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Orhan Dalkilic
Allergist Pulmonologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
( 14 reviews )
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Istanbul, Turkey
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
Karamustafaoğlu M., Yurteri G., Aksöz İ., Dalkılıç O.Poland sendromu( bir olgu nedeniyle). TÜSAD 25. ulusal kongresi(poster sunumu) 1999. Yurteri G, Saraç S, Dalkılıç O, Ofluoğlu H, Demiröz Ö.F. Diyabetik ve diyabetik olmayan akciğer tüberkülozlu olguların klinik özelliklerinin karşılaştırılması. T ...
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Reviews of patients treated for Myasthenia

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4 positive reviews on myasthenia

Valeria Feb 24, 2020
The patient was treated of myasthenia in Medipol Mega University Hospital

I drove with a positive attitude. And of course there were no minuses for me. I was immediately told that it would not work out to cure me 100% (but I already knew 21 years ago that my myasthenia gravis is incurable). But the doctor does everything to make it comfortable for me to live with her. No pulling money here, cool transfer organization. And what kind of translator I had. Aida is just a gorgeous girl, very kind, open, ready to help 24/7 and helps! But it all depends on your mood. If you are traveling with a negative, it’s not worth it. Believe me, as soon as you carry the negative, the disease begins to absorb you. Bookimed care department is generally cool guys, thanks to them, your stay is very comfortable and under the wing of care Я ехала с позитивным настроем. И конечно минусов для меня не было. Мне сразу сказали, что вылечить меня 100% не получится (но я 21 год назад уже знала, что моя миастения не излечима). Но врач делает все, что бы мне стало комфортно с ней жить. Нет вытягивания денег тут, крутая организация трансфера. А какой у меня был переводчик. Аида просто шикарная девушка, очень добрая, открытая, готовая помогать 24/7 и помогает! Но все зависит от вашего настроя. Если вы едете с негативом-не стоит. Поверьте, как только вы несёте негатив-болезнь начинает вас поглощать.
Отдел заботы Bookimed вообще крутые ребята, благодаря им, твоё пребывание очень комфортное и под крылом заботы

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Dr Zulfiyya Guluzade Representative of Medipol Mega University Hospital Feb 5, 2021

Здравствуйте, спасибо за ваш отзыв, желаю вам здоровья.

Dilfuza Oct 3, 2019
The patient was treated of myasthenia in Memorial Şişli Hospital

The coordinator of the clinic, Daria, didn’t get in touch at all, she didn’t mean it anyway, only on the first day we talked about the transfer and didn’t answer the phone anymore, it’s good that we got a good translator, she helped us. The clinic is very good, all the equipment, a translator, the doctors are very good, we really liked it. It is true that we did the entire examination and said that we had come in vain and that in Moscow they gave us all the assignments correctly. The main thing is that the operation is optional and this is the most important. Prices compared to Moscow are much better. They carefully examine, everyone listens, every detail interests them, I definitely recommend this clinic! I give special greetings to Yulichka (Bookimed coordinator), she worked with us for a very long time and helped. Координатор клиники Дарья совсем не выходила на связь, ей было грубо говоря все равно, только в первый день мы с ней пообщались касательно трансфера и дальше не брала трубку не отвечала на сообщения, хорошо что нам попалась хорошая переводчица, она нам помогала. Клиника очень хорошая, все оборудование, переводчица, доктора очень хорошие, нам очень понравилось. Правда что мы сделали все обследование и сказали что мы зря приехали и что в Москве нам дали все назначения верно. Главное, что операция не обязательна и это самое важное. Цены по сравнению с Москвой намного лучше. Тщательно обследуют, все слушают, каждая деталь их интересует, Клинику эту советую определенно! Отдельный привет передаю Юличке (координатор Bookimed), она очень долго с нами работала и помогала.

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Youssef Aug 1, 2019
The patient was treated of myasthenia in Memorial Şişli Hospital

The coordinator Ecem Bologlu was not helpful at all, she refused to be with us except only the first day. She only said to us that this is not her duty to be with us during the examination. But only the translator, and when I asked Dr. Emad he informed me that this is absolutely wrong, she must be with the patient and the translator only exists when there is a problem in the language to help her. And whenever I ask her to come with us while meeting the doctor, she used to tell me: Sorry Im not in the hospital , but I have other work to do this day outside the hospital. Several times she used to tell me so whenever I ask her for help. Even the translator told me that this is her duty, not the translator. But when I got angry, The translator , Magd El Din, and Hisham was very polite and helpful with us , they remained helping till the end of the trip.

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