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Sep 12, 2020
The patient was treated of epilepsy

I came to the clinic for a consultation with a gynecologist. I was greeted by friendly and polite staff at the reception, and then I was consulted by an arach gynecologist, who told and showed my problem and the ways of its treatment in detail. It seemed that all the staff at the clinic only wanted me to get better as soon as possible .... Thank you all for your kindness and attention !!! Tatiana Chekhova. В клинику я приехала на консультацию к гинекологу. Встретили меня доброжелательные и вежливые сотрудники на ресепшене.Потом провела консультацию арач гинеколог,которая подробнейшим образом рассказала и показала мою проблему и пути её лечения. Казалось, что все сотрудники клиники только и хотят,чтобы я скорейшим образом поправилась....Спасибо всем за доброту и внимание!!! Татьяна Чехова.

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Fernando Castanera de Molina
Barcelona , Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
( 239 reviews )
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Barcelona, Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
39 years of experience
Dr. Fernando Castanera de Molina is the Director of the Eye Clinic specialized in implant-refractive surgery in Teknon Hospital. Doctor Molina is a pioneer in laser treatment for ophthalmic disorders in Spain. In 1988, he was the first in Spain who corrected myopia with an excimer laser and implante ...
Mehmet Onur Ozturk
Plastic surgeon Facial plastic surgeon Transplant surgeon General surgeon Breast Surgery
İzmir , Turkey
Bewell Health Assistance
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İzmir, Turkey
Bewell Health Assistance
Baris Yeniad
Eye surgery specialist
Istanbul , Turkey
Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital
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Istanbul, Turkey
Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital
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