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What is the cost of treatment in Turkey?

Procedures Prices
Hair transplant $270 - $4300
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $1900 - $7100
Breast augmentation $2300 - $9000
Liposuction $720 - $5900
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $2100 - $8000
PET/CT $500 - $1300
Basic check-up $30 - $550
Male Check-up $200 - $1500
Ultrasound $30 - $300
Female check-up $330 - $1500

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for treatment in Turkey after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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The Best Doctors in Turkey, online medical advice

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Yesim Yildirim
Clinical oncologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 250 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
18 years of experience
Assoc.Prof. Yeşim Yıldırım has been working as a medical oncology specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2011. She is a member of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). Specializes in the diagnostics and medication care of malignant neoplasms of various localizations, especially of a ...
Deniz Kaya
Fertility specialist Obstetrician-gynecologist
Istanbul , Turkey
LIV Hospital
( 157 reviews )
Online consultation $125
Istanbul, Turkey
LIV Hospital
16 years of experience
Assoс. Prof. Deniz Gökalp Kaya - Gynecology and Obstetrics, IVF specialist.EducationMD Clinic (2011- 2011) Freelance Physician.Assisted-Reproduction Treatment Methods Certification of Ministry of Health (2005) IVF Specialist.İstanbul Private Acıbadem Hospital, Kadıköy. (2005-2011) Specialist, Gynec ...
Metin Cakmakci
Surgical oncologist General surgeon Breast surgeon
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 250 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Prof. Metin Chakmakchi (Metin Çakmakçı) - oncosurgeon, Head of the Surgical Oncology Department. He has been working as a general surgeon and Breast Center Coordinator at Anadolu Medical Center since 2007. Education İstanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul Boys High School) Hacettepe University Medical ...
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Reviews about Clinics in Turkey by Bookimed Patients

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1180 positive reviews on treatment in Turkey

Marzei Jul 25, 2021
The patient underwent rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Аll the staffs and the doctor are great, they are very nice and made me comfortable and took care of me and my needs post op. Аll the staffs and the doctor are great, they are very nice and made me comfortable and took care of me and my needs post op.

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Grigoriy Jul 23, 2021
The patient was treated of fibroadenoma in Anadolu Medical Center

Yes, I am satisfied, Alexey Karaganov from Bookimed professionally helped us with advice and real consultation on various issues from our side! Thank you! Да доволен, Алексей Караганов из Bookimed профессионально помог нам с советом и реальной консультацией по разносторонним вопросам с нашей стороны!Спасибо!

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Yakob Jul 22, 2021
The patient underwent hair transplant in SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic

I am very pleased with the care and attention of Inna Baratova and the entire team of the clinic as a whole. I wholeheartedly recommend SALUSS MEDICAL GROUP to everyone Очень довольна заботой и вниманием Инны Баратовой и всей командой клиники в целом. От всей души рекомендую всем SALUSS MEDICAL GROUP

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Lyudmila Jul 19, 2021

I liked the doctors, staff and translator Gunay, the neurologist and cardiologist told in detail about the diagnosis and gave recommendations, made an appointment Понравились врачи, персонал и переводчик Гюнай, обстоятельно рассказали по диагнозу невролог и кардиолог и дали рекомендации, сделали назначение

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Nurgul Jul 19, 2021
The patient was treated of prostatitis in Memorial Antalya Hospital

We flew in for a consultation with a urologist, Mr. Murat Savage, we really liked the attitude towards patients! The doctor prescribed the necessary tests and treatment! We were very satisfied from the beginning, from the period of negotiations with the clinic, to the appointment of treatment! Thank you very much for your help ! Мы прилетели на консультацию к врачу урологу Г-ну Мурат Саваж, очень понравилось отношение к пациентам ! Врач назначил необходимые анализы и лечение ! Остались очень довольны от начала с периода переговоров с клиникой и до назначения лечения! Спасибо большое за помощь !

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138 negative reviews on treatment in Turkey

Sonata Jul 4, 2021
The patient underwent rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Good day , I was really disappointed about service in clinic. At night there was no doctor, staff don’t speak English, AC was not working. After surgery to stay at night it’s dangerous, because no one able to help. Please be very careful with this clinic. Good day ,
I was really disappointed about service in clinic.
At night there was no doctor, staff don’t speak English, AC was not working.
After surgery to stay at night it’s dangerous, because no one able to help.
Please be very careful with this clinic.

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Yasin Sakrak Representative of Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Jul 7, 2021

Hello Sonata ,sad to hear it , during your stay all our medical staffs and doctors did their best for you , hope your results will make you happier soon , Best Regards

Arahman Jul 4, 2021
The patient was treated of stomach cancer in Medipol Mega University Hospital

We made an appointment at the clinic at 15:00, and in the end we got to the doctor at 16:50. There is no clear organization in terms of admission. But the doctor examined me well, did all the research and prescriptions. The only problem is waiting for an appointment, with a patient of 4 degrees of oncology it takes a long time, the patient is nervous. The main coordinator himself does not get in touch, so he is loaded with other clients. We need to organize work better !! Who really answered promptly and worked is Inga from Bookimed !! Thank you very much В клинику записались на 15:00, в итоге к врачу попали 16:50. Нет четкой организации в плане приёма . Но врач хорошо осмотрел, сделали все исследования и назначения. Единственная проблема это ожидание на прием, с больным 4 степени онкологии это долго, пациент нервничает. Сам основной координатор не выходит на связь, так загружен другими клиентами. Нужно организовать работу по лучше!!
Кто действительно оперативно отвечал и работал это Инга из Bookimed !! Спасибо ей большое

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Olga May 28, 2021
The patient underwent gland therapy for breast cancer in Istinye University Liv Hospital Bahcesehir

I went to Turkey for diagnostics at the Istinye clinic, there are many impressions and, unfortunately, they are not very good. To begin with, the clinic itself is good and the equipment is also at the level, everything went quickly and waited for the result. Because quarantine began in Turkey, flew home, and here it began, although the coordinators promised to keep in touch with me. In short, they discouraged all the desire to go there again and do the operation there! Because it all depends on your coordinator and translator. They only work well with people who pay a lot and no questions asked. I do not advise you to go there, just because everything is decided not by the doctor, but by the coordinator, he even provides you with the prices !!!! There is only one negative left !!!! Ездила в Турцию на диагностику в клинику Истинье, впечатлений много и к сожалению они не очень хорошие. Начну с того, что сама клиника хорошая и оборудование тоже на уровне, все прошла быстро и ждала результат. Т.к. в Турции начался карантин, вылетела домой, вот тут и началось, хотя обещали держать со мной связь координаторы. Если коротко сказать, то отбили все желание ехать туда повторно и делать там операцию! Т.к.все зависит от вашего координатора и переводчика. Они работают хорошо только с теми, кто платит много и без вопросов. Не советую ездить туда, только потому, что все решает ни врач а координатор, даже цены вам предоставляет он!!!! Остался один негатив!!!!

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Lale Savas Representative of Istinye University Liv Hospital Bahcesehir Jun 15, 2021

здравствуйте Ольга хотелось бы внести ясность по Вашему отзыву Вам были предоставлены скидки, помощь с переводом и днем и вечером , на каждый Ваш медицинский вопрос мы предоставляли ответ специалиста, к сожалению это конечно же занимает время, но ни один Ваш вопрос не был не отвеченным, этому свидетельствуют наши переписки в телеграм, которые не удалены и сохранены как доказательство. по поводу цен, ни одна уважающая себя клиника НЕ ДОЛЖНА ПРЕДОСТАВЛЯТь ЦЕНЫ УСТАМИ ВРАЧА, как минимум это говорит о не профиссионализме данного специалиста... Вам цены были предоставлены не координатором, а в моем сопровождении мы предоставляли Вам цены от финансового отдела в который вместе с вами и шли. спасибо конечно за незаслуженный отзыв.

Ekaterina May 18, 2021
The patient underwent hair transplant in SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic

Good afternoon, There is one very negative memory left - it took a very long time to choose a clinic and a doctor who will perform the operation. As a result, we stopped at a certain doctor, asked several times whether he would exactly do it and whether this doctor would change - we were convinced that nothing would change and this is 100%. As a result, having arrived at the clinic at the appointed time and on the appointed date, we They simply confront the fact that another doctor will perform the operation, and the doctor whom we have chosen will perform the operation in the next office for some Turk, like there is an important client and he is a priority. Just imagine the situation, I came to Turkey for an operation on purpose and there is nowhere to go. Moreover, they could have said about it before, but they waited until 5 minutes before the operation. In general, the whole operation then sat and thought and worried about this, the result is not yet clear. Добрый день,
Осталось одно очень негативное воспоминание- очень долго выбирали клинику и врача который будет делать операцию . В результате остановились на определенном враче, переспросили несколько раз точно ли он будет делать и не поменяется ли этот врач - нас убедили в том , что ничего не поменяется и это 100%
В результате, приехав в клинику в назначенное время и в назначенное дату , нас просто ставят перед фактом , что будет операцию делать другой врач, а тот врач , которого мы выбрали будет делать операцию в соседнем кабинете какому то турку , типа там важный клиент и он в приоритете. Вот и представьте ситуация, специально приехал в Турцию на операцию и деваться уже некуда .
Причем сказать они могли ведь и раньше об этом , а они дождались когда уже за 5 минут до операции . Вообщем всю операцию потом сидел и думал и переживал по этому поводу, результат пока непонятен .

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Anonymous May 15, 2021
The patient underwent gastric balloon in Florya Hospital

There was very little English spoken, and very little explanation on the day as to what would happen. I went for the gastric balloon procedure, and absolutely no checks were performed on me to check my weight, blood pressure or anything.

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FAQ about treatment in Turkey

What should you know about treatment in Turkish hospitals?

  • Treatment in Turkey has become popular in the recent 10 years. The country is included in the list of Top 5 medical tourism leaders according to the International Medical Travel Journal1 mln international patients visit Turkey each year. 
  • Treatment of cancer, heart and blood vessel disease, joint disorders, neurosurgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), dental treatment and plastic surgery are the key specialties of clinics in Turkey.
  • Due to the US government support and investment, top hospitals in Turkey use the latest equipment. According to Medical Tourism Magazine, the country has invested $30 billion in healthcare development.
  • The state has the biggest number of JCI-accredited clinics — 34. This means that Turkish hospitals meet the strict criteria of the Joint Commission International for the medical services quality and safety.
  • Turkey offers affordable treatment — 50% lower prices without quality loss in contrast with the US and European medical centers.

What are the advantages of treatment in Turkey? 

Among the most significant advantages of the best Turkish hospitals are:

  • world-class treatment according to international protocols
  • reasonable prices — cost of medical treatment in Turkey is up to 50% lower than in the US and European healthcare facilities 
  • high doctors’ experience
  • excellent and affordable services 
  • an opportunity to combine vacation and therapy
  • no language barrier as most medical staff speaks English.

What is the level of healthcare in the country?

Healthcare is the key development sector of the Turkish government. The Turkish authorities are convinced that care for the citizens' health should be an absolute priority of state policy and spend about 77 billion liras for healthcare annually.

As a result, 28,000 medical facilities provide excellent medical care in the country. About 50 centers have a certificate of JCI (Joint Commission International), the international improver of healthcare quality and safety across the globe. The index of certificates obtained is the largest. To compare, Israel has 20 JCI-accredited facilities, and Germany — only 10 clinics of this type.

What diseases are successfully treated in the country?

Most often, international patients choose Turkish clinics for:

  • hair transplant
  • plastic surgery
  • cancer treatment
  • cerebral palsy therapy 
  • in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • orthopedic diseases treatment
  • neurosurgery
  • dental care.

How to go for treatment to the best clinic in Turkey?

  • Choose a clinic. Bookimed listing below presents the best clinics in Turkey that meet international standards. Not sure which one to choose? — Leave a request on the website and Bookimed medical coordinator will select options according to your needs and preferences.
  • Prepare medical records. The selected clinic will provide you with a preliminary program of procedures with prices so that you can calculate your travel budget in advance. To develop an individual treatment program, records and test results are needed. If the proposed program suits you, we will arrange a trip, if you want to consider other options, we will search for another option for you.
  • Schedule your trip. Bookimed medical coordinator will arrange an appointment on your chosen dates.
  • Prepare documents for entry into the country. Residents of some countries need a visa to visit Turkey. Check the rules of entry in your particular case here

When can I get treatment in Turkey?

Bookimed can arrange your trip as soon as possible. Most Turkish clinics give an answer within 3-5 days, in emergency cases within 1-3 days. 

Do I need to translate documents into Turkish?

In 90% of cases, Turkish hospitals do not require translation of medical records into Turkish. If the patient has documents in other languages (not English), specialists may ask to translate them into English or Turkish.

Can you combine treatment in Turkey and vacation?

Yes, a lot of patients combine their vacation and treatment in Turkey. If you do not need in-hospital stay or come for diagnostics, you can order a personal guide or join a tourist group. So you will visit the sights of the city where you undergo procedures and get acquainted with the culture of the country.

After discharge from the clinic, you can get spa procedures to speed up your recovery period and have a good rest. Leave a request on the site to get a consultation.

If you want to combine vacation and treatment in Turkey, make sure that you have no contraindications for climate change, etc. Specify this info with your doctor.

What about accommodation during the medical trip?

Diagnostics is almost always carried out on an outpatient basis, so hospitalization is not required. The exception is the patient’s serious condition that involves medical examinations under sedation (medical sleep). 

Treatment may be conducted on both outpatient and inpatient basis. Surgery and emergency care, radiation therapy or chemo are performed on an inpatient basis when the patient needs to stay in hospital for some time. 

In case of some plastic surgeries or dental care, there is no need to stay in a clinic. However, follow-up is required after any type of therapy. So patients usually stay in hotels that offer discounts for clinic’s patients.

How much do diagnostics and treatment in Turkey cost?

According to Bookimed internal stats, the cost of diagnostic procedures and treatment in the best Turkish hospitals are 30–40% lower than in Israel, Germany or the USA. In some clinics, the cost of seeing a doctor and therapy in Turkey is even 50% cheaper than in European or American clinics without any quality loss. 

Prices of diagnosis and treatment depends on the type and number of procedures and the price policy of a particular clinic. You will receive a preliminary price calculation for your case by leaving a request on the site.

Need help?

Medical coordinators consult you and help to make the right choice. Bookimed services are free for you and do not affect the clinic's bill.

Bookimed medical assistant will help you find the best option