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About Meoclinic Hospital

Meoclinic in Berlin is a one of the biggest international hospitals in Germany. 50 doctors work at Meoclinic specialized in over 30 medical fields. The Hospital consists of 5 narrow focused centers of radiology, cardiology, surgery, phlebology, and rehabilitation. Meoclinic has a certification according to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

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Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery Consultation
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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction)
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Breast augmentation
Breast Implants with Breast Lift
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Breast reduction
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Closed rhinoplasty
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Hair transplant
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Consultation with a urologist
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PSA test
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Otorhinolaryngology/Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT)
Consultation with an otolaryngologist
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Consultation with a neurologist
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EEG (Electroencephalography)
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MRI of one area
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CT of the paranasal sinuses
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Diagnostic Evaluation of autism
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Bone marrow biopsy
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Medication treatment for epilepsy
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Dental Treatment
Consultation with a dentist
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Crown Lengthening
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Root Canal Treatment
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Treatment of caries
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All reviews on treatment at Meoclinic Hospital
17 patient reviews
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16 positive reviews on treatment in Meoclinic Hospital

Feb 9, 2020
The patient was treated of endometriosis

Good afternoon. Was at a consultation at the clinic Meoklinik in Berlin. Everything went well. At the clinic, I met a translator, escorted for a consultation. Regarding the consultation. The professor was very pleasant, she clearly explained what needs to be done and how best to continue treatment. Bookimed staff helped with the organization of the trip, with translation. Thanks everybody. I hope this trip was not in vain. Добрый день.
Была на консультации в клинике Меоклиник в Берлине.
Все прошло хорошо.
В клинике встретил переводчик, сопроводил на консультацию. По поводу консультации. Профессор оказалась очень приятной, все четко разъяснила, что нужно делать и как лучше продолжить лечение.
Сотрудники Bookimed помогли с организацией поездки, с переводом.
Спасибо большое всем. Надеюсь эта поездка была не зря.

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Oct 3, 2019
The patient was treated of spina bifida (cleft spine)

Every thing is good. Thank you for organization

Sep 13, 2019
The patient was treated of varicocele

The visit to the doctor was excellent. An accurate diagnosis was given and treatment options proposed. The clinic staff was friendly and pleasant.

Aug 2, 2019
The patient was treated in this clinic

yes the consultation is good i am satisfied

Jul 25, 2019
The patient was treated of arnold chiari syndrome

My wife have Chiari Malformtion, the operation went well. and the recovery also seems faster than we expected, compared to our previous consultation in singapore. and also in Germany around 40% cheaper than singapore. At the beginning we are worried go to Germany, how to communicate in there. But bookimed team already prepare all so well for us. the comunication also good, the response quite fast. The Dokter can speak English well, and some nurse too... turn out the nurse guite nice more then we expected. in the hospital they have one person special to handle foreign Patients. there is apartment in the hospital for family to stay. the hospital is nice, but the location is abit far from city. so no good hotel nearby. Thanks to bookimed team Dr. Elina, Darya, & Polina that really care for us from the beginning. We really appreciate it.


Elina Reznichenko Bookimed medical coordinator Jul 29, 2019

Robert, thanks for the nice feedback! I am very glad that we have helped you find a solution to a medical problem, and now the patient is undergoing recovery after a successful operation.

Jul 22, 2019
The patient was diagnosed in this clinic

Thank you for visiting the clinic, the trip with the child went well. A comprehensive approach to the patient (from the selection of treatment to discharge) Благодарю за визит в клинику, поездка с ребенком прошла хорошо.Комплексный подход к пациенту ( от подбора лечения до выписки)

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Apr 15, 2019
The patient was treated of gastritis

We all enjoyed it. Everything is well organized. Doctors are competent, all very polite. The translators were very attentive, they felt confident with them, like with my mother by the hand))). Antonina from Bookimed constantly called and wondered how they got, whether everything was good. Нам все очень понравилось. Все хорошо организовано. Врачи компетентные, все очень вежливые. Переводчики были очень внимательными, с ними чувствовали себя уверенно, как с мамой за ручку))). Антонина из Букимед постоянно звонила и интересовалась, как добрались , все ли у нас хорошо.

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Mar 19, 2019
The patient was consulted in this clinic

All good questions no. The doctor is good, we were at the reception for about half an hour, she explained everything, in general, we really liked her Все хорошо вопросов нету. Врач хороший, мы были на приеме около получаса, она все объяснила, вообще она нам очень понравилась

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Dec 5, 2016
The patient was treated in this clinic

Good afternoon! I want to express my great gratitude to Svetlana Kalinichenko for her help, the selection of the doctor and the clinic.
Everything was very quick and inexpensive. Unfortunately, in Spain, where we were treated before (the father of diabetes) did not see a few more of our problems (such as nervous exhaustion, anemia, etc.), everything was written off for diabetes. Dr. Kashevagi not only consulted on our main disease, but also prescribed medication and special stockings from pain in the legs, after a couple of days it became better. A very sensitive doctor, a real professional, he has a long reception, answers all questions, an attentive individual approach to each patient, we really liked it, he will be observed. Thanks to Svetlana Kalinichenko, Dr. Kashevaga and the clinic of the Meoclinic.

Sincerely, Natalia and Vladimir
Добрый день! Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Светлане Калиниченко за помощь, подбор доктора и клинику.

Все было очень оперативно и недорого. К сожалению, в Испании, где мы лечились до этого (у папы диабет) не увидели ещё несколько наших проблем (таких, как нервное истощение, анемия и т.д.), всё списывали на диабет. Доктор Кашеваги не только проконсультировал по нашему основному заболеванию, но ещё и назначил медикаментозное лечение и спец чулки от болей в ногах, уже через пару дней стало лучше. Очень чуткий врач, настоящий профессионал, приём у него долгий, отвечает на все вопросы, внимательный индивидуальный подход к каждому пациенту-нам очень понравилось, будет у него наблюдаться. Спасибо Светлане Калиниченко, доктору Кашеваги и клинике Меоклиника.

С уважением Наталья и Владимир

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Sep 26, 2019
The patient was treated of urinary incontinence


1 negative reviews on treatment in Meoclinic Hospital

Jun 15, 2017
The patient was treated of headache


Hospital accreditations of quality

International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.


Updated 14.09.2020

Germany, Berlin

Meoclinic Hospital was founded in 2000. The Clinic is located in the center of Berlin, not far from all sightseeing of the city. From Tegel airport to Meoclinic a patient can get for 20-30 minutes (10 kilometers).

Meoclinic hall

The Hospital cooperates with other leading German clinics and universities to share the experience.

The staff at Meoclinic speaks in German, English, Russian. The treatment may be provided on the out- and inpatient basis.

Meoclinic: facts and figures

  • area of 4,500 square meters;
  • 80 employees of medical staff;
  • 3 inpatient and 1 outpatient operating theatres;
  • 45 beds
  • 6 intensive care beds.


Award of Meoclinic

ISO 9001:2008

Meoclinic is certified according to the International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.


Neurology and Psychiatry Department

Prof. MD Horst Glasner is Chief Physician of the Department. Specialist in neurology, psychiatry, and physical therapy. He has over 50 years of experience.



Doctors of the Neurology and Psychiatry Department apply such methods of diagnostics:

  • differentiated ultrasound diagnostics of the vessels of the brain (3D/4D color coded duplex sonography, transcranial Doppler sonography);
  • electroencephalogram;
  • electromyography/nerve conduction study;
  • comprehensive neuroradiology, etc.

Specialists provide the treatment taking into account psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic factors. The holistic medicine and certified body acupuncture are applied, too. The procedures may be conducted on out- and inpatient basis.

Neurosurgery Department

The specialists of the Department provide diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic pathologies of the spine and head. Doctors at Meoclinic apply multidisciplinary approach. It means that specialists from other departments are involved in the therapeutic process. It allows taking into account all the specific features of a patient’s body.

In case of surgery, doctors prefer using minimally invasive interventions. Among them are:

  • laser therapy (PLDD) of herniated discs;
  • treatment of the nerve roots and facet joints under the supervision of computer tomography (CT) or an electron-optical converter;
  • vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures.

A doctor welcomes a patient

Neurosurgeons also perform endoscopic and microsurgical operations to treat herniated discs, disc space narrowing. In case of chronic neuralgic pain, which cannot be treated by medications, doctors provide implantation of the anti-pain stimulator.

Cardiology Department

MD Engin Osmanoglou is a Head of the Cardiology and General Medicine Center at Meoclinic.




The Meoclinic Department specializes in diagnostics and treatment of the cardiovascular diseases. For the diagnostics doctors use such methods:

  • noninvasive diagnostics;
  • accurate ultrasound examination;
  • CT.

After the establishing a diagnosis, doctors prescribe treatment.

Doctors of the Department apply VNUS Closure or Benefit method which supposes closing of the veins of patients in cases when bypass surgery is impossible?.

Surgery Department

Specialists of the Surgery Department provide patients with 24/7 medical care. They focus on minimally invasive surgery which reduces the appearance of side-effects. A surgeon controls all the process during an operation on the special screen.

Such types of surgeries are available at Meoclinic as shoulder joint surgery, obesity surgery, visceral and vascular, endocrine surgeries.

During a surgery

Conservative therapies include:

  • manual, shock wave, laser bioresonance therapies;
  • kinesio taping (method for the treatment of ligament injuries, bruising and swelling with adhesive tape, which is close to human skin tension and takes some of the load from congested areas);
  • acupuncture, etc.
Orthopedics and Traumatology Department

The main task of the Department is the prevention of locomotor diseases and recovery of limited functions with rehabilitation.

Within the rehabilitation period, doctors apply Neurorobotic Feedback Therapy. It in an approved system which traps the electrical signals of the brain via the skin surface of the lower limbs and supports them in a motorized manner. In this manner, so-called neuromuscular feedback is created. It causes activation of the cerebral area.


Meoclinic cooperates with the hospitals to make staying of patients and their relatives more comfortable:

  • Hotel Aldon Kempinski Berlin
  • The Ritz-Carlton Berlin
  • Regent Berlin
  • Waldolf Astoria Berlin.

In the Meoclinic Hospital are available single and double rooms with:

  • air-conditioning
  • safe
  • minibar
  • Apple TV
  • WiFi
  • hairdryer
  • shaving set.
Additional service
Airport to clinic
$60 - $80
Clinic to airport
$60 - $80
Visa assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
Requirements for admission
Patient's age
Up to 100 years
Payment methods

Credit cards
Bank account

Patient's age
Up to 100 years
Documents language

The hospital is ready to study medical records in the following languages:

Payment methods

Credit cards
Bank account

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