Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica
Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica
Turkey, Istanbul

Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica

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About Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica

Ethica Health Group is a large complex of healthcare institutions in Turkey where the patient is provided with a wide range of esthetic and general medical services. Each hospital of the network accepts patients from all over the world ensuring high quality of medical services, comfortable conditions and accordance to the European standards of medical ethics which has key importance for plastic surgery. Ethica Health Group Hospitals provides a free consultation exclusively to Bookimed patients.

Prices for diagnosis and treatment

Plastic Surgery
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Plastic Surgery Consultation
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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction)
$848 - $2036
Breast augmentation
$2715 - $4072
Abdominal liposuction
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Back liposuction
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Breast lift
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Breast reduction
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Buttocks liposuction
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Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology
Abdominal liposuction
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Back liposuction
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Breast lift
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Buttocks liposuction
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Calf liposuction
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Closed rhinoplasty
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CO2-lazer therapy (1 session)
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4 patient reviews
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4 positive reviews on treatment in Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Estethica

Oct 29, 2018
The patient underwent plastic surgery

The quality of medicine seemed to me to be at an excellent level. I also liked that the package was bought, where the hotel and transfers to the airport and the clinic were included. The doctors were very friendly, they explained everything in detail, there were no questions to their professionalism. There were some questions about the organization on the spot, the local coordinator, but these are all trifles. In general, everything went fine. Here is the coordinator of Bookimed, Dmitry Belik, on the contrary, he helped very well, answered all my tricky questions. I can only give him a high mark. Качество медицины мне показалось на отличном уровне. Также понравилось, что был куплен пакет, куда была включена гостиница и трансферы в аэропорт и в клинику. Врачи очень доброжелательные, все подробно объясняли, к их профессионализму не возникло никаких вопросов. Были некоторые вопросы по поводу организации на месте, местным координатором, но это все мелочи. В целом все прошло отлично.
Вот координатор Bookimed, Дмитрий Белик, напротив очень хорошо помогал, отвечал на все мои каверзные вопросы. Ему могу поставить только высокую оценку.

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Dimitri Belik Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 13, 2018

Спасибо Вам за высокую оценку, очень рад, что нам с Вами удалось найти хорошую клинику, которая подошла по всем Вашим критериям. Было приятно с Вами сотрудничать на протяжении всего пути: от первого звонка и до Вашего отзыва на сайте) Мы остаемся на связи и будем рады помочь Вам по медицинским вопросам в любое время. Всего доброго!

Arkadi Nov 28, 2018

Hello, are you satisfied with the results? Have you been provided with a guarantee? Thanks

User Jul 4, 2019

Very bad experience

Mar 21, 2018
The patient underwent plastic surgery


Mar 12, 2018
The patient was treated in this clinic


Dec 4, 2017
The patient underwent plastic surgery



Updated 14.09.2020

Turkey, Istanbul

Ethica Health Group is a network of medical institutions in Istanbul, Turkey, which includes four complex centers:

  • Incirli, the first hospital of the network which was opened in 2007. It specializes in esthetic and plastic surgery;
  • Bakırkoy (opened in 2008) provides treatment of different types of diseases and makes various surgeries;
  • Esthetica Medical center in Atasehir (2010) is oriented for plastic surgery and other esthetic procedures and services;
  • Levent Estethica Hospital (2011) proposes different medical services in the area of therapy of internal disorders, multifield surgery and plastic surgeries.

High level of services of Esthetica Clinics is proven by reviews of many patients. These hospitals provide advantageous combination of high quality and affordable price of esthetic and general medicine. Besides enlargement of its business activity, Ethica Health Group is focused on quality of services provided and social responsibility towards society and healthcare industry. This is why a majority of its profit hospitals invest in the development of medicine in Turkey and support of different social organizations. In 2010, President of Ethica Health Group Murat Akdogan has founded a Foundation for social solidarity and a program “Murat Akdogan education” which help children from disadvantaged social groups to obtain education and realize themselves. Those who are willing to work in medicine or cosmetology receives particular attention because the hospitals can provide them with working places.

Key services provided to international patients:
  • remote consultation of the selected doctor
  • assistance in transportation and accommodation
  • transfer from the airport to the hospital
  • diagnostics and examination
  • individual course of rehabilitation under surveillance of the specialist
  • personal translator

Profile directions and specialization of hospitals:

  • Esthetic and plastic surgery;
  • Hair treatment and transplantation;
  • Dentistry;
  • General diagnostics;
  • Ophthalmological services;
  • Dermatology;
  • Gynecology and fertility treatment;
  • Orthopedics and traumatology;
  • Ear, nose and throat disorders;
  • General surgery;
  • Neurosurgery (brain surgeries);
  • Varicose treatment;
  • Neurology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Urology;
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation;
  • Acupuncture and neurotherapy;
  • Healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Leading doctors and their specialization

Esthetica hospitals follow the principle of maximum comfort and individual approach to each patient. Specific organizational structure ensures that each patient receives the appropriate attention and has positive feelings during the treatment. Review of the patients confirm that doctors and medical staff make comfortable the process of treatment and rehabilitation.

Each hospital can receive around 10,000 patients per year which requires high level of professionalism and organization. Medical board consists of professional from Turkey, Europe and other countries. Moreover, the hospitals have a unique possibility to train high-quality specialists for work in theses hospitals and to control their qualification using educational programs of Murat Akdogan.


Professor Bulent Tastan

Doctor Hulya Hayat Oz

Aesthetic, Plastic

and Reconstructive Surgery

Doctor Tolga Yener

Doctor Ercan Demiray

Internal Medicine and Endocrinology

Doctor Nilgun Gursoy Tosun


Doctor Sennur Zorer

Doctor Hakam Savash

Dietetics and Nutrition

Doctor Sevihan Akbulut

Advanced technologies in Ethica Hospitals

Ethica Group of Hospitals has a powerful technological base. Diagnostics and treatment involve the state of art equipment which aim to make these processes maximally effective.

Moreover, esthetic medicine is developing very intensively and therefore requires continuous modernization of the equipment and treatment methods which are systematically invested in order to provide treatment of the patients:

  • in the up-to-date equipped dental rooms;
  • in plastic surgery operating room;
  • in ophthalmological departments;
  • in varicose veins treatment clinics;
  • in gynecological examination rooms;
  • in diagnostic centers;
  • in rehabilitation units etc.

All hospitals are equipped with state of the art devices and follows the highest medical standards. Even individual wards are organized considering the importance of new equipment which greatly increase the quality of services of patients during pre-operative and rehabilitation period. A very few Turkish hospitals can offer high level equipment and Ethica Health Group belongs to them.

You may receive consultations and take diagnostic or treatment course at Esthetica Hospital through referring to International Patient Support Center Bookimed.

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