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Tatyana Mar 13, 2019
The patient was treated of infertility in Centro Médico Teknon

The international department belongs to the Teknon clinic, they are physically located in the clinic. The task of the international department is to help and assist foreign patients, that is, they accompany patients to receive and translate consultations. Huge thanks (Lina Yarullina) she accompanied us at every necessary consultation with excellent knowledge of Spanish.  I went to several clinics in 10 years and saw many doctors. Dr. Nadal speaks English. In the course of the visit you will be able to decide whether it is more convenient for you to communicate in English. Or in Spanish-Russian. Very big and good impression! The staff and nurses are very attentive and friendly. I look forward to the next visit to the Teknon clinic in May! Международный отдел относится к клинике Текнон, они находяться физически в клинике.Задачей международного отдела является помощь и содействие иностранным пациентам, то есть они сопровождают пациентов на прием и ведут перевод консультаций.

Огромное спасибо (Lina Yarullina) она сопровождала нас на каждой необходимой консультации с отличным знанием испанского языка.
Я прошла несколько клиник за 10 лет и видела многих врачей.
Доктор Надаль говорит по-английски. По ходу визита сможете решить, удобнее ли вам общаться на английском языке. Либо на испанском-русском.
Очень большое и хорошее впечатление! Персонал и медсестры очень внимательные и приветливые .
Жду следующего визита в клинику Текнон в мае!

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Anonymous Dec 21, 2016
The patient underwent childbirth in Centro Médico Teknon

My husband often has business trips in Spain, and knowing how I‘m nervous about giving birth, he decided to find the best Spanish clinic for me. I’m very grateful, he chose the Teknon as a place for labor. Everything went well and without complications. In addition, the husband was allowed to be present at the birth himself, which was very supportive. I was well cared at all times and had everything that I needed. Thank you so much!