialists. Best ophthalmologists in the world work in Israeli medical centers.
  • Specialists of top eye clinics provide complex techniques for more effective treatment. A lot of such technologies were developed or improved in Israel.
  • Best eye hospitals offer a high level of medical facilities and equipment.
  • In most clinics, the staff speaks English, Russian and Arabic.
  • Foreign patients do not need a visa to get treatment in Israel.


  • The prices are significantly higher than in other Asian countries. However, the cost in top eye hospitals in Israel is on the same level than in European ones.
  • Political situation. The conflict with Palestine and Arab countries (United Arab Emirates, Iran and Syria) is one of the reasons why many people do not request to Israeli clinics.

What should a patient pay attention to choosing top ophthalmology hospital?

  • Accreditation. An important criterion in choosing a medical institution is its compliance with international standards. Appropriate certificates guarantee high-quality treatment and patient care. It is necessary to find out if the medical center you are interested in, has a license to provide the medical services that you need.

Best eye hospitals in the world usually have 2 worldwide known accreditations of medical institutions:

  • JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation;
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Specialists. The success and effectiveness of treatment depend mainly on the qualifications of the doctor.

When you choose a clinic, take notice if there are such specialists who can provide highly qualified help in the treatment of your disease.

  • Equipment. Best ophthalmology hospitals in the world are equipped with all necessary technologies for the highest accuracy of the treatment.

Where can you find the best eye treatment in the world?

The most common and the most effective type of ophthalmology treatments is laser surgery LASIK. Ophthalmologists of medical centers in Germany, Turkey, India and Israel perform this type of laser surgery with a success rate up to 95%.

Best eye treatment option. LASIK surgery for eye treatment.

What are the advantages of the LASIK vision correction?

The benefits of the vision correction with LASIK are:

  • The surgery is safe. Best ophthalmologists observe patients for a long time before and after the procedure. Observing helps doctors to prevent complications after the laser surgery.
  • Suitable for treatment of all types of visual impairment. If a patient has no contraindications, then laser correction can restore vision almost at all the most common degrees of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism,
  • Suitable for patients of any age. Patients aged 18 to 55 are the optimal candidates for this procedure.
  • The quickness of operating. The operating time of the laser surgery takes a few seconds - 1 minute. The rest of the time is spent on preoperative procedures and takes 10 minutes per eye.
  • The absence of pain at all stages of the operation. The ophthalmologists instill anesthetic drops in the eyes, which block pain sensitivity. A patient has only a feeling of pressure at some stages of the surgery.
  • The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Within an hour after the operation, a patient may come home.
  • Quick recovery of vision. 2 hours after the operation a patient can evaluate the first results of laser correction of vision. During 1 week, vision is stabilized.
  • Longevity of the operation results. After the laser correction of vision, the shape of the cornea persists for whole life. If a patient does not have progressive myopia, the result of the operation remains for many years.

How to choose the best optical hospital?

Bookimed is a team of doctors who provide a patient with the necessary information and help to choose the best treatment options. The company employs practicing doctors, not the call center managers. Doctors face the problems of patients every day and know everything about the methods and benefits of treating diseases in clinics.

If you have any questions or in doubt with a chosen clinic, ask our Doctor-Coordinator, and he/she will provide you with information of:

  • top eye hospitals in the world;
  • the most suitable treatment options in your case;
  • statistical data on the success of the ophthalmology treatment;
  • give you advice about the best ophthalmologist in the world.
Procedure Turkey Germany Israel
Treatment of cataract
Cataracts in Children from 13040$ - -
Cataract from 1840$ - -
Treatment of keratoconus
Corneal Transplant from 8290$ - -
Treatment of myopia
Myopia Diagnosis + Excimer Laser procedure from 1605$ - -
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