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Searching for Pediatric Oncology hospitals? Check the ranking of 74 pediatric oncology clinics based on 17 reviews, find 36 top doctors. The listing represents prices for 33 medical tests and 21 treatment procedures for Pediatric Oncology.

Costs of pediatric oncology procedures
Procedures Prices
Radiotherapy $500 - $30000
Brain tumor removal $6200 - $47100
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas $500 - $25900
Lymphoma chemotherapy $850 - $5000
MRI of one area $100 - $1900
Biopsy $30 - $4900
Tumor Marker Blood Test $30 - $500
Angiography $550 - $5450

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for pediatric oncology procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

Below are represented the best pediatric oncology hospitals with the average success rate of cancer — 80%. The advantages of these children’s cancer treatment centers:

  • Focus on the organ-preserving surgeries. The best pediatric cancer hospitals apply innovative techniques that allow preserving the eye in case of retinoblastoma, the limbs in case of sarcomas in 75-85% of cases.
  • Molecular and genetic tests of the tumor to choose the most adequate therapies (for instance, innovative and sparing chemo-, immuno-, and targeted ones).
  • Pediatric cancer treatment centers are designed as huge entertainment centers for children, so a little patient will forget about a disease and feel comfortable. Such positive atmosphere also increases chances for recovery.

Choosing the children's cancer hospital, take into account that the centers have different price policy and response speed that is important when the treatment is required immediately.

To speed up the pediatric treatment arrangement, submit a request on Bookimed. Our Medical Doctor will contact you to find the most competent children cancer hospital to treat a particular oncological disease and arrange the treatment as soon as possible — in 3 days for urgent cases.

Bookimed services do not affect the price from the hospital, you pay all charges right at the chosen pediatric cancer center.

Highly rated Pediatric Oncology clinics by real patients

The hospitals ranking is based on 400 requests, 55 patient reviews, prices, and information from 74 clinics

70 reviews
Review on thrombocytopenia treatment. The patient from Ukraine had the medical trip in 2018.

I am very grateful to the Bookimed employees for organizing my trip to the Helios clinic. With your help, the worst and the unknown turned out to be a wonderful reality. The examination and attitude of the clinic staff deserve the highest praise. Doctors and nurses are very nice and kind people. All procedures were carried out quickly and professionally. As for the organization of the consultation, the flight, the accommodation and the translator, the Bookimed employees worked clearly and quickly, which greatly simplified the whole process of organizing my trip to Berlin. I would like to express special thanks to the translator Elena Tkach, who not only professionally performed her duties, but at the right moment was a good psychologist for me. Thank you all very much for your decency and humanity! Очень благодарна сотрудникам компании Bookimed за организацию моей поездки в клинику Хелиос. С вашей помощью всё самое страшное и неизвестное оказалось замечательной реальностью. Обследование и отношение персонала клиники заслуживают самой высокой оценки. Врачи и медсестры очень приятные и добрые люди. Все процедуры были проведены быстро и проффесионально. Что касается организации консультации, перелета, проживания и переводчика, то сотрудники компании Bookimed работали четко и быстро, что значительно упростило весь процес организации моей поездки в Берлин. Отдельную благодарность хочу выразить переводчику Елене Ткач, которая не только професионально исполняла свои обязанности, но и в нужный момент была хорошим психологом для меня. Спасибо вам всем большое за порядочность и человечность!

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Video review
250 reviews

Hello. First, I want to wish you good health. To begin with, my sister and I met at the airport, brought to the Titanic Hotel at 10:00, we had breakfast there, and waited until 12:00 until the room was completed. I advise you to stay at this hotel, as the clinic itself is located nearby. We were already waiting for us at the clinic, everything went well, we made a diagnosis based on the images, glasses and blocks that we brought with us. Doctors patient, answered our questions professionally. I want to tell you that the clinic has a good dining room, where you can dine for 20-40lir for two people. Cheaper than a hotel. I express my deep gratitude to the whole team for your hardworking work. Regards, Almira and Dinara. Здравствуйте. Во первых хочу вам пожелать крепко здоровья. Начну с того, что нас с сестрой встретили в аэропору, привезли в отель Титаник в 10:00, там мы позавтракали, прождали до 12:00 часов пока осводится номер. Советую в этом отеле останавливаться, так как рядом находится сама клиника. В клинике нас уже ждали, все пршло благополучно, поставили диагноз на основании снимков, стекол и блоков которые мы привезли с собой. Врачи терпеливые, отвечали на наши вопросы профессинально. Хочу подсказать вам, что в клинике есть хорошая столовая, там можно пообедать на 20-40лир на две персоны. Дешевле чем в гостинице. Выражаю всему коллективу огромную благодарность за ваш крапотливый труд. С уважением, Альмира и Динара.

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251 reviews

Thank you for everything being fine. Of course there were cons, but in general everything was fine. I really liked it, the meeting was organized, Medipol worked harmoniously. The managers from the clinic helped completely. There is a room with three meals a day, the room is clean, they did not require additional payment. The clinic is very specialized, individual approach to each patient, polite and attentive. Many thanks also to Dmitry and the coordinators in the clinic. Irada, Ainur, Timur, Iran many thanks to each of them for their help with any question and help at any time of the day. In general, I liked everything very much and the quality of work, they move as a single mechanism. Thank you, I am delighted with their work. Спасибо за то, что все было хорошо. Были конечно минусы, но в общем все было хорошо. Мне очень понравилось, встреча организована, Медиполь работали слажено. Менеджеры из клиники помогали полностью. Номер с трехразовым питанием есть, номер чистый, дополнительную оплату не требовали. Клиника очень специализированная, индивидуальный подход к каждому пациенту, вежливые и внимательные. Большое спасибо так же Дмитрию и координаторам в клинике. Ирада, Айнур, Тимур, Иран большое спасибо каждому из них за помощь с любым вопросом и помощь в любое время суток. В целом очень все понравилось и качество работы, двигаются как единый механизм. Спасибо, я в восторге от их работы.

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121 reviews

My assessment of the clinic was only because I did not stay there, only about 20 minutes for an OSTA examination. I was expecting a full examination because I was invited to the Ichilov-Surasky clinic, but was only in two private clinics for consultations. I chose the Vital hotel exclusively because of Considerations to be close to the clinic. Thank you very much Bookimed for choosing a clinic for us for 3 months and keeping in touch with us throughout the time that we were there, but their partners who deal with us upon arrival in the country are negligent about worn and not fully perform their obyazonnosti.Im want to advise humanity, we (people with health) eat with the hope of recovery! I wish you all Health and Kindness! Моя оценка клинике только потому что я там не пребывала,всего лишь раз ито минут 20 на обследование ОСТА,Ожидала полного обследования так как была приглашена в клинику Ихилов-Сураски,но была только в двух частных клиниках на консультации.Выбирала отель Виталь исключительно из за соображений быть рядом с клиникой.Скажу спасибо огромное Bookimed за то что на протяжении 3 месяцев подбирали нам клинику и поддерживали с нами связь на протяжении всего времени что мы там находились,но их партнеры которые занимаются нами по прибытию в страну халатно относятся и не до конца выполняют свои обязонности.Им хочу посоветовать человечности,мы (люди со здоровьем)едим с надеждой о выздоровлении !Желаю всем Здоровья и Доброты!

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245 reviews

The clinic has a very good atmosphere, despite the fact that it is a hospital. Stay in this clinic can be compared with a sanatorium. The doctors are qualified, they explain everything in detail, they are treated with respect. The chamber is very comfortable, beautiful view from the window, which helps to switch a little from the disease. There is wi-fi in the ward, which is very important for foreign patients, since you can always contact your relatives without any problems. There is a TV, a fridge, a shower and a toilet in the ward. I am very pleased with the book service, namely Katerina and Daria, as they facilitated all the organizational issues. We picked up the necessary flight at the best price. I was very worried that when we arrived at the airport we would reach the clinic without knowing the language. But bookimed takes care of his patients, we were met by a transfer, brought to the clinic, held to the reception, helped to arrange all the documents. If there were any questions, Daria and Katerina are always in touch and always helped to resolve any issue. I am very pleased with the clinic that bookimed offered us. Cun underwent five operations that were successful and now, every day his son is getting better. My advice to everyone, if you are told in Ukraine that nothing can be done or just watch, do not give in and be sure to contact bookimed to get advice from experienced doctors according to your diagnosis. So, as in Ukraine there are not many devices, without which doctors refuse to perform certain operations. And naturally they do not have the necessary experience in treating certain diagnoses. I used to think how to get advice abroad if I have never been abroad in my life. It turns out everything is very simple, you just need to contact bookimed, and they organize a consultation with the doctor who is needed for you. Once again I want to express my deep gratitude to Katerina and Darya for all that they have done for my son and me !!! В клинике очень хорошая атмосфера, не смотря на то, что это больница. Пребывание в этой клинике можно сравнить с санаторием. Доктора квалифицированные, все детально объясняют, относятся с уважением. Палата очень комфортная, красивый вид с окна, который помогает немного переключиться от болезни. В палате есть wi-fi, что очень важно для иностранных пациентов, так-как без проблем всегда можно связаться с близкими. В палате есть телевизор, холодильник, душ туалет. Очень довольна сервисом bookimed, а именно Катериной и Дарьей, так-как именно они облегчили нам все организационные моменты. Подобрали необходимый рейс по самой оптимальной цене. Я очень переживала, как мы прилетев в аэропорт доберёмся до клиники, не зная языка. Но bookimed заботится о своих пациентах, нас встретил трансфер, привез в клинику, провел к рецепции, помог оформить все документы. Если возникали какие то вопросы Дарья и Катерина всегда на связи и всегда помогали решить любой вопрос. Я очень довольна клиникой, которую нам предложил bookimed. Cын перенёс пять операций, которые прошли успешно и сейчас, с каждым днем сыну становится лучше. Мой совет всем, если вам говорят в Украине, что ничего нельзя сделать или просто наблюдайтесь, не здавайтесь и обязательно обращайтесь в bookimed чтобы получить консультацию опытных врачей, именно по вашему диагнозу. Так-как в Украине нет многих аппаратов, без которых врачи отказываются делать те или иные операции. И естественно не имеют необходимого опыта в лечении определённых диагнозов. Я раньше думала, как же получить консультацию за границей если я никогда в жизни не была зарубежом. Оказывается все очень просто, нужно лишь обратиться в bookimed, и они организуют консультацию с доктором, который нужен именно вам. Ещё раз хочу выразить огромное благодарствие Катерине и Дарье за все что они для нас с сыном сделали!!!

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79 reviews

The arrivals and examination at the clinic were top notch, highly qualified specialists and the latest equipment. We will fly to this clinic for repeated examinations, as it should be observed in dynamics. I also really liked the accompaniment and the translator in one person (Vladimir). Прибывания и обследование в клинике прошло на высшем уровне, высококвалифицированные специалисты и новейшие оборудование. Будем прилетать в эту клинику на повторные обследования, так как надо наблюдаться в динамике. Также очень понравилось сопровождение и переводчик в одном лице ( Владимир).

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13 reviews
158 reviews
Review on pituitary adenoma treatment. The patient from Kazakhstan had the medical trip in 2019.

The Liv Hospital Clinic confused my diagnosis. Within two hours, I thought I had cancer.  I immediately wrote to them, the answer came in two and a half hours, as they had no time to double-check. During all this time, my family and I went crazy with horror. Now they wrote to me that the translators were wrong. But pituitary adenoma is spelled the same in all languages. A malignant formation of the parotid gland is a completely different diagnosis. Клиника Лив хоспитал перепутала мой диагноз. В течении двух часов я думала, что у меня рак. Я сразу им написала, ответ пришёл через два с половиной часа, так как им было некогда перепроверить. В течении всего этого времени я и моя семья сходили с ума от ужаса. Сейчас они мне написали, что это переводчики ошиблись. Но аденома гипофиза на всех языках пишется одинаково. А злокачественное образование околоушной железы - это совершенно другой диагноз.

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1-10 of 74 clinics

Best Pediatric Oncology doctors in the world provide a remote medical advice

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Alessandro Aiuti
Immunologist Pediatric hematologist Pediatric oncologist
Milan , Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
( 30 reviews )
Online consultation $412
Milan, Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
Doctor Alessandro Aiuti is Head of the Pediatric Immunohaematology Unit at the San Raffaele Research Hospital in Milan. He is University Professor, researcher in haematology, immunology and paediatrics, particularly in primary immunodeficiencies and gene therapy for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency ...
Ahmet Nadir Tosyali
Pediatric surgeon
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 249 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Pediatric surgeon. Oncologist
Jaume Mora Graupera
Pediatric hematologist/oncologist Pediatric oncologist
Barcelona , Spain
Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital
( 22 reviews )
Online consultation $489
Barcelona, Spain
Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital
22 years of experience
Dr. Graupera is an awarded pediatric oncologist. Heads the Hematology Oncology Department in Sant Joan De Déu — one of the best children’s hospitals in Europe. Researcher. Was trained in the USA. Specialty Provides treatments of neuroblastomas, gliomas, Ewing's sarcomas, and Wilms' tumors. Work expe ...
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Pediatric Oncology Reviews by Bookimed patients

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17 positive reviews on pediatric oncology

Anonymous Jan 27, 2020
The patient was treated of neuroblastoma in Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital

Satisfied with the visit to the clinic and constant support for patients Довольны визитом в клинику и постоянной поддержкой для пациентов. Когда мы попали в госпиталь Сан-жуан, мы были удивлены на сколько приветливо и заботлив медперсонал. Обследование провели в три дня и тут же назначили лечение. Максимальный контроль за ребёнком. Мы очень довольны.

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Anna Dec 3, 2018
The patient was treated of ewing's sarcoma in Clinica Universidad de Navarra (Navarra Hospital)

I want to go to the pram in the first place to our coordinator Katerina, who helped us with the vibe Хочу виразити подяку в першу чергу нашому координаторові Катерині, яка допомогла нам у виборі клініки та весь час підтримувала нас. Співробітнику Bookimed Олександру, який займався квитками та підтримував з нами зв'язок на протязі всієї дороги, тож в нас не виникло жодних труднощів дістатись до місця призначення, не зважаючи на 3 пересадки і на те, що ніхто з нас не володіє мовою.
Окрема подяку Юрію, що працює в клініці менеджером, який був нашим гідом, перекладачем, супроводжував нас на всіх етапах обстеження.
Завдяки злагодженій роботі цієї команди ми досить швидко пройшли обстеження і отримали відповіді на всі запитання стосовно лікування нашої дитини.

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Kate Koliko Bookimed medical coordinator Dec 3, 2018

Анно, щиро вдячні вам за відгук, він допоможе пацієнтам робити вірний вибір. Вашій родині бажаємо здоров'я!

Kamila Oct 11, 2018
The patient was treated of neuroblastoma in Anadolu Medical Center

Good clinic. Going from the Asian side of Istanbul 40 minutes. There are 2 transfers available. The Russian translator who accompanies everywhere is fixed. The staff is friendly, competent. The clinic has a currency exchange at a good rate. Хорошая клиника. Ехать с Азиатской стороны Стамбула минут 40. Предоставляется 2 трансфера. Закрепляется русский переводчик, который везде сопровождает. Персонал приветливый, компетентный. В клинике есть обмен валюты по хорошему курсу.

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User Nov 26, 2018

Здравствуйте Камила Как с вами связаться погорить о лечении в турции87075829815Выздоравливайте заранее спасибо

Saodat Apr 13, 2016
The patient was treated of retinoblastoma in Anadolu Medical Center

A deep bow to all the doctors and staff of the clinic Anadolu. When my son turned one year old, the cancer of the right eye was diagnosed. Anadolu clinic was chosen according to reviews. Thank the doctors! cured and preserved the eyeball, 100% vision, and most importantly preserved life. In Turkey, advanced medicine, and the clinic Anadolu number 1 among all Turkish clinics on quality standards. Низкий поклон всем врачам и сотрудникам клиники Анадолу. Когда моему сыну исполнился только годик, поставили диагноз рак правого глаза. Выбрали клинику Анадолу по отзывам. Спасибо врачам! вылечили и сохранили глазное яблоко, зрение 100%, и самое главное сохранили жизнь. В Турции передовая медицина, а клиника Анадолу №1 среди всех турецких клиник по стандартам качества.

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Tatyana Jun 26, 2021
The patient was treated of nephroblastoma in Medipol Mega University Hospital

Bookimed has always been in touch, all issues were resolved in a timely manner, thank you Bookimed завжди був на зв'язку, всі питання вчасно вирішували, дякую

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2 negative reviews on pediatric oncology

Ghanara Apr 15, 2019
The patient was treated of ewing's sarcoma in Medipol Mega University Hospital

No matter Не важно

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Gulbakh Dec 21, 2017
The patient was treated of ewing's sarcoma in Assuta Medical Center

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FAQ about Pediatric Oncology

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

06.10.2017 · Updated 28.10.2019

Features of diagnostics in best pediatric cancer hospitals

Specialists prescribe diagnostic procedures depending on the type of suspected tumor. There are such procedures which are conducted in most of the cases:

  • methods of visualization (MRI, PET-CT, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray, etc.)
  • laboratory tests (urine and blood tests, examination for detecting specific tumor markers in blood)
  • a biopsy is taken to identify a nature and type of tumor
  • biopsy and lumbar puncture of a bone marrow shows whether it is affected by metastases
  • genetic tests show a mutation in tumor and detect its kind with up to 99% accuracy.

According to these examinations, specialists choose specific chemotherapy regimen.

The main feature of diagnostics cancer in children is to make these procedures painless and comfortable for little patients. In some cases, infants or 2-4 years children cannot stay calm, and diagnostics is difficult to be performed. So, in the pediatric oncology hospitals, doctors apply special safe sedation. It means that all procedures are made when a kid is in a light dream: a patient does not feel any discomfort and doctors can perform the diagnostic procedure with up to 99% accuracy.

A child under seduction

A child under sedation

Pediatric cancer: types and methods of treatment

Pediatric oncology unites such specific diseases:

  • Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of the retina (also called eye cancer). In most of the cases, an eye and visual functions are possible to be saved. Treatment options include chemotherapy, coagulation (destruction of a tumor with a laser), cryotherapy (freezing of malignant cells), enucleation (removal of an eye, applied very rare — in 5-6% of cases).
  • Neuroblastoma is cancer of sympathetic nervous system. It can appear in any part of a body, giving metastases to lymph nodes, healthy organs, and bone marrow. For treatment of neuroblastoma pediatric oncology physicians apply chemotherapy, immunotherapy (a safe and effective alternative to chemo), radiotherapy, surgery. But in some cases, self-recovery is observed — a tumor together with metastases suddenly disappear.
  • Nephroblastoma (Wilm's tumor) is a malignant tumor affecting one or both kidneys. The primary methods for treatment are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical removal of nephroblastoma.
  • Ewing’s sarcoma is a malignant tumor of bones. Most common treatment therapies are chemo, radio, proton therapies. Specialists apply a resection of cancer with the following prosthetics of an affected area, and amputation of an affected limb — in advanced cases only.
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma is a soft tissue tumor. Chemo-, radio-, targeted- and immunotherapies are applied in the children's cancer centers.

Advantages of children’s cancer treatment centers in different countries

Pediatric oncology is successfully treated in children’s hospitals of Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Turkey, etc. Children's oncologists apply organ-preserving methods and sparing chemotherapy.

In up to 92% of cases top pediatric oncologists safe an affected organ

The treatment of pediatric oncology has its features in the above-mentioned countries:

  • Pediatric cancer hospitals in Spain. One of the best pediatric cancer hospitals in Spain and Europe is Sant Joan de Déu. Here pediatric oncology specialists develop innovative therapies against cancer. For instance, Sant Joan is a first hospital in Spain which applied innovative immunotherapy by antibodies to the GD2 of neuroblastoma cells. It increases the recovery rate of patients with neuroblastoma at 20%. Oncologists also apply intra-arterial chemotherapy against retinoblastoma (chemo affects the only tumor without damaging healthy tissues) with recovery rate 90% in advanced cases. Dr. Mora Graupera is famous pediatric oncologist with a wide experience in development of innovative therapies.
  • pediatric oncology recovery rate

    Success rates at Sant Joan de Deu

  • Best pediatric cancer hospital in Italy. One of the leading centers is Ospedale San-Raffaele. Specialists of the hospital apply experimental gene and stem cells therapies. Doctors are ready to accept children even in very advanced cases. The prices are ones of the lowest in Europe.
  • Best pediatric cancer clinic in Germany. One of the best pediatric oncologists is Prof. Angelika Eggert working in Charite Hospital. Professor has developed the innovative therapy for neuroblastoma involving molecular therapy. Before going to a hospital, a patient needs to make a prepayment which covers diagnostics and treatment charges.
  • Best pediatric cancer center in Israel. Specialists from the Dana Dwek Children’s Hospital (Sourasky) apply immuno-, bean-, brachy- and proton therapies. Specialists have achieved preservation of an eye in 91% of cases with retinoblastoma. The prices are approximately the same as in Germany, and a patient also needs to make a required prepayment which starts from $50,000. It covers all the charges for treatment and diagnostics in a hospital. Final amount can be changed (to become lower or higher) depending on a diagnosis.
  • In up to 91% of retinoblastoma cases an eye is preserved

  • Best pediatric oncology hospital in Turkey. One of the leading clinics is Anadolu Medical Center. It is affiliated with the top world Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), so all the treatment procedures are performed in strict compliance with American guidelines. The prices are 40-60% lower than in Europe with the same effectiveness. Moreover, a patient does not need to pay additionally for transfer and interpreter. No prepayments are necessary.

How to choose a hospital for kids with cancer?

Parents should take into account several factors while choosing cancer center for a child:

  • Certificates to confirm international accreditation. Top pediatric cancer hospitals have a wide range of quality certificates. These documents prove doctors’ qualification, quality of an equipment and services for little patients.
  • Specialized department and doctors. The hospital you are going to must have a dedicated unit where developments of innovative therapies are conducted. Moreover, It will make you sure that the medical institution has a broad experience in the treatment of pediatric oncology diseases.
  • Statistics of recovery rates. Compare these indexes with average in the world, and learn which methods are applied to achieve them.
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Tips for pediatric cancer treatment in centers beyond your country

  • When doctors establish a diagnosis, be sure that you entrust a child’s health to the best professionals. The deal is that in some countries and hospitals doctors prescribe inappropriate chemotherapy regimen. During such a wrong treatment a tumor does not disappear but adapts to the drugs. In this case, top pediatric cancer centers can refuse to accept a child for further treatment because a tumor becomes insensitive and the following therapy is ineffective.
  • If a little patient is in a serious condition, not every hospital is ready to accept such a patient. Do not give up and check all the variants.
  • Prepare the documents: passports, medical reports (preferably, in English) and be ready for a trip to another country.
  • Fill in the form on Bookimed. Doctor-Coordinator will help find the best pediatric oncology hospital for your particular case taking into account a diagnosis, condition of child’s health, financial ability. With Bookimed you can start treatment immediately without queues. Our services are free for a patient; you pay a bill at the clinic desk.
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