Ayhan Arslan

General surgeon

29 years of experience

Doctor speaks English, German, Turkish

Turkey, Istanbul
Private Optimed Hospital
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Dr. Ayhan Arslan completed his military service in the Istanbul Gümüşsuyu Military Hospital in 1999-2000 where he worked with the international aid teams during Gölcük and Düzce earthquakes. In 2007 he became one of the founders of the Private Optimed Hospital.


  • 1985 — graduated from Istanbul High School, the Faculty of Medicine
  • 1991 — graduated from Istanbul University, the Faculty of Medicine
  • 1998 — graduated from the SSK Istanbul Training and Research Hospital General Surgery Clinic, and obtained the general surgery specialization.

Work experience

  • 1992-1994 — Gumushane Province Kose District Central Health Center
  • 1994-1998 — Istanbul SSK Training and Research Hospital General Surgery Clinic
  • 1998-2000 — Istanbul Gumussuyu Military Hospital
  • 1998-2007 — Cerkezkoy SSK and Government Hospital, general surgery specialist
  • 2007 — Private Optimed Hospital, Founding Chief Physician, General Manager.

Membership in organizations

  • Health and Insurance Managers Association
  • Tekirdağ Medical Chamber
  • Turkish Surgical Association
  • Istanbul Boys High School Association.