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Anam Hospital is a top multispecialty medical facility in Seoul, South Korea.

The hospital key specialties are cancer treatment, robotic surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, and spinal therapy.

In 2018, Anam became one of the best for colon, breast, lung, and stomach cancer treatment in the country.

Patients from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia go here for treatment.

Prices for diagnosis and treatment info

Last price update — 01.08.2019. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.

Treatment procedures A-Z
Removal of colon cancer
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Coronary artery bypass grafting
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Resection of large intestine
Price on request
Pancreatic cancer surgery
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Price on request
Radiofrequency ablation
$13239 - $29126
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Diagnostic procedures A-Z
Blood test for hormonal profile
Price on request
MRI of the abdominal cavity
Coronary angiography
$2207 - $2648
CT of the chest
CT scan of the body part
$265 - $530
Price on request
Doppler sonography (ultrasonography, duplex angioscanning) vessels
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Hospital accreditations of quality

Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International
United States of America

Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety in the world.

Korean Institute for Healthcare Accreditation
Korean Institute for Healthcare Accreditation
Republic of Korea

Korean Institute for Healthcare Accreditation

The KOIHA accreditation program warrants excellent quality and safety of medical care in Korean healthcare centers. Each medical facility with the KOIHA accreditation conforms to the international standards.

About the hospital

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location_on Republic of Korea, Seoul

Korea University Anam Hospital was founded in 1991. Today it consists of 5 specialized centers and counts 1,000 beds.

Korea University Anam Hospital strong points

  • High treatment success rates. For example, the survival rate for breast cancer stage 3 is 87.1%. This index is 10% higher than the average one in South Korean clinics.
  • Modern equipment. Anam departments are equipped with the latest technologies as da Vinci robotic surgeon for 1-inch puncture surgeries, several linear accelerators for high-precise tumor irradiations, MRI, PET/CT.
  • Additional services. Anam Hospital provides international patients with a free transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, medical interpreter assistance (if necessary).

Cancer treatment

A multidisciplinary team treats patients with cancer. This means about 10 oncologists study each patient’s history and choose the best treatment method. This approach helps avoid medical errors.

Chemo- and radiotherapy

The Anam medical team chooses chemotherapy regimens individually for each patient to minimize side effects.

Irradiation of new formations is provided on the latest radiotherapy units. Advanced equipment allows affecting tumors as accurately as possible, not causing harm.

Lineac VitalBeam

Lineac VitalBeam is an ultrasound device for irradiating tumors — the latest model. The session lasts only 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes. The X-ray dose is 25% lower than in other similar devices.

Томотерапия в клинике Анам

TomoTherapy® device defines the tumor location and irradiates it as accurately as possible. Doctors use this technology for the treatment of prostate, lung, liver, blood, rectal, uterus, nasopharynx cancers, tumors in the spine, other organs, and systems.


Surgery is the key treatment for cancer.

Doctors specialize in carrying out such interventions:

  • surgical procedure for gynecologic cancer-saving fertility
  • breast tumor removal with the following reconstruction
  • urinary tract cancers treatment
  • thyroid cancer removal — the incision is made underarm, or through the mouth, so there are no noticeable scars
  • colon and small intestine cancer treatment.

Robotic surgery

Anam Robotic Surgery Center was opened in 2007. The center has a da Vinci robot for high-precision operations.

The number of interventions conducted in the department is more than 3,000 (as of 2017).

The robot movements are precise, no effect of the surgeon’s trembling hand. The intervention is performed through several punctures up to 1-2 cm. After the da Vinci surgery barely noticeable scars remain instead of these punctures.

A robot surgeon is used to treat prostate, colon, small intestine, thyroid, breast, bladder, and kidney cancers.

Heart surgery

The Heart Surgery Department is one of the best in the country for arrhythmia treatment, and mitral valve replacement as Anam reports.

Every year the cardiac team provides 3,000 radiofrequency ablations and angioplasty.

Orthopedic surgery and spine treatment

Orthopedists in collaboration with neurosurgeons provide 3,500 surgeries to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, joints and spinal cord.

Local rehabilitation center receives patients for post-surgery recovery.

Key subspecialties:

  • Spinal treatment with special injections or surgery
  • Hip and knee replacement
  • Joint arthroscopy. Doctors provide over 100 arthroscopic procedures for cruciate ligament and rotator cuff reconstruction per year.

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What procedures do patients have most often?

73 Inchon-ro, Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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