Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital
Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital
China, Beijing

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital

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Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) is a private international clinic in China. Healthcare services of the Hospital complies with American standards. The Clinic is the 1st in China to receive American nonprofit accreditation - Joint Commission International (JCI). The accreditation constants that Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Clinic offers patient safety and high-quality medical services. The Rehab Center is one of the best healthcare providers in the United States and Europe.

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Complex diagnosis of cerebral palsy
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Rehabilitation with space suit TheraSuit
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Bobath therapy
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Comprehensive rehabilitation
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Neurological Rehabilitation
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Occupational therapy
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Orthopedic Rehabilitation
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What patients say about the hospital
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Dec 5, 2019
Reviewed on Google

Prezzi incredibilmente alti, sono andata in pronto soccorso per un'infezione ad una tonsilla ed erano necessari 3000 Yuan di deposito più tipo 1500 solo per essere visitata. Non raccomandato a persone normali o a meno che si tratti di qualcosa di veramente veramente grave, esistono buoni medici anche negli ospedali pubblici.

Mar 7, 2020
Reviewed on Google

Best hospital in Beijing!Been living in Beijing for more than 10 years and been to this place several times... Dentist, ER (more than once), general medicin etc.There is only one downside and that is the food you get if you are admitted.... Order food instead!

Nov 13, 2019
Reviewed on Google

While it's a bit on the pricier side, the service, doctors and facilities can't be beat. A bit near 3,000 RMB to see Dr. Roo (fantastic doctor!) in general medicine, purchase a month's worth of medication, and have an ECG (the ECG is a bit expensive; ~650 RMB). Hospital is upfront and transparent about their prices, a welcome change for those of us from the US. Highly recommended if you need medical service in Beijing.

Sep 22, 2019
Reviewed on Google

I fell down and went to the emergency room for the second time two weeks ago because my problem wasn't solved, I was in pain probably due to nerves and ligament injuries difficult to tell considering that the doctor barely examined me, told them that pain killers and muscles relaxers are not helping so they injected me in the injured arm causing 100 times more pain. I was there crying while they were saying that the injection wasn't the cause of that pain. Doctor left without checking me, basically they left me crying in a room until the pain disappeared. Here I am now not with just one arm injured but two because probably the rude way the nurse put the injection hurt some nerve or ligament even more. Doctors need more preparation in my opinion and don't suppose to ask the patient what they can do.. because clearly I'm not a doctor that's why I'm going asking for help. Unfortunately I left and didn't go further with this because I can't pay for a 10.000 rmb MRI.. insane!

Mar 2, 2020
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Sep 28, 2017
Reviewed on Google

We went to the hospital for our 15 yr old with major food poisoning. We tried to go to another one of their locations but their clinic location would not take patients under 18 yrs old so we went to this location. We arrived at 5pm and left at 8pm; surprisingly fast compared to hospitals in the USA. Brett Chen was our doctor; there was another doctor that we preferred but seemed to be getting off work when we arrived. Brett was professional and clear. The other doctor came to speak with us as we were checking out and mentioned that he was highly suspicious that it was salmonella but that he needed to see the test results in about 24 hrs.They did however behave like an emergency room and wanted to talk about a CAT scan for ruling our any issues with his appendix. We asked to wait for the blood and stool test before jumping to CAT scan. The hospital was very clean. Staff was very patient and kind at a stressful time. On a lighter note, the nurse assigned to us nice and provided some unintentional giggles with her English translations. Her English was great; she had extensive medical vocabulary but she did not know the nuances of the language. It was super cute and she helped to provide some smiles at a tough time. We appreciate all the staff for their help and confirmation that the antibiotic approach that we had been taking just needed another 24 hours and that it was not something more serious.

Aug 23, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Got excellent health care at Beijing United Family Hospital when a blister on my left foot got severely infected (cellulitis) during a three week trip to Beijing. I went to the emergency room and was helped immediately, didn't have to wait a single minute (which made me impressed since I am used to hours of waiting when seeking care at home; politicans and other responsible people in my home country Sweden should watch and learn!). They provided me with antibiotics and tools to disinfect the sore, and it was healed within just a small couple of days. English speaking nurses, physicians, and other staff makes the hospital very accessible to foreigners, which made me very pleased as my mandarin is very limited. Would recommend to everyone with medical problems in the city.

Apr 1, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Its excellent hospitality for being well. Thank you Cardiologist, ER team , the Nurse, and Management to help our Mom Profesor could flight Back to Indonesia . Alhamdulillah , all of US are FAMILY and Allah SWT still giving us opportunity for being well and FASTABIQUL KHOIROT. with my Pleasure to my Sister Ahn Lee in Selangor, Sharoon in Beijing, and Pak Deva, Pak Loys and Pak Lahandi also our Mom Prof Nahiyah. LOVE is the spirit on EARTH.

Jul 21, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Had a deep cut from a skiing accident that turned into a serious skin infection (cellulitis) that started spreading by the hour. I could have lost my entire hand. After three visits to two Chinese hospitals( one of them Japanese-Chinese friendship hospital, the other one I don't remember), I had no choice but to run here. They saw me quickly, disinfected everything, explained to me what I had and put me on the right (strong) antibiotics. I was better the next day and my hand lived to see another day. If you have a serious issue here in China, skip the Chinese hospitals, even the ones that have an "international clinic". There's nothing international about those places. They don't have international doctors and they don't speak English. Go to this hospital.

Feb 21, 2019
Reviewed on Google

I will give you the shortish version if I may. My wife and I were on the cruise of a life time, celebrating our anniversary, visiting various cities in China on our way to Japan on a super duper 6 star 450 passenger 36000 tonne cruise ship. We sat down at the whizz bang Michelin hatted restaurant ready to enjoy our 15 course degustation, including wines Frois Gras, Caviar and Lobster Thermidor and I woke up 7 days later in the Intensive Care Unit of the Beijing United Family Hospital with tubes in every orifice (orifi?) of my anatomy. I had been intubated on board the cruise ship by the ship’s doctor while the captain made full steam for Tanjin the port closest to Beijing, 13 hours away. I had suffered a seizure x 2 and it was found at hospital a pulmonary embolism. I was interbated and made ready for a 3 1/2 hour ambulance trip to Beijing with an ambulance attendant hand pumping me oxygen every 6 seconds. I was admitted to the Emergency Department where it was going I also had suffered a gastric ulcer brought on by physical stress. Somewhere along the way I contracted pneumonia so my lungs needed suctioning at regular periods. It was later found 6 days later when I regained consciousness that I had sustained a fractured left humurus (not funny) which was also dislocated from the shoulder joint which required an operation to stabilise it with three pins and rebuild the rotator cuff and relocate the head of the bone into my shoulder. For extra fun there was a fractured T7 vertebrae and to top everything off two broken ribs 8 & 9 on the right hand side. So anyway I am back and in the land of the living with thanks entirely to my beautiful wife, the captain, doctor and crew of the Seaborn Soujourn and the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff in the Intensive Care Unit at the Beijing United Family Hospital who rescued me from the brink of death after 6 days in a coma. Now it is the long slow road to recovery. I spent nearly a month in hospital while the doctors were MRI ing and CT scanning me and asking whether I had ever hit my head on or with anything. Putting tubes in to my body and taking tubes out of my body. Balancing and fine tuning my medications and getting me in a fit state to fly so that I could be handed over to my wonderful nurse Wendy who was flown to Beijing from Brisbane Australia by our excellent travel insurance company. Wendy then accompanied me and my wife and took charge for the nearly 24 hours that it took to fly me back to Melbourne Australia and hand me over to the hospital here. Well that is my story. If you need a good hospital in Beijing then go here.

Jan 5, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Very good knowledgeable doctors, healed my leg very quickly and professionally after I was in a battle with some street thugs, and very nice and attractive nurses

May 13, 2015
Reviewed on Google

Incredible hospital and care. Our 75 year old mother fell and broke her hip during a tour of Beijing. This hospital and its incredible team have cared for her during nearly two weeks of her stay there in the most professional and deeply caring way.The team in the hospital went out of its way to overcome hers and our complicated situation, language barriers and other challenges and brought her back to full health!.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!The Belson Family

Nov 16, 2016
Reviewed on Google

So this is the one... the one been fined by the government (Jan 2016) for charging 7200 RMB for just a blood check and 2 bottles of NaCl. I know, there were all the 5 star reviews, but... thing's changed. Do you research online before going there.

Sep 28, 2017
Reviewed on Google

Nobody knows what they're doing and has no medical knowledge and charges a ridiculous amount for absolutely nothing. I went in and left with a a bill over 5000 rmb to tell me something I already knew. Also my total bill for the services turned out to be 3000 rmb over charged because nobody communicates with eachother and made a mistake in billing which wouldn't have been caught if I hadn't yelled at everyone for how idiotic they are. Save your time and money and don't go here. They're all absolute idiots charging people under a disguise of professionalism.

Sep 9, 2012
Reviewed on Google

This was the best ER experience that I have ever had, and as a doctor with 3 small children I know a thing or two about ERs. My 2-yr-old daughter needed stitches for a laceration in her scalp and we were flying home to the US in 5 hrs, so time was a big factor. I arrived at the hospital and was greeted in English, which was very comforting, and registered into the system as a first time patient in a couple of minutes. Went to the ER and was immediately greeted and explained the situation. The staff got us into an examination room and the doctor saw us a few minutes later. My daughter got her 3 staples and we were out of the ER in less than 1 hr from arrival to discharge. There was a nice pastry counter where we bought some lovely desserts for the ride back to the hotel. The security guard called a cab for us that arrived in minutes and we were on our way back to the hotel. Highly recommend this place for a quick ER visit!

Sep 23, 2018
Reviewed on Google

Very good 👍

Feb 6, 2013
Reviewed on Google

Beautiful, Immaculate, and English speaking. For people sick far from home.

Apr 21, 2012
Reviewed on Google

Very nice hospital. .. Foreigner friendly

Apr 19, 2016
Reviewed on Google


May 26, 2016
Reviewed on Google


Feb 21, 2015
Reviewed on Google

baby daughter was born here...

May 23, 2020
Reviewed on Facebook

Great works you guys doing :) Please continue to provide a friendly environment :) I am the owner of award winning products, @Zaoinc feel free to call me for my areas of expertise in rehabilitation, mobility, cognitive :) ya


Updated 14.09.2020

China, Beijing

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital (BJURH) is the 1st international standard rehabilitation hospital in China. Specialists from China, Australia, Belgium, Canada, the United States and other countries provide rehab therapy in BJURH.

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Center services include:

Neurological Rehabilitation Department

Beijing United Family Neurorehabilitation Department provides:

  • Stroke rehabilitation helps a patient to get function recovery and improve the quality of life. Stroke rehab includes motor skills training, therapy for communication disorders, electrical stimulations and psychological evaluation.
  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation contains prostheses and medication therapy, which promote nerve cell regeneration. Rehabilitation program improves the functions of the injured spinal cord nerves.
  • Brain trauma rehabilitation allows a patient to improve functional limitations (cognitive, emotional, and behavioral abnormalities).

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department

Specialists provide the comprehensive therapy for adults and children with orthopedic diseases (osteoarthritis, arthrosis, and so on) and sports injuries. Rehab program includes exercises to restore the function of bones and muscles to the most significant extent possible.

Cancer Rehabilitation Department

Therapists develop an individual rehab program for each patient. The therapy consists of:

  • psychological evaluation;
  • diet;
  • lifestyle modifications;
  • physical exercises.

All the components of the therapy help patients with the oncological disease to improve the immune system, to undergo chemotherapy successfully and to improve their quality of life.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Department

Physicians offer therapy for children with neurological-related conditions, nerve injuries and post-operation conditions.

Rehabilitation programs include:

  • pediatric physical therapy;
  • occupational therapy;
  • sensory integration;
  • conductive education;
  • functional training;
  • hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment;
  • acupuncture;
  • speech therapy.

Due to rehabilitation programs, children get an improvement after motor function disorders, language disorders, brain injuries and other disorders.

Postpartum Rehabilitation Department

Specialists help women to cope with changes in hormone level and body metabolic rate during pregnancy and after delivery. Physicians develop treatment programs to assist women through postpartum period, to avoid abdominal and pelvic floor muscle weakness.

Methods of Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a method of breathing pure oxygen in a particular room or tube. During the procedure, the air pressure increases to 3 times higher than normal air pressure. The patient’s blood carries oxygen throughout the body. The therapy helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances, which promote healing.
  • Occupational therapy is a technique for development, recovering and maintaining the meaningful activities. Therapists provide this kind of treatment for people with mental health problems or impairments.
  • Hydrotherapy is a kind of rehab therapy that involves the use of the water. Hydrotherapy includes individual exercises that a patient do in a warm swimming pool. This type of treatment helps to cope with neurological and orthopedic disorders and impairments.
  • Speech therapy is a rehab method for adults and children who have problems with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing. The treatment helps patients to improve their language skills and raise their quality of life.
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