Second medical opinion

Remote physician consultation

You can consult with a specialist from Germany, Spain, or Israel in real-time.

What does second opinion accomplish?

  • Answer


    A doctor will provide answers to all your questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Confidence


    Second opinion decreases the probability of wrong diagnosis, medical malpractice and inadequate approach. You will gain confidence in diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.

  • Economy


    You don’t need to apply for visa and worry about going abroad, consultation is conducted remotely. This saves up the money, and the most valuable resource — time.

  • The best doctors

    Best doctors

    Bookimed arranges remote consultation with world-renowned specialists whose treating experience is over 20 years.

When to request second medical opinion?

  • When your physician cannot establish a diagnosis.
  • You doubt diagnosis correctness.
  • Treatment was prescribed before establishing final diagnosis.
  • Treatment is not effective, the disease is progressing.
  • You have been prescribed a procedure and want to know about other treatment options.
  • You want to receive recommendations from the world’s best specialists.
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2 steps to second medical opinion

  1. 1. Prepare the documents

    • medical report
    • test results
    • disease history
    • prescribed treatment plan (if any)
  2. 2. Submit a request

    Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator will contact you on the shortest notice to schedule the remote consultation with a specialist. You will receive an opinion report after the consultation.

Why Bookimed?

  • Hospital building

    We cooperate with the leading German, Israeli, Spanish hospitals directly

  • Lightning

    We receive doctor’s responses and consultation notes within 3-10 days from the request

  • Free tick

    Bookimed services are free for patients

What specialists can consult me remotely?

Антонио Русси
Teknon Medical Center
Barcelona, Spain
Илан Гиль Рон
Sourasky Medical Center
Tel Aviv, Israel
Dr. med. Klaus Luque
Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Porschen
All doctors

Service cost

Remote video or written consultation is possible.

  1. Notebook with heart

    Remote text-format consultation

    from € 250 to € 750

  2. Computer

    Remote video-format consultation

    (conversation with a doctor via interpreter if required)

    from € 350 to € 950

What diagnoses do require second expert opinion?