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How much does arthroscopic meniscectomy cost ?

The average price of arthroscopic meniscectomy is $5300, the minimum price is $470, and the maximum price is $13500.
Turkey Germany Israel
Arthroscopic meniscectomy from $2750 from $6527 -
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 St. Zdislava Hospital
Total price
St. Zdislava Hospital Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici
Medical procedures Included
Arthroscopic meniscectomy
Preoperative consultation based on the submitted documents (X -RAY is obligated to send). Preoperative therapist's examination Laboratory tests analysis, X-ray Anesthesiologist's consultation The operation is under general anesthesia Medicines, supplies Daily visits of the orthopedist ,final examination Final medical Statement for further observation
Superior room with a bathroom, Internet and TV 3 meals a day Translation services (every working day)
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Best Arthroscopic meniscectomy Doctors

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Ahmet Fatih Parmaksizoglu
Istanbul , Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
( 4 reviews )
Online consultation

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Istanbul, Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
Aleksey Kalganov
Tel Aviv , Israel
Assuta Medical Center
( 30 reviews )
Online consultation

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Tel Aviv, Israel
Assuta Medical Center
30 years of experience
Dr. Kalganov is among most experienced and best orthopedic surgeons for hip and knee replacements in Israel. The doctor heads the Healthcare Department of the Netanya Municipality. He is a well-known for his clinical research in endoprosthesis. Specialty Dr. Aleksey Kalganov specializes in orthopedi ...
Rimas Darijus
Orthopedist Orthopedic surgeon
Vilnius , Lithuania
Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center
( 29 reviews )
Online consultation

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Vilnius, Lithuania
Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center
22 years of experience
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