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What is the cost of treatment in Turkey?

Procedures Prices
Hair transplant $250 - $4300
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $1750 - $7000
Liposuction $720 - $11100
Breast augmentation $2300 - $9000
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $2100 - $8000
PET/CT $500 - $1300
Basic check-up $30 - $550
Male Check-up $200 - $1500
Ultrasound $30 - $350
Female check-up $330 - $1500

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for treatment in Turkey after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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The Best Doctors in Turkey, online medical advice

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Yesim Yildirim
Clinical oncologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 260 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
18 years of experience
Assoc.Prof. Yeşim Yıldırım has been working as a medical oncology specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2011. She is a member of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). Specializes in the diagnostics and medication care of malignant neoplasms of various localizations, especially of a ...
Deniz Kaya
Fertility specialist Obstetrician-gynecologist
Istanbul , Turkey
LIV Hospital
( 172 reviews )
Online consultation $125
Istanbul, Turkey
LIV Hospital
16 years of experience
Assoс. Prof. Deniz Gökalp Kaya - Gynecology and Obstetrics, IVF specialist.EducationMD Clinic (2011- 2011) Freelance Physician.Assisted-Reproduction Treatment Methods Certification of Ministry of Health (2005) IVF Specialist.İstanbul Private Acıbadem Hospital, Kadıköy. (2005-2011) Specialist, Gynec ...
Metin Cakmakci
Surgical oncologist General surgeon Breast surgeon
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 260 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Prof. Metin Chakmakchi (Metin Çakmakçı) - oncosurgeon, Head of the Surgical Oncology Department. He has been working as a general surgeon and Breast Center Coordinator at Anadolu Medical Center since 2007. Education İstanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul Boys High School) Hacettepe University Medical ...
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Reviews about Clinics in Turkey by Bookimed Patients

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1320 positive reviews on treatment in Turkey

Anonymous Oct 17, 2021
The patient underwent sleeve gastrectomy in Dr. HE Obesity Clinic

I had an excellent experience in the hospital and the staff were very professional and proficient. I would recommend the service.

Mariya Oct 16, 2021
The patient underwent rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

From start to finish my experience with Bookimed and my adviser Dr Mohammed Aljawhar was impeccable, I can’t fault any of it. He helped me organise everything a good few times because of COVID, and was very patient and supportive. Istanbul Aesthetics Clinic met all my expectations and more. My surgeon Ergin Er was very skilled and knowledgeable, he communicated really well with me and despite it being a difficult revision rhinoplasty I know he tried his best. Abdul was a great hospital coordinator and kept in touch regularly. He kept my spirits high when recovery was tough and reassured me. I felt well looked after and hope for a great result In’shaa’Allah. I will definitely recommend Bookimed and this clinic to anyone thinking of having surgery. England surgeons n hospitals have nothing on Turkey. I am very appreciative for my experience. Thanks to all!!! Mariya

Hamad Oct 16, 2021
The patient underwent gastric balloon in Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Everything was done smoothly from the first interaction towards having the appointment, the operation and getting the support needed after the operation. Highly recommended.

Nathan Oct 15, 2021
The patient underwent beard transplant in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

I used this clinic for a beard transplant. The medical team are wonderful! Such lovely and friendly people! I didnt feel uncomfortable at all and had all the confindence in them. The food at lunch wasn't great but i didnt go there to dine anyway. I'm just into week 2 post treatment and im happy with the results so far!

Anonymous Oct 14, 2021
The patient underwent hair transplant in Smile Hair Clinic

The medical team was good although they did not do my hairline exactly as I requested. I would however recommend them just double verify . Do not buy the special shampoos for 300 euros. They are not required. The attention to the client and the pickup and drop off at the hotel and to the airport was on time. All the arrangements were made so it was really a worry free experience without any surprises.

152 negative reviews on treatment in Turkey

Anonymous Oct 12, 2021

Very bad experience, Not professional at all, The didn’t give us the results didn’t not come out for 2 weeks

Stephan Oct 7, 2021
The patient underwent laser hair removal in Adem and Havva Medical Center

I was punctual, but had to wait for 20 min for the therapist. The procedure was done in his street clothing, under unhygienic conditions and without protective eye glasses. A full body depilation treatment lasted not even 40 minutes. I had to instruct the therapist of what to do, but in the end just couldn’t wait for it to be over. I considered the treatment a scam. I would never do this again at that center.

Tanja Sep 29, 2021
The patient underwent sleeve gastrectomy in Kucukcekmece Hospital

Communication was very difficult as very few of the medical staff spoke English. The facilities were clean and comfortable.


Cengiz Korkmaz Representative of Kucukcekmece Hospital Oct 9, 2021

It's true. However, we always had an interpreter for you.

Eleny Sep 18, 2021

I got quick appointment and result of MR only in turkish although i was told that i ll get it in english too.I asked several times the contact person and never got it

Olga Aug 16, 2021
The patient was treated of ovarian cyst in Medicana Atasehir Hospital

I didn’t have the operation, you can just say I went to paid appointments. I did not like the fact that the doctor was not familiar with my examinations and analyzes, and before, if I had an MRI, they did an ultrasound scan. It's not clear why. At the same time, the ultrasound did not give the whole picture. Also, only on the spot when the doctor asked me to look at my tests and examinations, the translator tried to translate. Before arriving at the clinic, I discussed in advance what kind of operation I wanted, whether they would be able to do it. The answer was always YES, after arrival already at the reception, NO. Я не делала операцию, просто можно сказать ходила по платным приёмам. Мне не понравилось, что врач не был ознакомлен с моими обследованиями и анализами, также перед при наличии МРТ делали Узи. Не понятно для чего. При этом узи не давал всю картину. Также только на месте когда просила врач смотрел мои анализы и обследования, переводчик пытался переводить. Перед приездом в клинику заранее оговаривала какую операцию хочу, смогут ли они сделать. Всегда ответ был-ДА, после приезда уже на приём-НЕТ.

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FAQ about treatment in Turkey

What should you know about treatment in Turkish hospitals?

  • Treatment in Turkey has become popular in the recent 10 years. The country is included in the list of Top 5 medical tourism leaders according to the International Medical Travel Journal1 mln international patients visit Turkey each year. 
  • Treatment of cancer, heart and blood vessel disease, joint disorders, neurosurgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), dental treatment and plastic surgery are the key specialties of clinics in Turkey.
  • Due to the US government support and investment, top hospitals in Turkey use the latest equipment. According to Medical Tourism Magazine, the country has invested $30 billion in healthcare development.
  • The state has the biggest number of JCI-accredited clinics — 34. This means that Turkish hospitals meet the strict criteria of the Joint Commission International for the medical services quality and safety.
  • Turkey offers affordable treatment — 50% lower prices without quality loss in contrast with the US and European medical centers.

What are the advantages of treatment in Turkey? 

Among the most significant advantages of the best Turkish hospitals are:

  • world-class treatment according to international protocols
  • reasonable prices — cost of medical treatment in Turkey is up to 50% lower than in the US and European healthcare facilities 
  • high doctors’ experience
  • excellent and affordable services 
  • an opportunity to combine vacation and therapy
  • no language barrier as most medical staff speaks English.

What is the level of healthcare in the country?

Healthcare is the key development sector of the Turkish government. The Turkish authorities are convinced that care for the citizens' health should be an absolute priority of state policy and spend about 77 billion liras for healthcare annually.

As a result, 28,000 medical facilities provide excellent medical care in the country. About 50 centers have a certificate of JCI (Joint Commission International), the international improver of healthcare quality and safety across the globe. The index of certificates obtained is the largest. To compare, Israel has 20 JCI-accredited facilities, and Germany — only 10 clinics of this type.

What diseases are successfully treated in the country?

Most often, international patients choose Turkish clinics for:

  • hair transplant
  • plastic surgery
  • cancer treatment
  • cerebral palsy therapy 
  • in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • orthopedic diseases treatment
  • neurosurgery
  • dental care.

How to go for treatment to the best clinic in Turkey?

  • Choose a clinic. Bookimed listing below presents the best clinics in Turkey that meet international standards. Not sure which one to choose? — Leave a request on the website and Bookimed medical coordinator will select options according to your needs and preferences.
  • Prepare medical records. The selected clinic will provide you with a preliminary program of procedures with prices so that you can calculate your travel budget in advance. To develop an individual treatment program, records and test results are needed. If the proposed program suits you, we will arrange a trip, if you want to consider other options, we will search for another option for you.
  • Schedule your trip. Bookimed medical coordinator will arrange an appointment on your chosen dates.
  • Prepare documents for entry into the country. Residents of some countries need a visa to visit Turkey. Check the rules of entry in your particular case here

When can I get treatment in Turkey?

Bookimed can arrange your trip as soon as possible. Most Turkish clinics give an answer within 3-5 days, in emergency cases within 1-3 days. 

Do I need to translate documents into Turkish?

In 90% of cases, Turkish hospitals do not require translation of medical records into Turkish. If the patient has documents in other languages (not English), specialists may ask to translate them into English or Turkish.

Can you combine treatment in Turkey and vacation?

Yes, a lot of patients combine their vacation and treatment in Turkey. If you do not need in-hospital stay or come for diagnostics, you can order a personal guide or join a tourist group. So you will visit the sights of the city where you undergo procedures and get acquainted with the culture of the country.

After discharge from the clinic, you can get spa procedures to speed up your recovery period and have a good rest. Leave a request on the site to get a consultation.

If you want to combine vacation and treatment in Turkey, make sure that you have no contraindications for climate change, etc. Specify this info with your doctor.

What about accommodation during the medical trip?

Diagnostics is almost always carried out on an outpatient basis, so hospitalization is not required. The exception is the patient’s serious condition that involves medical examinations under sedation (medical sleep). 

Treatment may be conducted on both outpatient and inpatient basis. Surgery and emergency care, radiation therapy or chemo are performed on an inpatient basis when the patient needs to stay in hospital for some time. 

In case of some plastic surgeries or dental care, there is no need to stay in a clinic. However, follow-up is required after any type of therapy. So patients usually stay in hotels that offer discounts for clinic’s patients.

How much do diagnostics and treatment in Turkey cost?

According to Bookimed internal stats, the cost of diagnostic procedures and treatment in the best Turkish hospitals are 30–40% lower than in Israel, Germany or the USA. In some clinics, the cost of seeing a doctor and therapy in Turkey is even 50% cheaper than in European or American clinics without any quality loss. 

Prices of diagnosis and treatment depends on the type and number of procedures and the price policy of a particular clinic. You will receive a preliminary price calculation for your case by leaving a request on the site.

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