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How much do dental implants cost?

Nowadays, dental implantation is considered a perfect way to restore lost teeth. Patients from different world corners travel abroad to get dental implants. In the article, you can learn about dental implants

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 08.11.2019
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How much do veneers cost you?

On this page: Fast facts about veneers Am I a good candidate to place a veneer? Differences between veneers Composite veneers step-by-step | Ceramic | Lumineers Veneers before and after Price

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 08.11.2019
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Best countries for dental work

The person’s smile is the best weapon. It’s ironic, but you should protect “your weapon” as well. On the page, you can find the best country for dental tourism, compare prices and clinics across the world

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 29.10.2019
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Dental implants in Hungary: make your smile perfect again!

Did you know that Hungary is considered the capital of dental tourism and queen of dental implants? Every year over 100,000 people visit Hungarian dentists to make their smiles perfect. Continue to read

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 29.09.2019
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All-on-four dental implants cost from $2,600

When you lose the teeth, you lose your self-confidence. It’s impossible to smile and live a normal life with that issue. All-on-4 dental implants can solve the problem of the toothless jaws only in one procedure

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 04.09.2019
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Cheap dental implants abroad — savings without quality loss

Dental implantation is one of the most popular dental procedures that allow you to get rid of the discomfort and aesthetic defects associated with tooth loss. According to NCBI report, over 300,000 teeth implants are performed each year

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 12.08.2019
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Smile makeover prices worldwide

All we know that a beautiful smile not only attracts attention and disposes to its owner, but even helps to solve many omissions and avoid problems. Our smile is a calling card. More than half of the

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 03.07.2019
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What are the top clinics for dental tourism in Europe?

Teeth health is obligatory thing every person should care about. In the article, you can see the reasons why dental tourism in Europe attracts people and choose the most appropriate clinic to obtain high-quality treatment of the teeth

Anna Petrikova
Anna Petrikova
Updated 27.05.2019
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