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Seval Pehlevan
Istanbul , Turkey
Medicana Kadikoy Hospital
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Istanbul, Turkey
Medicana Kadikoy Hospital
Hospital  Medicana Kadıköy Hospital, IstanbulDepartment RheumatologyAcademic Title Associate Professor of Medicine                            Physician Name Seval Pehlevan, M.D. Associate Professor of MedicineGraduate Education İstanbul University School of Medicine (1986-1992)Postgraduate Education ...
Türkan Tünerir
Recreation therapist
Eskisehir , Turkey
Fizyomer Terapia Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Center
( 4 reviews )
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Eskisehir, Turkey
Fizyomer Terapia Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Center
Yusuf Onur Kizilay
Orthopedist Orthopedic surgeon
Bursa , Turkey
Turan Turan Clinic
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Bursa, Turkey
Turan Turan Clinic
Education  2018 - AO Trauma Course, Basic Principles of Fracture Management (İstanbul)2018 - AO Trauma Course, Basic Principles of Fracture Management (Ankara)2017 - AO Trauma Course, Basic Principles of Fracture Management (İstanbul)2017 - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (Ca ...
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5 positive reviews on rheumatology in Turkey

Svetlana Apr 5, 2019
The patient was treated of back pain in LIV Hospital

We are very satisfied with the service and the consult from the Hospital. Our special gratitude goes to Anton Volvak, my case manager, whos approach, accuracy and patience are beyond any expectations. If needed, we would definitely use Bookimed services again and would recommend it to those looking for a specialized quality care.

Tatyana Dec 20, 2018
The patient was treated of lupus erythematosus in LIV Hospital

Priyhala z problem, scho in on. In Ukraine, there could not have been a small garden. Likar is a coordinator of the organization organization, go ahead to the linkage. At the Dani hour the problem is revealed, іде лікування Приїхала з проблемою, що в на. В країні не могли діагностувати хворобу. Лікар координатор швидко організували поїздку , завжди були на зв’язку . На даний час проблема виявлена, іде лікування

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Aminat Aug 31, 2018
The patient was treated of gout in Kolan Hospital Group

Good afternoon! We liked the clinic Kolan, except that the conclusion and examinations of doctors with translation into Russian were promised to us by Olya, but she did not send anything, several times she was called, she said that she would recover, and already 2 months had passed. Добрый день! Нам понравилось в клинике Колан , только вот заключение и осмотры врачей с переводом на русский язык нам обещала сделать Оля , но так и не прислала ничего, несколько раз ей звонили, говорит что оправит, а уже прошло 2 месяца.

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Elza Mar 28, 2018
The patient was treated of hemorrhagic vasculitis in Medical Park Hospitals Group

I want to express my great gratitude to the coordinating doctor Katya Bonko, I could not say that I was not more attentive and responsive, a competent doctor !!! She felt at a distance that she was worried about me ... My daughter in Russia had hemorrhagic vasculitis mixed, planted for three years on the strictest diet, limited the active child in everything! In short, on their recommendation, I should have put the child in a flask! Where I just did not apply in Russia, but for some reason this diagnosis frightened everyone! Upset I began to search the Internet for answers to my questions and came across Bookimed ... I decided to fill out a questionnaire! Katia immediately contacted me! Having listened to everything that disturbs me, she quickly picked up the Medicalpark clinic and recommended to us a wonderful (as it turned out) Dr. Aysha children's rheumatologist !!! On the very first day of our arrival, we were taken to the clinic to see a doctor. This day for my child was one of the happiest! She lifted all restrictions !!! Our happiness was beyond limit !!! Quickly passed the examination. Said the child is healthy, live a full life! We were given a responsible, good interpreter !!! Thanks to the organizer Aigul, immediately responded and solved the problems (although there were practically no problems, only the language barrier Хочу выразить огромную благодарность врачу-координатору Кате Бонько, более внимательного и отзывчивого, грамотного врача можно сказать я не встречала!!! Она на расстоянии будто чувствовала, что меня беспокоит...Моей дочери в России поставили геморрагический васкулит смешанного типа, посадили на три года на строжайшую диету, ограничили активного ребёнка во всем! Короче по их рекомендации я должна была ребёнка посадить в колбу!!! Куда я только не обратилась в России, но почему-то этот диагноз всех пугал! Расстроенная я начала искать в интернете ответы на мои вопросы и наткнулась на Bookimed...Я решила заполнить анкету! Тут же связалась со мной Катя!!! Выслушав все, что меня беспокоит она оперативно подобрала нам клинику Medicalpark и порекомендовала нам замечательного ( как оказалось) доктора Айша детский ревматолог!!! В первый же день прилета нас повезли в клинику к доктору. Этот день для моего ребёнка был одним из самых счастливых ! Она сняла все ограничения!!! Нашему счастью не было предела!!! Быстро прошли обследование. Сказали ребёнок здоров, живите полноценной жизнью!!! Нам предоставили ответственного, хорошего переводчика!!! Спасибо организатору Айгуль, сразу отзывалась и решала возникшие проблемы( хотя проблем никаких практически не было, только языковой барьер

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Heba Jul 15, 2019
The patient was treated of lupus erythematosus in Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Excellent thank you


Ecem Baloglu Representative of Memorial Şişli Hospital Jul 22, 2019

Dear Heba! We are happy to hear that Memorial team helped you to feel comfortable while your staying here in Turkey. Thank you for your choice. We wish you healthy days. Kind regards.

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