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Sep 4, 2020

It’s still too early to give a full review as the procedure hasn’t been done. But the hospital is fantastic. Dr Polat is the very best, he will sit down and talk about anything we wanted or needed. The whole staff is exceptional. More to follow.

Mar 11, 2020
The patient was treated of epilepsy

In general, the clinic as a clinic, a lot of people, everyone is busy. Queues The translator decided the speed of the queue. Everything is fine. They took only consultations with doctors. I can not say on it their level of professionolism, only on treatment ... In general, it’s normal. В целом клиника как клиника, много людей, все заняты. Очереди. Переводчик решал быстроту очереди. Все нормально. Брали только консультации у врачей. Не могу сказать по ней их уровень профессиолизма, только по лечению... В целом нормально.

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Jan 28, 2020

It is clean and wonderful, the main good points are 1-Translater will be always with you. 2-Prices are already in their system, that means no one will cheat you.

Dec 4, 2019

The level of the clinic is high, qualified doctors. For the second time they were vaccinated both for themselves and the child. Cons: - the indicated coordinator in Istanbul did not answer calls on the day of arrival, nor when we arrived at the clinic, did not call back, I had to explain at the reception (they speak English very weakly at the reception), - the transfer service from the clinic is not very comfortable , the drivers do not speak English, there is no child car seat, the cars are dirty, you have to wait a long time. Уровень клиники высокий, врачи квалифицированные. Уже второй раз делали прививки и себе, и ребёнку. Минусы: - указанный координатор в Стамбуле не отвечал на звонки ни в день прилета, ни когда мы прибыли в клинику, так и не перезвонил, пришлось на ресепшине объясняться (на англ на ресепшине говорят очень слабо), - услуга трансфертов от клиники не очень комфортна, водители не говорят на англ, детского автокресла нет, машины грязные, приходится ждать долго.

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Nov 12, 2019

I've visited Memorial Sisli Hospital for the VIP check up. Luckily, I've decided to make a booking through bookimed rather than directly as the company helped me later on when I experienced some problems at the hospital. It was very easy to make an appoitment and I'd like to thank Anton for patiently helping me to navigate through different hospitals and selecting the right package. Upon my arrival in Istanbul, bookimed organized a transfer to and from hotel to the hospital though due to the traffic there was some waiting time. Contact persons from Bookimed were always ready to answer any questions and provide support. In regard to the services provided by the hospital, I am generally satisfied with the VIP check up provided. Though following the tests I was referred for additional tests and consultations not covered by the package. I arrived the next day for the results and instead of in person consultation was told by an interpreter that all is well. I was very surprised with such level of services as I was requested to pay for the consultation of a professor a day before and instead received an oral statement from an interpreter. I've asked for a consultation with the professor as has been agreed before, but was told that she has left for the day. I then demanded a refund as I did not obtain a service, i.e. consultation of a professor. The hospital then sent a nurse to tell me that the tests were ok. I was still not satisfied as I was expecting a consultation from the doctor, not the nurse or an interpreter. In addition, as the therapist a day before raised concerns for me and sent me for these additional tests, I really wanted to clarify the situation and ask questions. Unfortunately, the hospital could not provide it as apparently there were no other doctors available in this field. This whole second day was a big disappointment as it seems the hospital staff did not care about helping me once I was done with the VIP check up, they also did not try to find alternative solutions. It felt as a scam, as the day before the doctor sends you for additional tests and then you do not get anything out of these tests - not a consultation. Only after repeated demands I was given a hand written note which said the tests were ok, but it did not look as a proper test results comparable to the ones I did a day before. Considering that additional tests and consultations were not cheap, I requested a refund. It took almost the whole day to obtain a refund, the hospital could no longer provide me with an interpreter neither in Russian nor in English and I felt disappointed. The interpreters who are assigned for check up were busy with other clients and could not attend to my situation. I was left waiting for about 4 hours while the hospital management was making a decision. Finally, with many thanks to an interpreter from Memorial Bahçelievler hospital, I believe her name was Olga, the situation was resolved. Olga showed herself as a professional and a very caring specialist. I managed to obtain my refund. I also appreciate the support bookimed provided throughout the situation. Once I left, there were some other test results that I expected to obtain in the next week. Unfortunately, it again took forever to get these results back and required bookimed to follow up on several occasions with the hospital. I do appreciate Barbara's follow up with me and her following up with the hospital. Overall, I am satisfied with the Check up service, but very dissatisfied with the follow up procedure and lack of consultation. I will not choose this particular hospital for future check ups, as if you're paying you should receive service and not deal with the issues and feel like a scam.

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Jun 3, 2018

#1 ***** כוכבים ומעלה *****

May 24, 2020

צוות מדהים כמו משפחה תודה רבה מכל הלב על הטיפול המסור והמעולה שקיבלתי

May 12, 2020

ברצוני לציין על מנהלת מחלקת ה יחס אנושי סובלנות איכפתיות מכול חולה ברמה שלא היתה ולא תהיה אחת ויחידה אולגה מנהלת המחלקה יש לציין שאני עובדת עם הרבה לקוחות בתחום שלי … אבל כמוה כן ירבו ויש הרבה מה ללמוד מימנה ולשמור עליה מאחלת לה רק הצלחות ועוד הרבה סובלנות עובדת מהלב ומהנשמה

Jun 28, 2018
star star star star star

לכבוד הנהלת בית חולים רעות: דר' דוב אלבוקרך דר' דודי דביר פרופסור חרותי גיברת שרה פלג וסגניתה שני.… ברצוני להודות מעומק ליבי על הטיפול יוצה הדופן והמיוחד לשלושה מלאכים אנושיים. מר נגי'ב חדאד מנהל המחלקה י"ב דר' גולדין דיאנה והפיוטרפיסטית גרוסמן נורית. אני כבר כחודש וחצי נמצא בשיקום ברעות במחלקה י"ב, בשבוע האחרון שלושת המלאכים האלו לקחו אותי כפרוייקט מיוחד עם יחס אישי, המון צומת לב ובמקצועיות רבה מאוד, נותנים הרגשה של ביטחון עצמי רב. ומאז שנורית גרוסמן הפיזיוטרפיסיט והדוקטור גולדין שעושה לי דיקור ממש צמוד לזמן הטיפול של הפיזיוטרפיה, חל שיפור יוצה דופן שהתוצאה היא מעל המצופה וכולי התרגשות והקרת תודה כלפי האנשים האלו שהקשיבו לבעיותי ולצורך הטיפול הנכון בי, כל מילות התודה, לא יכולות להביע את הערכתי למלאכים האנושיים האלו. ובהזדמנות זאת ברצוני להודות מקרב לב לצוות המלווה אותנו בשיקום ללא יוצא דופן, אחים ואחיות, כוח עזר, בת שבע האחראית על האוכל ובכלל כל הצוות המדהים הזה. פשוט לומר ת-ו-ד-ה בכבוד רב רחמים בן דוסא.

Apr 20, 2020

מקום אנושי עם צוותים מיוחדים הייתה לי תקופה שיקום מצויינת ברעות

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Feb 18, 2020
star star star star star

Top Klinik, modern, unvergleichbar.Top Service in medizinischen, therapeutischen und kulinarischen Bereichen sowie eine wunderschöne Aussicht. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

Sep 5, 2018
star star star star star

One of the leading centers for neurology and rehabilitation. If one of your friends or family members hs a stroke, is suffering from any cerebral illness or had a spinal injury this is the place to bring him back to normal life

Oct 17, 2019
star star star star star

مركز متخصص جدا في الطب التأهيلي. علاج ما بعد اصابات الجلطات الدماغبه وإصابات الحوادث.

Jan 7, 2019
star star star star star

Best place to bring almost hopeless cases. New hope❤️

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