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The average price of pectoral implants is $6200, the minimum price is $4900, and the maximum price is $8100.
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Dec 27, 2019
star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Edit: An ‘ethical’ clinic that divulges information about your medical condition online without your permission. Ha. Also, I don’t see the logic in the clinic saying that the total expense is only 500 baht. Yes, 500 baht may seem reasonable for a regular doctor consultation and medication, BUT you advertised your consultation as free of charge, so 500 baht is only for a tiny bottle of medicine, which I can get from the pharmacy for much cheaper!! It’s almost like you are trying to cover your costs through charging exorbitant prices for medication! And by the way, your doctor did NOT give a thorough inspection or consultation like you tried to justify. I was the one who had to keep prompting and asking!! You wanted to give me TWO medicine costing 1000 baht in total, and again I had to explicitly ask loads of questions to find out what they were and what they were supposed to do. It’s frustrating. I rejected one medicine bringing cost down to 500. Total rip off. They lure you in with free consultation but grossly over charge for medication. Dermatologist (female) was very vague with her explanations and showed little interest in giving advice. Spent less than 5 seconds looking at my skin condition. Translating staff tried to be helpful but gave incorrect information about the medication. I found the same type of medication in the pharmacy for ONE FIFTH the price. Will not return!

Jan 27, 2020
star star star star star

This review is for last December Visiting. Staff were helpful and hospitality. The appointment was on time to consult with doctor who was kind and considerate. She was incredibly helpful and answer my all questions with medical reasons. So, I left this review that happy with the results. And special thanks for your advise to the fantastic local street food near your place, I loved them too.

Sep 13, 2019
star star star star star

This is a very good aesthetic clinic in Bangkok, I can say this is my first time for laser surgery. The clinic is not difficult to find from my Hotel ( Mariotte). I had nearly 20 moles removal done on my back that is usually painful and nurse put some numbing cream on them and it was fabulous, so I think that seeing as it was something new (at least for me), Doctor Piyavadee always gently asks during treatment about my pain score. That makes me feel comfortable and release for my first-time treatment. And I have to thank you nurse to support me all from start to end ( Over 3 hours for all treatment).

May 5, 2019
star star star star star

Thank you for your excellent appointment system and your staff (Rose) provided me with the advanced information about your location, price and post-treatment care by e-mail. This was the first time for my filler injection on my face. I was very nervous and worried. Honestly, I scared the needle, but the doctor explained to me with kindness and spent more than 30 minutes for consultation. Clinic Staff frankly told me the price as they quoted in the e-mail. I feel safety and confidence from their information. The result of injection is super impressive with 1 cc. filler. The doctor did only 1 cc. She said that I had a mild level of volume loss on the smile lines and needed the result to be natural looks. Firstly, I would give you 4 stars because the clinic location is not in the department store, so I had to walk 5 minutes from the station.... I changed to 5 stars because I think it is VERY PRIVACY clinic in the cosy building !!! Try to keep your services like this !!!!!

Aug 4, 2019
star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Waited 6 weeks for a consultation which lasted no longer than 5 minutes!! Was brushed off by the surgeon and she didnt even address my real concerns. She kept going in about liposuction when that wasnt the reason why i was there! I dont know what the real reason was but her attitude was unprofessional and rushed. She didnt even have the decenct to properly listen. She was on another planet. Just wasn’t interested in my concerns, almost like she was late for another appointment.

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Nov 27, 2019

Excellent hospital... best doctors, helpful & friendly staff.

Feb 21, 2020

Disclaimer: This review is written by Orthopedic surgeon who owns a hospital...... My mother was admitted here for one day with fever and cough. my friend works there as a pulmonolgist and I wanted my mother to be under his care.. Doctor treatment was excellent. front office and admission procedure were smooth without any hiccups and well organised process except for a longer TAT( turn around time).. the room was not cleaned… properly.. A C was not working, request for a curtain as direct sunlight was falling in the bed was attended partially after 4-5 hours.. the furniture was in dilapidated condition. I requested the nursing staff for tepid sponging 3 times and still they didn't do it.. coming to the billing part.. a simple chem 20 test which costs around 2K was charged 8000. 24 hours admission and only investigation cost was 34000/which will cost 1/3 in best center or any other corporate hospital..I do understand that charges will be little higher in a corporate hospital for the services they provide but charging 4-5 times higher is unethical.. DO NOT EVER GET ADMITTED IN CONTINENTAL HOSPITAL UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET LOOTED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT....

Feb 22, 2020
star star star star star


Jan 2, 2020

Doctors are good, but billing department will charge you with different room rent especially when they know you are not in state to xcheck everything and need to take your beloved departed home, clearing everything in cash without waiting for insurance. and then they promise you to correct it and 7 months no response or refund.

May 17, 2014
star star star star star

Hospital chala bagundi.. Doctors&nurses patients ni chala baga chustunnaru......

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Sep 22, 2019

Medicos Fantásticos y soluciones para todo! Excelente equipo!

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