Nadir Arber

Oncologist, Gastroenterologist, Check Up Specialist

31 years of experience

Doctor speaks English, Hebrew

Israel, Tel Aviv
Sourasky Medical Center
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Prof. Nadir Arber is a top gastroenterologist based in Israel. Doctor Arber has over 30 years of experience in treating of gastrointestinal (GI) tract tumors. He heads the Cancer Prevention Center at Sourasky Medical Center.


Prof. Nadir Arber is a specialist in prevention, early diagnostics, and treatment of GI cancers.

Work experience

  • Since 2002 — Head of the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)
  • 1999-2001 — Head of Gastroenterology section at the Gastroenterology Department at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)
  • 1991-1993 — Fellowship at the Department of Gastroenterology at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).


  • The Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University (Israel) — Degree in general medicine
  • The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University (Israel) — Specialty in gastroenterology
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Center (USA) — Research work.

Scientific activity

Prof. Arber provides studies of gene therapy for GI cancers and cancer-related chronic inflammatory disorders, prevention of gastrointestinal tumors, early detection of hematological cancers. Professor Nadir Arber has written over 300 papers on the results of his studies.

Membership in organizations

  • The American Association for Cancer Research
  • The American Gastroenterological Association
  • The European Association for Cancer Research
  • The European Society of Digestive Oncology
  • The Israeli Association of Gastroenterology
  • The Israeli Society for Cancer Research
  • The International Society of Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis.
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