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Mar 15, 2020

The clinic you want to return to! Everything is at the highest level. An attentive doctor with a sincere kind smile, a professional in his field. Nurses who are always there at the right time and ready to help). Клиника,в которую хочется вернуться!Все на высшем уровне.Внимательный врач с искренней доброй улыбкой,профессионал своего дела.Медсестры,которые в нужный момент всегда рядом и готовы помочь).

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Mar 10, 2020

These people are beyond incompetent. I had a hair transplant - the Mickey Mouse doctor came in for 5 minutes drew a dodgy hairline and sauntered out like he was bursting for a p* Never explained anything. They never listened to my instructions, during the operation the incompetent clowns were having a party. Music was loud people were coming in and out all the while I was under strong aneasthesia unable to move. They have destroyed my donor area and the completely ruined my hairline. Please run as fast as you can from these scammers. It’s more of a garage than a professional hospital. It does look nice but don’t be fooled the service doesn’t match the interior. Go to a qualified specialist who will make a proper plan for you. Please don’t make the same mistake I have. You will see all of their patients have hard hairlines, I discovered after this isn’t how it’s supposed to be done at all. Please stay away.

Feb 4, 2020

My stay in the clinic was as comfortable as possible. There was constant support: from office to office, to the room, to the hotel, from the hotel, from the airport and back ... The only thing that bothered was that the translator was from Turkish into English and not into Russian)) But it seems that everything is fine )) Excellent service at the clinic, sympathetic and caring. Everything: from and to. The doctor from the first minute of meeting arranged and reassured. No embarrassment, not a single unanswered question. The room (and you won’t call it a ward) is comfortable. It is possible to stay overnight, for example, to a relative (there is a small couch). I also want to note that payment was made once upon arrival at the clinic, it was the amount specified in the contract and that I didn’t have to pay a dime anymore. Overall, highly recommend! Мое пребывание в клинике прошло максимально комфортно. Постоянно было сопровождение: из кабинета в кабинет, в палату, в отель, из отеля, с аэропорта и обратно... Единственное, что напрягало, это то что переводчик был с турецкого на английский а не на русский)) Но вроде, все хорошо)) Отличное обслуживание в клинике, участливые и заботливые Все: от и до. Врач с первой минуты знакомства расположил и успокоил. Никакого смущения, ни одного неотвеченного вопроса. Комната (и палатой не назовешь) комфортная. Есть возможность остаться на ночь, например, родственнику (есть небольшая кушетка). Ещё хочу отметить, что оплата происходила один раз по приезду в клинику, именно сумма, указанная в договоре и ни копейки больше не пришлось доплачивать. В целом, очень рекомендую!

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Dec 24, 2019

Overall good experience in need of tweaking. Will revise feedback based on final result (approx. dec 2020) What was good: -Bookimed team was very professional and ready to answer all questions -The Estetik medical team with the doctor were courteous and professional. I cannot comment on the results until after December 2020. -The concierge team was very courteous and ready to answer any questions -The planning team was really on point. Keep it up! What needs to be improved: -instructions with aftercare (right now it’s by word of mouth which is sub-standard these days) -a more detailed description of the doctors success stories and his team -concierge team to have a checklist system for themselves to ensure that they do not forget anything -better hotel selection packages (divan hotel had a 4* lobby and a 2* room): ie 3,5,7,10 days

Dec 20, 2019

It is with abundance of satisfaction that I am writing this letter to you. I am feeling good , I look good and I am happy! Please allow me a few wordsof praise: First, Dr. Huthut. Appart from being an excellent plastic surgeon he is most of all a sensetive considerate human being. As always, the spirit of the comander prevails: The staff is fantastic, full of empathy and enthusiasm day or night. Last but not least, the facilities are on the highest level designed to put the patient fully at ease. Thank you for turning what could have been a harrowing experience (thek cut my face...) into bearable one. Hava - Israel.

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Feb 14, 2019

El mejor cirujano plastico , humano y con gran experiencia

Nov 24, 2018

Es un talento y principalmente un Cirujano consciente de la conveniencia de Si o No de una cirugía

Jun 12, 2017
star star star star star

Super bien me dejo. Hasta novia tuve despues de sus cirugia. � antes de cirugia. Y ahora miren....�

Nov 23, 2018

El mejor cirujano plástico que conozco Todo lo que haga es perfecto

May 13, 2017
star star star star star

El Dr. Kirsch es un profesional, y tiene mucha experiencia, operó a mi mamá hace tiempo y los resultados fueron excelentes! Sin duda el mejor cirujano plástico de México!

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