Serdar Kahraman


32 years of experience

Doctor speaks English, German, Turkish

Minimally invasive spine surgery expert with over 30 years of practical experience.

Turkey, Istanbul
Anadolu Medical Center
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Anadolu Medical Center
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Anadolu Medical Center Turkey, Istanbul
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Online Consultation with Neurosurgeon
Doctor will consult patient about diseases, health care options, decisions and provide treatment recommendations. But please note, that physicians will not be able to prescribe treatment/medicines.
Translator services will be free of charge. We will provide English translation of medical report after online consultation free of charge.
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Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

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  • email

    You submit a request and the Bookimed coordinator contacts you to discuss all details.

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    Medical records collection

    You collect all medical records and test results and send to the Bookimed coordinator. 

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    Bookimed arranges free translation of your records if required and sends them to the doctor you’ve chosen.

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    The doctor studies your records, defines treatment tactics and appoints the consultation time.

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    The doctor explains the treatment program and answers all your questions. The consultation takes 30-60 minutes (with or without interpreter).

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    Conclusion & treatment plan

    Afterward, you receive a plan of treatment developed according to internation guidelines and detailed recommendations.

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Dr. Serdar Kahraman is a top-rated neurosurgeon with 30 years of practicing. Heads the Neurosurgery Department at Anadolu Medical Center.

Serdar Kahraman’s specialty

Dr. Kahraman is an expert in brain and nerve surgery, spinal surgery, neuroendoscopy, and spinal endoscopic surgery.

Work experience

  • Since 2016 — Head of the Neurosurgery Department at Anadolu Medical Center
  • 2010-2016 — Head of the Neurosurgery Department at Yeni Yüzyıl University
  • 1997-2000 — Neurosurgeon at Turkish Etimesgut Air Base
  • 1989-1992 — Chief doctor in the Air Force Command Headquarters located in Ankara.


  • 1983-1989 — Gülhane Military Medical Academy — Degree in general medicine
  • 1992-1997 — Gülhane Military Medical Academy — Specialty in neurosurgery
  • 1999 — The Free University of Berlin — training in neuro spinal endoscopy.

Has lots of certificates including microsurgery course, emergency course, spine course, etc.


  • 2000-2009 — Associate Professor at Gülhane Military Medical Academy.

Membership in organizations

  • The Turkish Neurosurgical Society
  • The Turkish Spine Society
  • The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies
  • AO Spine
  • Eurospine
  • The Turkish Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.
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Patient reviews

Oct 11, 2019
The patient was treated of meningioma
star star star star star

Oct 11, 2019
The patient was treated of meningioma
star star star star star

Previously, there was experience of treatment in other countries, the clinic was pleasantly surprised, attention and excellent attitude. Thank you for the selection and help in organizing the trip. Ранее был опыт лечения в других странах, клиника приятно удивила, внимание и отличное отношение. Спасибо за подбор и помощь в организации поездки

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