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Jun 30, 2018

The equipment is good, modern. Doctors and attendants are attentive and highly qualified. I passed a survey course and a number of specialist consultations. At the time when I was there, I was advised not to rush into the operation, as the state of health is at the stage of improvement. If they were interested in pumping money from me, then they would recommend urgently to do it, which indicates their objectivity. The only problem with finding there was an unusual food for me. But this is someone who, like someone who loves spicy, peppery and a lot of seasonings. Оборудование хорошое, современное. Врачи и обслуживающий персонал внимательны и высококвалифицированые. Прошёл курс обследования и ряд консультаций специалистов. На тот момент когда я там находился мне посоветовали не спешить с операцией, так как состояние здоровья на стадии улучшения. Если бы они были бы заинтересованы в выкачивании денег у меня, то рекомендовали бы срочно ее делать, что говорит об их объективности. Единственной проблемой нахождения там было непривычное для меня питание. Но это уже кому как, кто то любит острое, перченое и множество приправ.

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May 12, 2018
The patient was treated of bladder cancer

The clinic, in the category "like - do not like", I can not evaluate. Meeting at the airport with an interpreter and transfer to the clinic - standard. Accommodation in the guest house, before the operation, leaves much to be desired. But, who is familiar with India, I do not think for special comfort and does not count, otherwise - to Germany. Immediately the next morning, without delay and delay, a primary appointment with doctors and diagnosis. Prices for a visit from doctors, examinations and tests are very reasonable, commensurate with Moscow or, even lower. Communication with doctors through an interpreter is somewhat difficult, but quite informative and understandable. Knowledge of English will remove all embarrassment, but in general - not critical. The attitude of doctors to the examination and refinement of the diagnosis is "meticulous". After five days - a summary and proposal for a treatment program. Hospitalization, surgery, 3 days in the intensive care unit and postoperative placement in a two-bed room (together with an attendant) for 12 days. And an extract. The level of training, skill and attitude of doctors, from my "ambitious" point of view of the accompanying person, is beyond praise !!! About the surgeon who performed the operation - DR. MURUGANANDHAM K, I want to say that he has "golden hands and heart" !!! The attitude of the average medical personnel, despite the language difficulties, is very friendly. In the intensive care unit was invited immediately after the operation and "woke up" the patient with me. Opening his eyes and seeing his native face after anesthesia - a person "comes alive"! Postoperative treatment and care in the ward are very worthy. Having repeated his own experience in hospitalization, I can not even compare. The account is not in our favor. In fact, treatment in the clinic saved life! This is especially evident now, a year after the treatment. A year ago, options were considered: Germany, Israel and India. In terms of price-quality ratio and recall of acquaintances have chosen treatment in India. And they were not mistaken. The clinic was selected by specialists of the site They also provided a correlation and communication with the clinic. Huge thanks to them !!! Клинику, в категории «нравится - не нравится», оценивать не берусь.! Встреча в аэропорту с переводчиком и трансфер в клинику - стандартный. Размещение в гостевом доме, перед операцией, оставляет желать лучшего. Но, кто знаком с Индией, на особый комфорт думаю и не расчитывает, иначе - в Германию. Сразу же на следующее утро, без проволочек и волокиты первичный приём у врачей и диагностика. Цены за приём у врачей, обследования и анализы очень разумные, соразмерны с московскими или, даже ниже. Общение с докторами через переводчика, несколько затруднено, но вполне информативно и понятно. Знание английского снимет все неловкости, но в целом - не критично. Отношение врачей к обследованию и уточнению диагноза «дотошное». Через пять дней - резюме и предложение программы лечения. Госпитализация, операция, 3 дня в реанимационном отделении и послеоперационное размещение в двух-местной палате (вместе с сопровождающим) в течение 12 дней. И выписка. Уровень подготовки, мастерство и отношение врачей, с моей «делетантской» точки зрения сопровождающего, выше всяких похвал!!! О хирурге проводившем операцию - DR. MURUGANANDHAM K, хочется сказать, что у него «золотые руки и сердце»!!! Отношение среднего медицинского персонала, несмотря на языковые трудности, очень доброжелательное. В реанимацию пригласили сразу же после операции и «будили» больного при мне. Открыв глаза и увидев родное лицо после наркоза - человек «оживает»! Послеоперационное лечение и уход в палате очень достойные. Имея неоднократный собственный опыт госпитализации, не берусь даже сравнивать. Счёт не в нашу пользу. Фактически, лечение в клинике спасло жизнь!!! Это особенно видно сейчас, спустя год после лечения. Год назад рассматривались варианты: Германия, Израиль и Индия. По соотношению цена-качество и отзыву знакомых выбрали лечение в Индии. И не ошиблись. Клинику подобрали специалисты сайта Они же обеспечили соотношение и связь с клиникой. Огромное им спасибо!!!

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Jan 31, 2018

A survey was conducted, during which the state of health at the time of the survey was assessed as good, there is no need for transplantation yet. Recommendations on home, outpatient treatment are given. It is recommended to undergo a second examination after 6 months to assess the dynamics of the state of health. Было проведено обследование, в ходе которого состояние здоровья на момент обследования было оценено как хорошее, необходимости в трансплантации пока нет. Даны рекомендации по домашнему, амбулаторному лечение. Рекомендовано через 6 месяцев пройти повторное обследование чтобы оценить динамику состояния здоровья.

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Aug 12, 2019
The patient was treated of lung cancer

Thanks for the help in organizing the trip and the treatment, they send me an answer for analyzes for a little while Спасибо за помощь в организации поездки и лечении, немного долго присылают ответ по анализам

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Dec 27, 2017
The patient was treated of ankylosing spondylitis

I am very much satisfied with the cooperation of the employees specially of international desk.e.i. Soumya , Saptak.

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Apr 8, 2018
The patient was treated of melanoma

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart your company, and in particular a very competent and qualified coordinator-Soyak Alionu for help and advice provided in the process of selecting and treating liver melanoma. Having chosen the country of India and the Global Hospital, we received a consultation and made a diagnosis, thanks to which the oncologist, our doctor, picked up an innovative drug that gave us hope for recovery. We have a diagnosis of grade 4 melanoma of the liver and lung. After returning from India, we undergo further treatment in Ukraine. Believe miracles happen, do not miss your chance, contact Bookimed and they will do their best that you are healthy. RS We are very grateful to Alyona, for helping us in everything from uploading documents to the site and ending with the purchase of tickets for the plane. She worked with us 24 hours a day and if not for her help with our medicine in Ukraine there would be no hope. Хочу поблагодарить от всего сердца Вашу компанию , а в частности очень грамотного и квалифицированного координатора- Сояк Алёну за помощь и консультацию оказанную в процессе подбора и лечения меланомы печени. Выбрав страну Индия и лечебное учреждение Global Hospital мы получили консультацию и сделали диагностику , благодаря которой нам врач - онколог подобрал инновационный препарат , который дал нам надежду на выздоровления . У нас диагноз 4 степень меланомы печени и легкого. Вернувшись с Индии мы проходим дальнейшее лечение на Украине. Поверьте чудеса случаются, не упускайте свой шанс, обращайтесь в Bookimed и они сделают всё возможное , что бы Вы были здоровы. Р.S.Мы очень благодарим Алёну, за то, что она нам помогала во всем, начиная с загрузки документов на сайт и оканчивая покупкой билетов на самолёт. Она работала с нами 24 часа в сутки и если бы не её помощь с нашей медициной в Украине не было бы ни каких надежд.

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Nov 19, 2019

I liked everything, good attitude of the staff to the clinic. Instant analyzes and results. Все понравилрось, хорошие отношение персонала к клинике Моментальные анализы и результаты

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Jan 1, 2018

Everything was at the highest level, happy, thank you all, stay at the clinic for 5 plus Все было на высшем уровне , счастливы , спасибо всем, пребывание в клинике на 5 плюс

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Best Lung Transplant Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Walter Klepetko
Vienna , Austria
Wiener Privatklinik
67 reviews
Online consultation

Request for details

Vienna , Austria
Wiener Privatklinik
67 reviews
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Clinical oncologist
Prof. Dr. Walter Klepetko heads the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the Medical University of Vienna, Vienna General Hospital (AKH), and Wiener Privatklinik. Prof. Klepetko graduated from the Vienna Medical School in 1978, afterwards had international training experience in Hong Kong (Queen Mary H ...
Sandeep Attawar
Chennai , India
Global Hospital Chennai
10 reviews
Online consultation

Request for details

Chennai , India
Global Hospital Chennai
10 reviews
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Pediatric transplant surgeon
Cardiothoracic surgeon
Thoracic surgeon
Dr. Sandeep Attawar is famous cardiothoracic surgeon in India. Serves as the Director of the Cardiac Surgery&Thoracic Organ Transplant Program at Gleneagles Global Health City. Specialty Dr. Sandeep Attawar is a specialist in cardiothoracic surgery. He has participated in over 10,000 open and ...
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About Bookimed

What do you need to know about Lung transplant?

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

24.12.2014 · Updated 28.10.2019

Lung transplant: indications and contraindications

Lung transplant is a complex operation that supposes replacing malfunctioning one or both lungs, or their parts with the healthy ones. Surgeons of the world's lung transplant centers take the lung or its part from a living (in this case only the fraction is taken) or a deceased donor.

The procedure is assigned to people with:

  • lung cystic fibrosis — genetic disease that affects certain glands
  • bronchopulmonary dysplasia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) — lung malfunctions that disrupt normal breathing
  • pulmonary hypertension — a condition that refers to high blood pressure in the lung arteries
  • pulmonary fibrosis — too much scarring tissue in the lungs leads to shortness of breath
  • heart malfunction — some heart conditions cause lung diseases that may lead to heart+lungs transplantation.
Lung replacement is not a suitable treatment for lung cancer.
Lung transplants in the best hospitals in the world

The operation has following contraindications:

  • smoking or drug addiction
  • psychiatric issues that makes a patient legally incompetent
  • an absence of accompaniment for support (it's obligatory)
  • infection or disease that cannot be completely cured
  • cardiac issues
  • metastatic cancer
  • serious life-threatening conditions that will not be treated by transplantation
  • lung transplant centers won’t accept people over 55 years old.

If you are going to undergo the procedure, be ready for constant monitoring in lung transplant hospitals and take immunosuppressants during the whole life.

Survival rates in best hospitals for lung transplant

Survival rates in the best lung transplant centers in the world

Donor options in lung transplant centers

There are 3 possible types of donors for the operation:

  1. Deceased donor. In most cases, organs for transplantation come from a deceased person, upon the agreement of donor’s relatives. These donors are called cadaveric. They usually have the heavy cranial trauma. Lung transplant hospitals make sure donor’s vital processes are still functioning, providing enough time for recipients allocation. After that, numerous blood tests are made to match the donor with a recipient.
  2. Donors who died due to cardiac arrest (DCD). The practice of using such donors was established in 2008 by lung transplant centers of excellence. Since that time it has been showing higher survival rate compared to brain-dead donors, in the recipients over a 2-year postoperative period (87% and 69% survival rates respectively).
  3. Living donors, who are willing to donate part of their lung. They are usually related to a patient.

Lung transplant wait time

Doctors apply so-called bridging to a transplantation, keeping a patient alive until a donor appears. This technology nullifies preoperational fatality risks and reduces the lung transplant wait time for patients.

Donation from a living donor also reduces the waiting time. It is available in such cases as:

  • transplant of the whole organ is not possible due to cultural, legal or financial obstructions
  • the lung waiting time is too long for a patient.

During the procedure, surgeons remove a part of the lung from 2 living donors and transplant them to a recipient.

Even the best hospital for lung transplant can’t provide a lung donor faster than within 1 year after applying to a queue. Usually, the lung transplant wait time takes around 4-8 months.

Lung transplant programs

The lung transplant programs usually consists of such steps as:

  1. Pre-waitlist evaluation

It is the 1st step after your arrival to the best hospital for lung transplant. There a medical team carries out an evaluation process. The team consists of a pulmonologist (a doctor who specializes in treating of the lungs), surgeon, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, and one or more assisting nurses.

Specialists provide this step to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. After a positive conclusion, you are included into a waiting list. During the lung transplant wait time you should stay in near vicinity of the hospital.

Pay attention! India is the most loyal country in the lung transplant for international patients. The wait time here is the same for both citizens and medical tourists.

Lung transplantat scheme

  1. Lung transplant procedure

The surgery takes 6 -12 hours. The duration depends on some factors: type of operation, doctor’s experience, your health condition. You stay under general anesthesia.

When the surgery is complete, experts insert a special tube in the chest to remove air, drain fluid, and blood from the operation area to let the lungs function.

  1. Postoperative period

Right after the surgery, you have to stay in the intensive care unit (ICU). It is a special department of lung transplant centers for constant monitoring and instant reaction to condition worsening. Duration of stay in the ICU varies.

When your condition is stabilized, you are sent to a specialized care unit within a hospital. You stay under constant observation. During the hospitalization, you are provided with information about medications, diet, activity regimen, and other specific guidelines.

The postoperative hospital stay lasts 7-14 days, but the period may be extended depending on the health condition.

  1. Follow-up care

In 2 weeks you left the lung transplant center and return home. You should follow doctors' recommendations on how to bathe, keep surgical incision area clean and dry. There are certain restrictions: don't drive and perform physical activities for a period specified by a physician.

Follow-up visits in the best hospital for lung transplant include a great range of tests and the rehabilitation program. They may last for months, but usually take no more than 8 weeks.

Single lung transplant in top medical centers in the world

Lung transplant outlook

After the operation, you need to take immunosuppressors for a lifetime to avoid organ rejection.

Survival rate in the best lung transplant centers is up to 85% in the first 3 years after the procedure. The average life expectancy for patients with bilateral lung and heart transplant is over 6 years.

Pricing in lung transplant centers of excellence

Prices for the procedure in the best lung transplant centers depends on:

  • patient's condition
  • type of the operation
  • surgeon's qualification.

Pediatric lung transplant centers usually set their prices higher due to increased risk of complications, higher demands for medical attention, and rehabilitation facilities.

Best lung transplant centers in the world arrangement with Bookimed

Bookimed International Patients Support Center cooperates with the best lung transplant hospitalss around the world. Submit a request on the site and our Medical Doctor will contact you to provide consultation on the matter.

You will receive assistance in choosing an appropriate clinic and treatment plan, as well as scheduling your hospital stay. Bookimed will also help you process all medical documentation and coordinate your trip in the chosen country.

Need help?

Medical coordinators consult you and help to make the right choice. Bookimed services are free for you and do not affect the clinic's bill.

If you are a candidate for the lung transplant, pay attention to the ranking list below. Why India?

✔️ Most lungs that are transplanted come from deceased organ donors. Only 10-15% donated lungs are not fit for the transplant.

That’s why not all lung transplant centers in the world accept international patients. Indian lung transplant centers are more democratic and treat patients whatever they are came from. The success rates of the procedures here are 85-90%. If you need an additional information, Bookimed Doctors are ready to help you.

Bookimed International Patients Support Center is an independent platform where the best treatment options over the world are available for each patient. Bookimed guarantees:

  • free assessment: Medical Doctors are available for you 24/7 to offer the best hospital for lung transplant and arrange your trip quickly. Bookimed services is FREE for patients. You pay for your treatment directly in the hospital.
  • transparency: Bookimed works only with the verified and certified medical facilities, monitors all financial processes, so you are protected from cheating and including the additional costs to your bill.
  • economy: you may save up to 90% of your money! Our Doctors will help you to find the best hospital for lung transplant at the affordable price.
  • safety: Bookimed cooperates with lung transplant centers that comply with the strict international protocols. Patients’ safety and high-quality services are the main terms of them.

Compare the top lung transplant hospitals represented below and choose the best one for you! ⬇⬇⬇