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I am 2/3 weeks post surgery and had 360 lipo ( and some at hips too) and a tummy tuck. Dr Ergin er was marvellous as was Abdul. Dr E wasn’t sure he could help the sagging back fat I had fearing it was skin but nope - he’s fixed that too! It has all been quite an experience but once you’re past all the stuff like waking up post surgery ( take bottles of water if you wake and can’t find anything to drink) and the drains! Which almost made me faint and IV - all essentially stuff if you’re going to see the result you want - well with dr Ergin and Abdul you could change your life. For me it’s been a massive deal I honestly am thrilled and feel so lucky. Results wise I perhaps don’t have the swellingbthat everyone earns you about as my stomach is I think pretty tiny - and my thighs lighter. It’s so hard to figure out how he has done what he’s done - but I’m feeling now like the me I was 15 years go. A flat tummy, lighter on my feet and ready to feel the effects of healthy eating and exercise that just didn’t make a dent in the weight and tummy skin before. Be ready with lots of paracetamol. I wasn’t. I didn’t realise all the pain killers I had were blood thinners. Ibuprofen etc. Yes of course the wonderful team will provide pain killers but you won’t ( or I didn’t) want to be without something once I ran out. One point The surgery should improve is a before surgery list a good 2 wks maybe before - for example no booze, no medications really ( google it) and lots you can do like taking arnica pills and pineapple pills plus iron and such - maybe it’s not essential but I researched myself and why not do it if it might help? I was also glad I had some sweets with me as a little sugar helped in the following days. The tv doesn’t have any English programmes so take a book but be prepared to just had to recover without doing much else. I was up without hours of surgery walking the hall - it is a clean sort of pain - not like bone or hardcore I didn’t think but the worst area perhaps was the rib/muscle area a dr Ergin did a wonderful job of getting this entire area back to what it was by stitching the muscles back together I think. My technique was walk until I was bored and drink lots of water. If you’re having a tummy tuck you’ll need to master the roll and curl off the bed technique but just breath and don’t give in to the pain. It will be worth it if you hate your tummy how I hated mine. Lipo wise although it’s bloomin sore like you’ve been punched maybe, it wasn’t as bad as the ribcage pain or coping with drains for a few days. That was not fun - but again all needed so grin and bare it. I booked the Hilton Bomonti and having those sheets and just the smell and surroundings to go back to after the clinic was lovely. However watch out - my trip after surgery back to the hotel was 45 mins to wait for him and an hours drive as traffic was solid. No ones fault but what is a 15 mins drive can quickly be a nightmare. I called it Turkey time. No taxi except 2 came on time and waiting with drains and hardly able to sit ( bending in middle not fun early on) so be ready for that. But a good hostel and with national geographic on was such a luxury. But back to Istanbul Aesthetics Centre- they are talented and relaxed - it may feel a bit too relaxed but go with it. Dr Ergin Er is not only a clever man but adorable! Humorous and simply brilliant - I forced a hug on him the day I left ( when he removed my bandages and drains). Abdul meanwhile my translator but more over coordinator and medical advisor was always close to hand and simply never off duty. A role I don’t envy him of but one he excels at. Be prepared for the doctor to give you slightly different news when you arrive and he sees you - ( my scar u like my Hope was to be a good 12 inches despite not a massive tummy) but you need to enter into this knowing dr E will do what’s needed to get the shape and weight you are capable of having. The Istanbul Aesthetics Centre lack the pr that estetik Istanbul have mastered but don’t pause - these guys are honest and grounded and talented ....and although it may feel scary for me it’s the start of what honestly will be a better life. It’s still sinking in how different I feel about myself and I’ve not yet even tried on more fitting clothes or stopped too much ( as I was back to work within about 8 days post op) - I’m 2 or 3 wks post only but I am an hour glass with a size 12 figure and one I intend to work on hard once I can workout. Do note I couldn’t walk far a week post op - no lifting all that obvious stuff but being up is crucial for pain and swelling management in my view and so be ready to take it easy ( nightmare as work wanted me traveling all over ) so be ready to be mildly active but nothing major - even driving will take a while before you can slip behind the wheel. So prep is everything! Have some support. So don’t pause if you want to make a change and not procrastinate - Dr Ergin Er for me is precious - and perhaps he will see me again soon for a little more thigh sculpting. Don’t forget you can only do so much at once. Dr E won’t let you do anything unhealthy so no fear there but be clear with Abdul and be kind to the team - they have your best interests at heart. They are there to make us better so trust and let them. Thank you to all the team there and to the terrific nurses who I laughed with getting me in and out of the tight faja- god we sweated and laughed! Massive love from me and I think of you Abdul and dr e every single day when I look down at this flat tight stomach that has beautiful shape and even the definition of muscle and a dent down the middle. How? No idea how!? X

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