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Important: quarantine after arriving in Thailand

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Quarantine requirement at government designated site. All travellers to Thailand are required to complete 14 days quarantine at a State Quarantine or Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility.

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Jan 17, 2020
star star star star star

A very nice hospital to say at least. It works like a charm! Friendly and professional staff in modern hospital buildings. I could not complain on any thing.

Nov 14, 2019
star star_border star_border star_border star_border

I was treated very rudely by the staff and was neglected by my physician from the time my payment when through until the time I left. Yes, you pay upfront. This is so sketchy because if you’re in a bad state, as I was, they can literally just say, “you get what you get and if you don’t like it you’re free to leave. We will keep your money and you can continue to suffer”. I spent 24 hours at this facility on 11/12/2019. I had severe dehydration, moderate-severe pain, and my blood pressure was at a dangerously high level. At no point did I feel like anyone was looking after my best interests, only their profit margin. I would have left far sooner if I thought I wasn’t at serious risk of collapsing AND had not already paid for 24-hours of care. Although I do blame myself for a not having my travellers insurance sorted out completely before my trip, there is still no excuse for them to take advantage of people in their most vulnerable state. I am not angry but I am sad.

Oct 23, 2019
star star star_border star_border star_border

Below average quality hospital. They like to get you in and out but never actually fix your health problem. Staff need more training. Check out takes tooo long waited 3 hours and then they tell you to pay full deposit and get insurance refund later. Why not tell us that 3 hours before!?

Oct 10, 2019
star star star star star

I visited Thailand together with my wife in summer of 2019. One early morning I woke up feeling a strong pain in my chest...yes it was a heart attack. This was quickly taken care of at this hospital. Two days later I was through the operation, very tired but without pain. The most troubling matter was that I had difficulties with the agency that took care of matters for my insurance company. They actually proposed to postpone the operation because they needed some time to sort things out. About the hospital I can only with all my heart recommend them. I live in Sweden which is supposed to be a great country for sick care but they come miles after Thailand no doubt. At least if you happen to fall sick in Pattaya. Goran Z

Nov 11, 2019
star star star star star

I have been going to the Heart Center for about 15 years. I have had one operation here and now go for 90 day check ups. My doctor was schooled in America and he and his staff are very caring and professional people. No one likes having t go to the hospital, but Bangkok Pattaya is so much better than others I have visited in Thailand.

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Jan 21, 2020
The patient was treated of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

I am happy with everything and the attitude and treatment. Very good honey ratio. staff, doctors provided professional advice and assistance. For three weeks we are very pleased. There was no language barrier, everyone was fluent in Russian. Я задоволена всім, і відношенням і лікуванням. Дуже добре відношення мед. персоналу, лікарі надали професійну консультацію та допомогу. За три тижні ми дуже задоволені. Мовного барьеру не було, всі розмовляють вільно російською мовою.

Aug 7, 2018
The patient was treated of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

We rested with my daughter in a sanatorium during the period from 9 to 25 July. I liked the sanatorium very much. We arrived at a children's rehabilitation. Very nice friendly staff. Everyone speaks Russian and it pleases. There were a lot of procedures and this is the most basic thing that we liked. I especially note kinesitherapy (2 times a day). Many thanks to rehabilitators for their patience. Special thanks to Olga for such an early organization of our rehabilitation. The sanatorium is in a very beautiful picturesque place, there are children's playgrounds. The rooms are clean and well-kept, every day are cleaned. Food peculiar dietary. For an amateur. On weekends, you can go to the city. In general, We really enjoyed it. Отдыхали с дочкой в санатории в период с 9 по 25 июля. Санаторий очень понравился. Приехали мы на детскую реабилитацию. Очень хороший дружелюбный персонал. Все говорят на русском и это радует. Процедур было очень много и это самое основное что нам понравилось. Особенно отмечу кинезитерапию(2 раза в день) . Огромное спасибо реабилитологам за терпение. Отдельное спасибо Ольге за такую скорую организацию нашей реабилитации. Санаторий находится в очень красивом живописном месте, есть детские площадки.номера чистые ухоженные, каждый день убираются. Еда своеобразная диетическая. На любителя. По выходным можно выбираться в город. В целом Нам очень понравилось.

Jul 31, 2018
The patient was treated of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

Duzhe zadovolonі reabilitatsiyyu, especially zey pidhodom to ditin. Дуже гарне відношення лікарів ісьсього staffu. Duzhe vdyachnі vsim hto borrowed by Yaroslavchik. Great podyaka Ivan Koval. Duzhe garne vidnoshennya і great professional svoyeї svervi. Відповіді на всі запитання giving chitko and clearly. Дуже задоволоні реабілітацією, особливо з їх підходом до дитини. Дуже гарне відношення лікарів і всього персоналу. Дуже вдячні всім хто займався Ярославчиком. Велика подяка Івану Ковалю. Дуже гарне відношення і великий професіонал своєї справи. Відповіді на всі запитання давав чітко і ясно.

Apr 8, 2018
The patient was treated of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

We have already been to Ambromiškis twice and on April 9 we will go for the third time. We really liked the center, but most importantly it is a positive result of rehabilitation. Sophia is now 1 year and 10 months old. She can already walk a couple of small steps by herself, she runs around the handle. The center is very good, good conditions, very intensive rehabilitation, many useful procedures. Good living conditions, food is also not bad. For Sofia prepared food on a special menu (we have our own diet). Separately, I want to note the staff - very friendly and attentive. Also very like the organizer Olga. One downside, in the center there is very little entertainment for children. Both times were in the winter, so in the evenings I had to have fun in the corridors) So we recommend you to store your toys, books and so on. Now we will go in the spring and hope to walk a lot. Especially there is a lake and incredibly beautiful around. In general, thank you again for selecting the center) Мы уже дважды были в амбромишкес и 9 апреля поедем в третий раз. Нам очень понравился центр, но самое главное - это положительный результат реабилитации. Софие сейчас 1 год и 10 месяцев. Она уже может самостоятельно пройти пару шажочков, за ручку вообще бегает. Центр очень хороший, хорошие условия, очень интенсивная реабилитация, много полезных процедур. Хорошие условия проживания, питание тоже неплохое. Для софии готовили еду по специальному меню (у нас своя диета). Отдельно хочу отметить персонал - очень доброжелательный и внимательный. Также очень нравится организатор Ольга. Один минус, в центре совсем мало развлечений для детей. Оба раза были зимой, поэтому вечерами приходилось развлекаться в коридорах) Так что рекомендуем запасаться своими игрушками, книжками и тд. Сейчас поедем весной и надеемся много гулять. Тем более там озеро и невероятно красиво вокруг. Вообщем, спасибо вам ещё раз за подбор центра)

Nov 21, 2019

Good day! The room is excellent, the clinic staff is very polite and qualified. There are no complaints to the doctor. Добрый день! Палата отличная, персонал клиники очень вежливый и квалифицированный. К врачу никаких претензий нет.

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Jan 20, 2017
The patient was treated of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

Here I have been studying for a very long time, it's just wonderful! Doctors, physiotherapists - I loved all of them so ... Sutra at me gymnastics - method Bobat, 2 hours I am engaged. Then I have dinner, then I do fine motor skills, then the pool ... Yesterday the professor said that my results for 10 days are the same as I should have achieved in six months. It's all so fast, so I hope when I get home - it's already on my own feet Тут я очень долго занимаюсь, тут просто прекрасно! Врачи, физиотерапевты - я всех их так полюбила... Сутра у меня гимнастика - метод Бобат, 2 часа занимаюсь. Затем я обедаю, потом занимаюсь мелкой моторикой, потом бассейн... Вчера профессор сказал, что мои результаты за 10 дней такие, каких я должна была бы добиться за полгода. Тут все так быстро, так что, надеюсь, когда приеду домой - то уже на своих ногах

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Oct 3, 2019

Спасибо Букимед за организацию нашей поездки В теплице очень понравились специалисты, у ребенка после поездки положительная динамика, стал больше говорить. По возможности приехали бы еще раз.

Aug 7, 2019
The patient was treated of hydrocephalus

Hello, we underwent rehabilitation in July and are generally satisfied. Of course, I would like more results, but there is definitely an effect. They lived in Kamennye Lazne, and were treated in New. A team of medical professionals with extensive experience. All are friendly and positive, they do not speak Russian very well, but you can understand each other. We got homework, we plan to come again. Здравствуйте, проходили реабилитацию в июле, в целом довольны. Хотелось бы конечно бОльших результатов, но однозначно эффект есть. Жили в Каменных лазнях, а лечились в Новых. Коллектив врачей- профессионалы с большим опытом. Все приветливые и положительные, не очень хорошо говорят по-русски, но понять друг друга можно. Получили домашнее задание, планируем приехать ещё.

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